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29 December 2009 @ 01:00 am
rec post [12]  

1) Various Fic
PG and varieties of it, drabbles
Jealous Kyuhyun, possessive Kyuhyun, Heechul as Lead of SJ, and children.
Um. Fantastic is all I have to say. Fan-fricking-tastic. Here are more dealing with Intimate Note and Heechul cooking and SJ in America.

2) Unscented
Donghae want a Sungmin-scented candle
The sensory descriptions in this are awesome. And Sungmin/Donghae is so, so nice. Here's <a=href"http://community.livejournal.com/ourhandsfroze/13330.html">another one with Qmi by her that's also ridiculously wonderful.</a>

3) you're a criminal (as long as you're mine)
Hankyung is actually a bastard of sorts and drives Heechul insane
"If there's anything Hankyung's taught Heechul, it's swearing the crap out of anything or anyone in Chinese." That is all.

4) stupid
Kyuhyun asks Donghae for dance lessons, and that's how it begins.
I like the progression of this. It's slow and believable and beautiful.

5) wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful
The Yesung philtrum story and why he finally stopped climbing into other members beds...
First of all, note her prompts in the A/N. Then read the fic and proceed to melt into a pile of goo. Also, awesome Kangteuk by the same author here.

6) repairing
Donghae breaks when Zhou Mi's arm slides around Kyuhyun's waist
So, don't mind the awkward formatting. The writing itself is this beautiful, messy sort of jumble of words that makes your heart squeeze.

7) 5 times HyukSu Were Caught Dong Questionable Things + 1 Time They Caught Someone Else
Heechul is unamused by Junsu and Hyukjae and the things that they do.
Laughed my ass off through this whole thing. Also, there's a little HoRella. How often do we see that nowadays?

8) caritas et amor
pg15, angst, au, romance, humor/crack
Donghae wants to escape the Society
Kind of a dystopia-like fic. Interesting and engaging, though short.

9) Unbroken
In the beginning, there was twelve, and the he came, and they were One.
This is something of a prologue I guess; worth keeping an eye out for the rest of this.

10) Inevitability
Three times when Kangin thought about women, and Leetuek always shows up every single time.
MBC's Prettier than Flower contest, Intimate Note, and We Got Married. It makes my heart ache, but not necessarily in a bad way.

11) It Just Don't Feel Like Christmas (Without Food)
PG, bandfic
Ryeowook refuses to cook and Eunhyuk tries to find a replacement.
Evil Ryeowook is evil. And spectacular. Brilliant fic.

12) Ficlets
PG/PG-13, ficlets
Sihan western, Qmi Christmas and For Always!verse, Kyumin kitten fluff.
The western is awesome. When has that been done before? I was just gonna rec that bit but the rest of them are good too, so…read away.

13) exit here
G, friendship, sjm band!fic
Hangeng contemplates Super Junior
SJM love in 765 words. 'Nuff said.

14) Secret Santa Entries
So there were lots and lots of awesome fics for the SS. Instead of having to list them, I thought I’d just give you the link for the list and you can go wade through yourself. Mostly because I’ve had xmas parties for 4 days straight and one more family party tomorrow so I honestly haven’t had the time to work through them all and I don’t think it’s fair for me to only rec the ones I’ve read and not the ones I haven’t had a chance to yet. Hope everyone is okay with that.


1) got to get you into my life
In which f(x) like boys, or boys like f(x). f(suju), f(shinee).
adorable, well-written. it's not often you get a well-written het fic in this fandom. every segment was concluded really powerfully. definitely recommended.

2) If I Told You, I’d Have To Kill You
This assignment is going wonderfully. That is, if you count Jongwoon tripping over the threshold, setting off the alarm, and finding out after the fact that they hadn’t even needed to set anything up (it was already done for them), wonderful, then yes, it was spectacular. Yewook.
guh, this was written wonderfully. part of the miracle secret santa. intense, funny, not over-the-top. everything pulled into one awesome yewook au.

3) It Just Don’t Feel Like Christmas (Without Food)
humor, pg
Ryeowook refuses to cook. Eunhyuk tries to correct this.
oh gosh, unfortunately, i didn't read this until after christmas. was hilarious. definitely a pick-me-up, and well-written.

4) when we were young
When one falls, they all do, in a way..
^bad summary is bad. my fail. D: seriously, you have to read this to get the whole effect. read the entire thing. it's great. i'm a little incoherent right now.

5) i don't want to (but i'll always do)
Kibum will do anything for Donghae, but Donghae doesn’t know it. Kihae.
definitely well-written. beautiful. i just...love how it was...idk formatted? i don't know. read it.

6) No Boundaries
Kyuhyun’s lived in a protected glass dome all his life, safe from the terrors of the outside world. But when he meets a person from there, it forces him to rethink everything that he knows. Hankyu.
she pulled off the au perfectly. really gripping. loved it.

7) Ten
Kyuhyun goes Christmas shopping and gets a lot more than what he bargained for. Qmi.
adorable. :D very cute au, cute characterizations. pick-me-up, well-written, funny.

8) stupid
Kyuhyun is stupid for Donghae. Kyuhae.
pretty adorable, too. haven't read kyuhae for a while, and this definitely hit the spot. i liked the, uh, pacing. /smacked.

9) For No Apparent Reason
Spreading germs in different ways. Blohyuk.
rather hilarious, made me laugh. then again, this author never fails to. :D read ittttt.

10) two parts effort, one part fate
two worlds in which yehsung and ryeowook almost meet, and one in which they do. Yewook.
^read this before you read the fic. beautifully written, and i love the premise. :D

11) Good Friends and Best Friends
Sungmin thinks it's a good thing he and Eunhyuk are such good friends. Hyukmin.
another old(er) fic. :D short, sweet, and to the point.


1) kyuhan fic: boats and birds
angst, PG-13
He'll be back. You know he will...and you'll wait and wait and wait...
Warning: angst. As in, A-N-G-S-T. ;-; You'll probably need tissues. I did. That said, it is very well written angst that's emotional (with death and heartbreak and denial) with beautiful accompanying music. There's a touch of healing from the angst at the end.

2) 2:45am
fluff with a lil' angst, PG-15
On the set of Sorry Sorry-Answer Leeteuk cannot concentrate, because he isn't there.
Awww~ poor angel Teukie is missing his Racoon! :3 While still containing angst, this one is based on RL events (Kangin not being in the MV) and is such not too horribly depressing.

3) this little light of mine & oh the devil is a friend of mine
AU/pg and crack/humor/PG15(for suggestiveness)
More with HanChul adopting and Heechul tries (and succeeds) in inspiring a crisis of Faith in Siwon
LOLROTFLOL. The first fic is all sorts of "awwww~adorablesweetSQUEE~" as HanChul interact with their new daughter (and by the way? Heechul = AmazingAwesome. Everyone knows, but it bears repeating). The second fic is where the LOLing really comes into play...heed the warning, because Heechul IS the Devil in disguise! Poor Siwon...and Hangeng, too, come to think of it, because the cinaman is Heechul's pawn.

4) Even Grown Men Have Crushes
Fluff, G
Busy hot miserable annoying workdays can be made ever so much better...here's one way how.
Adorable! Based on the SuJu+SNSD MV, centered around Shindong and Sunny, with cameo by ZhouMi! Short and sweet.

5) pass me a smile
band!fic, PG-13
ZhouMi-centric; moments of his life as a member of SJ-M.
I...don't think I've read a Mimi-centric serious!fic before. Hm. Anyways, it's really good, delving into ZhouMi's persona and showing him in a strong, supportive, but still human light. SJ+M love!

6) Strings
fluff, PG-13
Henry is nervous before the Nanjing SS. Heechul calms him down.
WAII~~! :D! Fun and wonderful little short fic with lovely details and descriptions and friendship and support. **Hearts Henry and Heechul**

7) 998
introspection, G
People are like paper. Sometimes paper is stronger. But people can heal...
Thoughtful!Mi is wonderful, and I love his and Kyu's discussion on the people vs paper thhought, while folding origami cranes. Last little bit is humor that both breaks up and enhances the seriousness of the discussion topic.

8) 9 Holiday Themed Drabbles
Fluff, Humor, G
9 Drabbles (8 of SuJu) with Holiday Themes.
Hee~ cute! Each one of these is a fluffy little bit of mood-lightening fun; go read!

9) The Middle
crack, humor, band!fic, PG
1 kid = parent. 2 kids = referee. 3 kids = middle grounds. 13 kids...? o.O
Bwahahahaha~ mommy Teukie and kids growing up and Siwon spanking Henry to which Mommy gets Pissed...then genderbending? **Dies laughing**

The holidays are a busy time of year, so a few people couldn't make their submissions. :) Thanks to those who managed it. ^^

Reminder that rec team application is open pretty much all the time. If you'd like to help out, there's no harm in leaving a comment. :D

Happy New Year's, all!
urei_sachi on December 29th, 2009 09:25 am (UTC)
thanks for the rec, hotarumyst ;D
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thanks for the rec. :)

also, i think the link for todefinebeauty's inevitability is wrong?
bundles and bundles of loooooovemearii87 on December 29th, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
crap you're right. :/ here's the link. http://community.livejournal.com/miracle______/5493318.html Hoyah, can you fix it? Sry for the fail :(
ally ally jandroblahnicity on January 4th, 2010 05:15 am (UTC)
thank you to zooloney for the rec, <3
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Sorry I'm so late on this, but thank you mearii87 for the fic rec! ♥
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oh, i'm very very late D: i'm sorry! but thank you so so so much, hotarumyst, i def kinda did a little happy dance and spazzed hahahaha