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Title: Home [ch. 1]
Author: Goron Kid
Pairing: HeeBum
Rating: NC-17
Warning: non-con sex


He's touching you again, waking you up from a fitful sleep with cold fingers stroking your inner thighs. You shudder; you forgot that it was possible to wake up to a nightmare. It's dark, but you can make out his silhouette hovering above you. His slim figure writhes like a snake as he strokes you, and he leans in close enough for you to feel his warm breath in your ear. He's whispering things to you, but you're shutting out the words. You squeeze your eyes shut, counting in English in your head to take you far, far away from Kim Heechul. Two fingers trace the outline of your lips, and you obediently part them so he can slip the fingers inside your warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmm," he purrs. "You're gonna feel so good, Kibum-ah." You fail to suppress your gag reflex as his fingers slide too far back and tickle your throat. This earns you a punch to the left temple. You want to clench your teeth in pain, but doing so would make you bite Heechul's fingers. You shiver at the thought of what punishment that would warrant. He's shifting his weight now, sliding back and sitting between your legs, bending down to play with your limp dick. You turn your head away, ashamed. He's touching you, and you can't help the fact that your body is enjoying it while your mind is screaming "wrong, wrong, wrong!"

"Wrong," you groan in English. Heechul doesn't know that word yet. He continues to stimulate your hardening cock. Bending down, he licks at it eagerly, and you bite back a moan. This is not supposed to feel good, and you hate that it does. He's sucking on it now, but you don't want to cum- you don't want to give him that satisfaction. You hear him breathing hard through his nose, and your hand lifts involuntarily a few inches off the bed before you stop yourself- you were about to place that hand on the back of his head to push it down farther. Fuck, how can I even think that way? You don't want to give him the idea that you enjoy this, but you also don't want it to continue any longer than it has to. You decide to let go early, body quivering, filling Heechul's mouth with your reluctant seed. He keeps sucking on you, even to the point where it's starting to get painful. You know he loves the taste of you and that he won't let a drop of you go to waste. You heave a relieved sigh as he finally pulls off of you, licking his lips. Your head falls back to your pillow.

"I'm not done yet." With that, a finger enters you, and you wince, letting out a small cry. His finger is slicked with your spit from earlier, but it's barely lubricated enough. You rip your pillow out from under your head and cover your face with it, hissing and groaning into the suffocating fabric. Another finger joins the first, stretching your tight entrance painfully. You lift up your pillow and gasp for air, and you hear a chuckle followed by a soft moan. He's jacking himself off while fingering you, and you know what comes next. You close your eyes again, wishing it away, wishing it all away.

Thud. A punch to your chest knocks the wind out of you, causing you to wheeze and double over.

"Spread your legs, bitch," growls Heechul. Shakily, you part your legs, still wheezing and trying to fill your lungs. His fingers slide out of you, and he grips your ribcage with slender hands. You brace yourself for his straining cock, but as always, no matter how hard you try to ready yourself, it's still a painful shock when he enters you. Your mouth opens in a silent scream, your face contorting in pain. You feel him shudder and hear him moan.

"So tight, babe," he mutters, thrusting all the way in. Your head hits the headboard of the bed due to the sheer force of his first thrust. You take yourself away by counting in English again, this time every star that flashes before your eyes. You think of all the stars in the sky, and you figure there must be enough to count until this is over. The thought gives you hope until Heechul brings you back into reality with a sloppy kiss. He isn't going to last long tonight, and you know this because he's already starting to whimper and his thrusts are irregular. By now, the burning sensation is starting to fade, and after a few minutes, you hear him hiss, "aish!" His warmth pools inside of you, and you despise how unclean you are after each encounter with him. He crumples on top of you, panting on your chest as he softens inside you.

"Kibum-ah," he pants, extending his tongue to lick your nipple. You shiver at the feeling. He knows all too well how to take control of your body and make you lose it. Now that's he's had his fun and is finished with you for the night, he pulls himself out of you and presses his lips to yours. His tongue parts your lips, and you meet it with your own, just the way he likes it. He pulls away, and you can see the flash of his smile, even in the darkness.

"Goodnight," he whispers, satisfied. You're choking back tears- you thought you'd make it through without crying this time.

"Goodnight," you croak, but he's gone before he can hear it.


[Author's note: I plan to continue this if it looks like people like it. Otherwise, I'll just leave it as a standalone type deal. Thanks for reading! ^^]
Tags: pairing: heechul/kibum

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