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Title: Breakfast~
Author: Nhi [Avirjin]
Rating: PG
Form: One-shot
Genre: Fluff~?
Fandom: DongBangJunior
Pairings: RyeoJae, SiHan, and splashes of others if you squint really, really hard~

A/N: This is for rainbowromance8 [because she's just decided that she loves RyeoJae and she's the one that even got me posting up stories in the first place], as well as for myself. Because there just isn't enough SiHan cute-ness to get me through the day. ^^

It's the first time you have ever invited Jaejoong to cook with you. The other Super Junior members were getting sick of eating your Beijing Fried Rice every other day and had begged you to learn how to cook something else for a change.

You never bothered snapping back that whenever you did cook something else like Rice Congee with almost every accompaniment [be it duck or bread] you've even seen with it or Shaobing with hot soy milk or all of those different types of Mein [you tried to tell them that Chow Mein was similar to jjajangmyeon, but they just wouldn't listen], they would all complain and ask why you didn't just stick to Beijing Fried Rice and that they didn't want to try anything new and foreign, they just wanted Beijing Fried Rice.

You just figure that they're just plain weird. In fact, maybe all Koreans were this weird. [Except for Siwon. He always said he liked whatever you cooked.]

So, here you are at 5 in the morning, leading Jaejoong of TVXQ and the other, half awake TVXQ members to the main Super Junior apartment even though you know that they could all probably get there sleep-walking anyway.

"Hankyung hyung," you hear Jaejoong yawn, covering his mouth sleepily, "Isn't it too much trouble to do all that for them? When the others get sick of my cooking, I just tell them it's either that or cheap ramyun."

You don't scowl like everyone would expect a pushed around Chinese man [because you're not a China boy, you're a China man now] to, but smile instead, because you think that as long as they're complaining, that means they like you enough to be downright rude to you.

"No, it's fine.. I like cooking, don't you?" you ask in your accent that Heechul hyung always makes fun of.

Jaejoong nods and leans on Yunho [the only one fully awake], who's already helping Yoochun [who's the worst off] walk without falling face-down on the concrete. Changmin and Junsu are lagging in the back already, circles under their eyes and caps and hoods on their heads like the rest of you so that you guys aren't recognized, even though there aren't too many people up and about at this ungodly hour.

You think offhandedly that Yehsung might have some competition for his coffee this morning.

Yunho helps Jaejoong stand up again and asks "Is Heechul hyung and Kibum going to be there too?"

"Yeh," you slur, the early hour getting to you as well, "they went there when I went to get you guys. They're all probably sleeping now."

Yunho nods and shakes Yoochun awake. "Yah, Yoochun, you're so lazy," he mutters, lightly smacking the boy's head.

Despite that, Yoochun doesn't seem to have woken up. He blinks cutely, yawns, closes his eyes again, and goes back to slumping on Yunho.

Eventually, all talking dies out just as quickly as Yoochun went back to sleepwalking and you find the six of you walking in silence, something that Super Junior never achieves unless the whole lot of you is passed out or sleeping. You all just keep going, and you know that the minute these boys reach the apartment, they are going to be dead asleep on the floor and you'll have to end up carrying them to couches or chairs or already crowded beds [just like the night the eighteen of you had a drinking party and only you and Kyu Hyun were the sober ones].

And true to your prediction, the three youngest boys pass out the minute they see carpet soft enough to cushion their fall [in your apartment, of course], and you and Yunho are the ones left to put them in places that won't result in cramped and aching body parts because Jaejoong has crawled over to the kitchen and won't get up.

Your first decision ends up with Changmin on the couch because he's pretty tall and the couch is pretty long. He needs the space more than the other two.

Junsu's placed gently on Eunhyuk's bed in the Lee room, which already has a tired Donghae in it as well, despite the fact that his bed is in the same room [you know for a fact they didn't do anything other than discuss how to destroy hostile aliens in their video games and dreams because their clothes are in tact and there aren't any sign of new love marks]. You see that your group leader is sleeping beside a fitful Sungmin on the kid's bed and decide to give Yoochun Eeteuk hyung's in the next room where Kibum has made himself at home on your leader's bed already and the K.R.Y. boys are sleeping peacefully in their own individual beds.

[You reason out that Sungmin probably had a nightmare last night and as the Suju Mama, it was Eeteuk's job to take care of him, and he did just that by making sure Sungmin was nice and comfy in his bed and sleeping with him like a proper Mama, resulting in an empty, Eeteuk-sized bed. Kibum, seeing this, took it over when he and Heechul came, but he's so skinny, it doesn't cause too much trouble to throw Yoochun on there as well.]

After that, you and Yunho return to the Lee room and you force a protesting Yunho to sleep on Donghae's bed, where Heechul hyung is already sleeping, calling out "Runt~ Don't pull the hair~! Style! Style!" to a BoA who isn't even there. You thank him for helping out, unlike Jaejoong who's doing who knows what, and wait until he's asleep before you leave. Despite fighting it for a few minutes, it doesn't take Yunho too long to fall asleep as well, cuddling next to his favorite hyung, and you know that you won't hear a peep out of everyone for a while yet.

Knowing that, you sneak into Siwon's room, reasoning to yourself that since you've seen all of the other 9 members, you'd better check on the three in that room too.

Kangin is sleeping [no surprise there], as well as Shindong and Siwon, so you don't really know what you were expecting walking in there. You pause as you reach Siwon's bed and gently brush aside some of the hair. Exactly how he can be so cute or hot or whatever he's being 24/7 [compared to how you seem to have bad days for weeks at a time] has you really confused, but before you can continue on pondering on the secrets of your junior, you smell the aroma of coffee in the air and you rush out before Yehsung can smell it and wake up [because Yehsung is scary at 5-something in the morning, coffee or no coffee].

As you hurry back to the living room/kitchen [because there's not really much of a divider between the two], you see that Jaejoong has indeed managed to fix himself a cup of [Yehsung's] coffee, and you quickly dump the rest of the pot down the drain, turning on the water and washing the smell out.

"What did you do that for?" Jaejoong asks incrediously, holding the last of the coffee in his cup protectively, just in case you decide to throw that out too.

"I know you and Yehsung don't live together, but as one of his best friends, shouldn't you know about his coffee?" you ask, slipping over words in your hastiness. Again, it would be a bad thing if you woke Yehsung up this early, with or without coffee to tame him.

"That he likes coffee? Sure, we used to drink coffee together before we all got so busy~. I told him that coffee was 100 times better than tea or soda and look at him now," Jaejoong says, recounting the event.

'So this is all your fault,' you think to him, but you don't say anything because at least Yehsung is handle-able when it comes to/because of coffee.

"So, now that I'm awake," Jaejoong continues, putting his Yehsung's cup down on the counter and grabbing a silly pink and blue apron, "Let's get cooking. What do you want to try?"

"Something Korean," you answer instantly.

"Right. Something Korean. How about Ddeokbokki?" he suggests, smiling at your vague answer.

"You can eat that for breakfast?" is the first thing out of your mouth without a thought.

"Why not? It's food, isn't it?" Jaejoong replies, sounding amused, but still speaking with that blank expression of his.

So, the two of you are pulling out ingredients and prepping everything when you hear a Heechul-ish shout, footsteps and the sound of something dragging, some tumbling, some more footsteps and dragging noises, and you watch as Ryeowook is literally thrown out into the living room, blinking sleepily.

Heechul sticks his head out from the hallway [which isn't viewable from the kitchen] and scowls. "Heenim sleeps alone unless Heenim says so, got it? See you at eleven," he says grumpily, stalking away.

Ryeowook looks at the two of you, but remains sitting on the floor.

"Heechul kicked you out of bed to make room for Yunho?" you ask shakily, trying to control your laugh as Jaejoong helps the eternal magnae himself up and into a chair at the dining table ['It doesn't deserve such a fancy name,' you think to yourself, but it's served you all well, so you don't really have too many complaints].

"I guess," he answers, fixing his orange hair.

Jaejoong laughs like he hasn't seen Ryeowook's orange hair before and smirks mischievously, "Haha, I still can't get used to your hair."

Ryeowook grumbles at being teased and pokes his elder childishly. "Now you know how we all felt when you first came back to Korea with bleached hair."

Poke. Jaejoong just poked back. "At least people liked it."

Poke. There goes Ryeowook. "It took people a long time to get used to it. It blinded us."

Poke. "Nonetheless, they still got used to my hair."

Poke. "Well, they'll get used to my hair too. I'm cuter than you by a long shot."

Poke. "I'm more handsome. Does "Dark Charisma" mean anything to you?"

Poke. "Not really." Poke. Poke.

Poke. You can't help but want to grab a bowl of popcorn, your cooking preparations forgotten, because you're already watching something remarkably like a verbal tennis match.

"I know how to settle this!" Jaejoong says suddenly [actually, it's not suddenly because according to the little ping-pong match, it was his turn,].

Both you and Ryeowook lean towards him as if its going to make you both hear him clearer.

"Cherry eating contest~," Jaejoong says shakily, but Jaejoong-ishly confidently, in awkward English.

You see Jaejoong's happy smirk and Ryeowook's face lighting up at the same time and you think to yourself that you might as well get back to cooking because there's more cherries in the fridge than all eighteen of you boyband-ers can count and Ryeowook can go on like a garbage disposal because of his huge appetite, so they [if Jaejoong can keep up, which you think he can because of that confident/determined look in his eye he always has on variety shows is present at the moment] will be at it for a while.

So, you turn your back on them for a while, and after a few minutes, realize that with the contest going on, there's no one to teach you how to cook Korean food, so you turn back around and find that there are two chipmunk-cheeked 20-something year olds already gorging themselves on cherries with chocolate syrup drizzled all over.

You can only imagine how much Eeteuk hyung is going to spazz about the mess.

"Yah," Ryeowook manages to say as Jaejoong takes a breather. "Hyung," another handful. "You," he breathes out, cherry juice running down his face. "Refill," another chomp. "Got it?!" and there goes about seven cherries into his mouth.

You only nod because even if one of your friends asked you to jump into a crowd of rabid fans, you'd do it [albeit reluctantly, but you would do it]. So you take out another family-sized packet of cherries and dump it into the bowl between the two and their individual piles of cherry stems. [That's probably how they're determining who's winning.]

And between the time that you're cooking breakfast for sixteen hungry young men [you don't count those two because they're eating more cherries than you think you could handle in a month] and refilling the cherry bowl, you're watching your dongsaengs. You figure that it's only because you're tired and imagining things, but you really think you're seeing Ryeowook and Jaejoong making goo-goo eyes at each other while they're stuffing cherries down their throats and in their cheeks, but strangely, it's not freaking you out as much as you though it would.

But you shrug and continue on with your duties because you figure it's just another weird Korean thing [of course, Siwon would never do it because he's perfect and awesome and totally understandable to a sane, confused Chinese person like yourself].

Slowly, you realize that time is speeding by [it's already 7:30 according the the clock on the oven] and that there are a few new spectators to the showdown. You count three heads other than yours, Ryeowook's, and Jaejoong's, and recognize them as Changmin, Yehsung, and Eeteuk hyung.

"Coffee?" you ask Yehsung, already preparing a fresh batch. He nods, but keeps his eyes on the match, taking a seat at the table, as the two are competing on the floor.

"Did you encourage this in any way, Kyungie?" Eeteuk asks calmly, despite your vision of him panicking. However the air does feel a bit weird, like if you said the wrong thing, then he'd snap.

"No, Hyung," you answer truthfully, because as the gullible China man, you never lie! "How's Sungmin?"

"Another nightmare..."

"What was it about this time?" you ask, refilling the cherry bowl again. Changmin plucks one from the lot when he thinks no one's looking, but Yehsung, Jaejoong, and Ryeowook whack him on the head for interrupting, and Eeteuk hyung pats him soothingly where the bruises are sure to be.

"You know, that one where he loses his smile while drowning in a crowd of fans. It sounds horrible," Eeteuk says understandingly.

You nod as if you understand as well, but try to picture yourself in his situation and your dance skills in the place of his smile so that you can really sympathize with the younger boy when he wakes up.

Changmin wanders over to you and sneaks a bit of sausage that you were putting into the food into his mouth while the others remain preoccupied. "Is it me," he asks while chewing, "or are Jaejoong hyung and Ryeowook hyung making goo-goo eyes at each other?"

....You didn't believe it when they said this kid was smart, but he was actually understandable to a China man! You hold back from smiling stupidly before you lose this newfound Korean comrade and nod in agreement.

"I thought it was just a Korean thing. I'm assuming it's not?" you ask, stirring your food and checking occassionally to see if the others need any help.

"Nah, it's more of a 'I like you, but I'm the one on top, got it?' look, you know?"




"Okay, so you don't," Changmin says, smiling awkwardly. "I've seen enough movies though. It's a battle for dominance."

"But they don't like each other...?" you say questioningly, your mind confused in the process of trying to auto-translate everything into Chinese.

"They do, you just don't know it," Changmin says casually confidently, "Ever notice the teasing? That's what little boys and girls do when they like each other. You're rather clueless for a hyung." He plucks another piece of food from your masterpiece and wanders back to the living room couch. "I'm a growing boy, I need my sleep. Night."





You hear a thump on the couch coupled with a relaxed sigh and know that he won't be awake until the others wake him up with all of their nonsense.

Yehsung's head rises slowly and he turns to stare at you and the coffee maker without moving a muscle. "Hyung...."

You smile at his helplessness this early in the morning and pour him a cup [the one that Jaejoong used earlier, but washed]. After you hand it to him, he breathes it in and sighs happily, sipping it slowly.

"Hmm, my lovely~, something seems a little off. Have you been cheating on me~?," you hear him murmur lovingly to the steaming liquid, but you scurry away before he can question you about who was the last person to use the cup. After all, it was all Jaejoong. No China man involvement what-so-ever.

Eeteuk raises an eyebrow, but the two on the floor seem to have ignored [or flat out missed] that somewhat disturbing moment due to being so absorbed in each other and the cherries.

Yehsung takes his coffee, glancing at you and Jaejoong with shifty eyes, and carries it over to living room and takes a seat against the couch, turning on the TV, all attention in the match diverted.

Eeteuk sits and watches calmly and turns to you again. "I'm going to go see if everyone's okay, okay Hankyungie?" he asks, as if he needs your permission.

You nod, he leaves the kitchen, an you re-refill the cherry bowl for the seventh time that morning and check the fridge to see how many more cherries you have left.

"Aah, halfway," you say happily, thinking that the two will be finished with their nonsense soon.

The two hear you and start to pick up the pace.

"I'm," five cherries go down his windpipe. "Gonna," Jaejoong spits out a few cherry stems. "Win," six more cherries go in.

"Yeah," Ryeowook gasps for air. "Right," he pushes a handful into his mouth as well.

You stir your food calmly and watch them [for what seems like hours] for more signs, just in case Changmin was right. He seems like a smart boy, so you're pretty sure he is.

Red on their cheeks? Your explanation: cherry juice stains.

Direct, unmovable eye contact? Your explanation: Korean intimidation technique.

Foreheads touching? Your explanation: another strange Korean eating technique plus a fight to be over the bowl, with more access to the cherries.

You see nothing that could really support Changmin's claim and shrug at how you've just wasted your time looking for signs that weren't even there. Checking the living room, you see that Heechul has migrated to the couch, sleeping in Changmin's place, Changmin is leaning against the couch, watching TV, Shindong is playing a card game with Kyu Hyun and Yoochun [Yoochun and Shindong are losing horribly], Kangin and Eeteuk are doting on a whimpering Sungmin to make sure he's alright, Junsu, Eunhyuk, and Donghae are discussing something [most likely alien-repelling strategies], Kibum, who's reading a book on something in English, is cuddling with Yehsung, who is on his fifth cup of black coffee, and Yunho and Siwon are nowhere to be seen, so they're probably still in bed.

You're amazed that so many of them seemed to have come out of nowhere, and check the clock.

It's almost 9.


You realize you've been cooking for almost three hours [most of your time was spent on the two on the floor though], which more importantly means they've been eating those freaking cherries just as long.

You start to dish out portions of breakfast and check the fridge, finding that there are no more cherries. Point blank, that means that they're almost done.

"REFILL!!" both of the boys chorus.

The others look over from the living room with faint interest, but know that you're on it. They all shift their attention back to other thing, and you swear you hear Donghae mentioning that Jaejoong and Ryeowook have parasitic aliens in their bodies that allow them to eat so much.

"Ergh, there's no more," you try telling them calmly.

"What?!?!" Ryeowook cries, his eyes wide, "That can't be right! I bought enough for a long time!"

You wonder if that meant that he meant for them to continue on for a while, but push aside the thought. Instead, you just shrug and sit down next to the two.

"So, how are you going to decide who's the winner?" you ask, taking a paper towel and wiping up the berry juice on the floor. It's unsurprisingly sticky.

"Hn?" Jaejoong asks, that blank look on his face again.

"You guys were having a contest, weren't you?" you ask a little roughly, because you've been up for over four hours and had been the one forced to deal with them. Even nice, gullible China men have their limits after all.

"Oh... what were we having the contest about?" he asks curiously, wiping away the juices on his face with the back of his hand.

"Yeah," Ryeowook chimes in, "I don't remember."

You open your mouth and try to yell the answer at them before you realize that you don't remember either.

"I have... no idea," you admit, feeling a little bit foolish. They seemed to have ignored you though.

"Hmm, anyway," Ryeowook says, shrugging it off like they haven't been in a battle for the last three hours over something they can't even remember, "we're out of cherries? Aah~, that's horrible! I need cherries."

Jaejoong stands up and pulls your dongsaeng up as well. "Let's go buy some more, okay, Wookie~?" he consoles the younger boy, wrapping an arm around his waist.

You're sure it's just the whole skinship-loving thing.

But then, to your surprise, Ryeowook gives him a kiss right on the lips and they both moan and giggle like lovesick schoolboys schoolgirls. And by a kiss you mean, tongue action and everything. You even think you saw Jaejoong's hand inch up Ryeowook's shirt.

"Okay, hyung~," Ryeowook squeals, their faces red and completely oblivious of your presense, "Aah~ you're the best boyfriend ever~. I love you sooo much~! ♥"

"Haha, you're only saying that, Wookie. Now let's get going," Jaejoong says, walking his [apparent] boyfriend out of the apartment with his hands up the younger boy's shirt.

You're left kneeling on the ground and staring at the door in shock, and Changmin has just sent you the most annoying 'I told you so' glance [complete with a raised eyebrow] you have even seen and you decide that maybe it was better when you had only one Korean comrade because apparently, all of the other Koreans in the entertainment industry [or at least SME] are psycho.

"Geng Ge Ge? Why are you on the ground?"

Except of course Siwon, because he's perfect and nice and understanding and awesome and he doesn't tease the China man.

You feel his hand on your shoulder and turn to face him, not bothering to hide your shock. He smiles at you reassuringly, his dimples showing.

"Siwon, did you know about Ryeo--about Jae--that the-they-they--"

"That they're going out? Yeah, it's been about a month now, a record for Jaejoong hyung if I do say so myself."





"A month!?!?!"

You both hear a muffled Changmin-ish laugh from the living room and decide to put some hot sauce in his breakfast because you know that he knew and that he was messing with you the whole time.

"Yeah," Siwon says, glaring at Changmin, who has gone back to watching TV, "a whole month. Anyway, what are we having for breakfast, Geng Ge Ge?"

You find yourself feeling a little embarrassed, but manage to tell him "Beijing Fried Rice." The others hear you, and stampede over to the kitchen, taking plates and grumbling all the while.

"You wakes us up at 5, drag us over here, and all you have is Beijing Fried Rice?"

"Not again, didn't we talk about this?"

"You little rascal, you planned this didn't you?"

"Beijing Fried Rice, again~?"

"Better than nothing, I guess."

"Man, this really sucks. Hyung~ I thought Jaejoong was supposed to teach you how to cook something else~."

"I thought you were going to cook something else for a change!"

"We're in Korea! Cook Korean food, damn it!"

"How can Siwon still be smiling? I bet you're just as sick of Beijing Fried Rice, aren't you Simba? Aish, weird Chinese food."

"You're just as weird, Cinderella hyung~."

The comments all mesh together and you find yourself ignoring it as Siwon grabs a spoon and a bite of the rice and sticks into his mouth. There's not a word out of his mouth, but you know he approves by the way he's smiling full blast at you, making you think that even if the others complain, you don't freaking care because your Siwon dongsaeng likes it.

The others leave noisily with their plates for the living room because "the floor is too sticky here" [they complain], so you and Siwon are left sitting on the floor by yourselves, his plate sitting nearby. You're staring at him because he's the only one who's shown any approval, as usual.

He smiles at you cutely and steals a kiss, the happiest second of your life.

"I always had a taste for Chinese anyway, Geng Ge Ge~ ♥"

A/N: Haha... I hope you guys like it. Sorry if it's a little long~. ^^ There wasn't too much RyeoJae now that I think about it, was there? I suppose there would have been more if I did the POV from their eyes, but I like the idea of a confused bystander more~. ^^

By the by, the others call Han Geng 'Hankyung' and all because that's the whole Korean thing. I figure that since Siwon is like... Chinese-knowledge-ful or whatever he is, he would be calling Han Geng by his Chinese name with a Chinese honorific. "Ge Ge" means "big brother," just like "hyung". ^___^

Thanks for reading~ ^^ I appreciate it! [And I'll get to my other story later. I'm not in the mood right now~]
Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon, pairing: ryeowook/jaejoong, with: dbsg

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