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angels chap. 7

Title: Angels
Rating: PG-14
Form: Series; 7/?
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: HeeMin / KyuMin / HeeBum FINALLY!

Warnings: domestic violence!
A/N:  NICE HEECHUL! and hints of HEEBUM at last!  THIS WILL BE POSTED AT MY JOURNAL NOW COZ I BROKE THE RULES! SORRY! for </a></b></a>linhxisxrisque

Things passed by slowly after that. Heechul didn’t stop Sungmin from sleeping with Kyuhyun but he would always, without fail, punish him when he came back to him. He was rougher than usual and Sungmin would walk bowlegged for a few days afterwards, earning him strange looks from other members. In the end it was easier to stay away. Sungmin became quieter; he would sit in his room, holding his angel and reading. Not even Eeteuk’s pink sugar cookies that destroyed the kitchen and Hankyung’s sanity could cheer him up.

One night, Sungmin decided to risk his body to see Kyuhyun again. He snuck in and crawled into the younger boy’s bed, wrapping his arms slowly around the other. Kyuhyun woke slightly and smiled into his hyung’s chest.

“You don’t have to be here, you know.”

“Yes I do, angel.”

“That feels funny when you call me that.”

“Your hair feels all funny and tickly.”

“…That’s not the same.”

“Yes it is”

“No it isn’t”





“Shut up and go to sleep, angel”

Kyuhyun obliged with a happy smile painted on his perfect features. Sungmin grinned. Everything felt better when he was with Kyuhyun. The other boy shifted slightly against Sungmin’s hip and he winced. There was a bruise there and another on his shoulder. He sighed and the confident grin slipped off. Nothing was alright. He couldn’t stay like this. He was suffocating, suffocating… He drifted in to sleep, his fingers tangled in Kyuhyun’s hair. Not letting go.

Kyuhyun woke up with the urgent need for some cereal and a drink sometime in the very early hours of the morning that night. He looked at his illuminated watch. 01:38 AM. Kyuhyun pulled himself slowly from Sungmin’s tight grasp; he heard the other whimper in his sleep at the loss and his arms closed around air. The younger boy slid into his yellow slippers and padded to the kitchen. He was surprised to see Kibum there drinking a glass of orange juice by himself. He hadn’t known the other was here seeing as he didn’t live with them. Kibum looked up.

“I’m staying with Heechul tonight” The older boy answered Kyuhyun’s silent question. That puzzled him. Wasn’t Heechul with Sungmin? His eyes widened as he worked out (he blamed the sleepy dust for slowing his reaction times). He couldn’t tell Sungmin. That would break him. He knew there was part of Sungmin that still wanted Heechul, maybe still loved him. And maybe Heechul loved Sungmin once in his own twisted way.

He left Kibum in the kitchen and headed back to his room with a glass of water. He stopped dead in the doorway. Heechul was there, standing by the bed staring down at Sungmin sleeping. He wondered what to do. He found it kind of creepy how Heechul could just appear and disappear without anyone noticing. Just as Kyuhyun was about to speak out, Heechul pulled the sheets slowly off of Sungmin’s body. Kyuhyun watched as he skimmed fingers lightly over Sungmin’s skin, touching each bruise he had inflicted and kissing it once before moving on to the next one. Heechul repeated this with every bruise he could reach without waking the other boy. Then he kissed Sungmin lightly on the lips before whispering something in his ear and standing up. He saw Kyuhyun standing at the doorway and knew he had seen everything. Kyuhyun stood and stared agape, not knowing what to do.  In the end it was Heechul who made the first move. He walked purposefully towards the doorway, pausing as he passed Kyuhyun. He whispered something half-friendly, half-menacing and moved off silently to his own room with Kibum.

“Don’t say a word…”


ok so there wasnt that much Heebum and there was also more Heemin *hides* but at least there were hints of Heebum!!  

Tags: pairing: heechul/kibum, pairing: heechul/sungmin, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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