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[fic] DongHaexKyuHyun - In which impressions are fleeting and appearances deceiving - [1/1]

Title: In which impressions are fleeting and appearances deceiving
Author: BG
Rating: …M…?
Pairing: DongHae/KyuHyun
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. I don’t own anything recognisable
Prompt: Tongue

Teaser: … I think I’d have ended up a DongHae puddle on the floor …”

You know how sometimes you think you know someone and then in one instant, in one small insignificant moment in time, your entire world comes crashing down around your ears and you not only realize that you were completely wrong in everything but you also start to doubt yourself.

What have you been wrong about in the past?

I thought I have you figured. Hell was I ever wrong…..! You had the quiet, new boy act down pat – all innocent eyes and half smiles and nervous aura. I fell for that air you exuded just like everyone else. I may be known as the resident air head but that doesn’t mean I don’t see things.

I however managed to miss the dirty side to you. I missed the haunting bone chilling glares, I missed the cheeky side to your grin and I completely missed the sharp tongue that you possessed.

So when you back answered Heechul that day I was not the only one that drew in a surprised gasp of air. My eyes went from your furrowed brow to Heechul’s shocked face and back again. You had silenced the Princess himself with all his vain and arrogant graces.

I didn’t know you had it in you. Such a cutting remark, it resulted in a complete shutdown. I would have cheered but I was sitting within arms reach from Heechul Hyung and I didn’t want to risk getting slapped.

It wasn’t too long after the day that you completely made me re-evaluate the way I had had you pinned that you once again shocked me. There was no visible lead up that I could remember. You never gave me any signs or warnings.

You just kissed me; pressed me against the wall of the bedroom, using your superior height to your advantage. I don’t know where you learnt to kiss but – damn! My legs felt like jelly and maybe this is girly of me to admit but I was supremely glad you were holding me up otherwise I think I’d have ended up a DongHae puddle on the floor. I just let you kiss me. I let you pin my hands above my head. I just let you press into me. I let you force my thighs apart. I let you grind against me, hell, I wanted it.

Your tongue. Your wicked, vivacious tongue swept past my lips, ran a line along the roof of my mouth and I heard myself groan. That same tongue licked at my lips before you pressed soft kisses against my jaw. That sinful tongue laved on the over sensitized skin on my collar bone. That same tongue soothed the vicious bit your bestowed me.

That tongue that could cut someone down to size was against my skin. I arched my hips and trailed my nails down your bare back. I drew your head back for a kiss. I craved that velvety down. I wanted it.


be safe

Tags: pairing: donghae/kyuhyun

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