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Will you be my bunny?

Title: Will you be my bunny?
Pairing: Kibum x Sungmin
Rating: PG?
Genre: Humour/Romance?
Form: One-shot

[A/N: First fic on this community :) Enjoy ~ ]

Kibum sat silently at his desk reading his favourite book completely ignoring the chaos in the apartment. The desk light was bright lighting up his entire face. Kibum fixed his glasses and continued to read when he heard several thuds outside his door. Sungmin opened the door slightly and popped his head inside to see Kibum at his desk.

Goody! Kibum will play with me!

Sungmin crept quietly behind Kibum and smiled cheekily. Kibum coughed and continued reading when he felt something brush against his ear.

" Kibummie~ You'll never guess what I found! " Sungmin whispered tickling Kibum's ear. Kibum ignored Sungmin and turned back to his book. Something plopped onto his head.

" What the .. " Kibum began but was then roughly pulled out of his chair and dragged to the mirror. Kibum's face lit up when he saw the bunny hat on his head.

" Where was this? I've been looking for it for ages! " Kibum exclaimed twisty the pom poms on the ends of the ropes that hung on the side of the hat. Sungmin smiled. His plan was working.

" Doesn't matter now! Your happy yeah? " Sungmin asked watching the younger boy play with the ears of the bunny. Kibum simply nodded and began to walk back to the desk with the hat on.

" Haha your not going anywhere ! Kibummie~ You have to play with me! " Sungmin said skipping after Kibum. Kibum smirked at Sungmin and began to sit down on his chair when Sungmin tackled him to the ground.

" Owww.. Let me read!! " Kibum complained looking up at his hyung. Sungmin had him pinned down on the floor and he was struggling to move. Sungmin shook his head.

" You have to play with me.. I'm bored " Sungmin said his eyes shining bright. Kibum pouted.

" Why? I never did anything to you .." Kibum said.

" I found your hat! And this is how you repay me?! " Sungmin said.

" It's my hat though! " Kibum said smiling as he tried to convince Sungmin to let him go.

" If that is how it is .. YOINK! " Sungmin said grabbing the hat off his head and darting from the room. Kibum immediately sat up and screamed after Sungmin.

" Min! Give my hat back! That's my favourite hat! " Kibum screamed as he ran from his room. Running into the living room he stopped short at the entrance.

" Oh my god .. " Kibum whispered as he saw the chaos in the room. Donghae was in a headlock. Eunhyuk's arm was firmly around Donghae refusing to let go even when Donghae attempted to kick his groin. Ryeowook was on the floor eating from a bowl of cherries quietly watching a drama. Yesung was playing with Ryeowook's hair quietly whispering naughty things in his ear. Siwon was seated reading a book and keeping a close eye on Heechul who was throwing things at Shindong. Kyuhyun was sleeping on the couch with pillows to cover him.

" Where's Sungmin .. " Kibum whispered to himself. Leaving the living room he opened the nearest bedroom and retreated when he saw Hankyung asleep on his bed. Opening the next one he choked when he heard several grunts and moans. Running away he ran back into his room and slammed the door shut.

" Ugh..never want to go into that room again " Kibum whispered patting his chest. Kibum tried to forget about his favourite bunny hat and continued reading from where he had left off.

Three minutes later...

" Damn it.. I can't stop thinking about my bunny hat.. must play with Sungmin " Kibum declared and got up to go to Sungmin's room. Opening it he walked inside to find Sungmin sound asleep amongst all his stuffed bunnies and pink glory. Kibum looked around carefully for his hat to find a string dangling from the inside of Sungmin's shirt.

" Oh my god .. How will I get it now .." Kibum whispered. He stood for awhile devising plans of how to get it. Creeping forward he reached for the hem of Sungmin's shirt and began to lift it slightly when he heard a quiet cough.

" Ooooh~ Kibum is trying to rape his hyung! " Kyuhyun whispered. A cheeky smile on his face. Kibum opened his mouth to protest but felt Sungmin move. His arm was stuck now.

" Help me Kyu.." Kibum whispered desperate to escape. Kyuhyun smiled then shook his head.

" You know you want it " Kyuhyun whispered and winked at Kibum before shutting the door.

" Huh.. Kyu is so dead.. " Kibum said. He looked back down at his hyung and smiled. Sungmin looked so cute sleeping. His chubby cheeks were puffing out continously as he breathed lightly.

" Hmm.. " Kibum tried to move his arm but Sungmin grasped onto it tightly and opened his eyes.

" Your not going anywhere Kibummie " Sungmin said smiling and closing his eyes as he held onto Kibum's arm. Kibum frowned. Sungmin felt Kibum's finger poke his cheek.

" Sungmin.. I'll play with you if you give me my hat. " Kibum whispered. Sungmin's face instantly lit up.

" Really? " Sungmin asked unsure if he should believe Kibum. Kibum nodded. Sungmin let go and retrieved the hat from his top and placed it on Kibum's head.

" Let's play tea party! " Sungmin said happily. Kibum agreed and sat on the bed as Sungmin set up his little table in the corner of the room. He gestured for Kibum to come over.

" Oh! Booboo would you like some more tea? " Sungmin asked offering the teapot to the smallest bunny at the table. He made it nod then smiled. Pouring it into a plastic cup. Kibum reached for a cup and sipped and spat it out instantly.

" Ugh.. What kind of tea is this?! " Kibum said poking his tongue out. Sungmin raised his eyebrow.

" Noone at this table has ever spat their tea out! Kibummie! Where's your manners? Oh and it's not tea. I never said it was tea. You don't need to know what it is. " Sungmin said continuing to talk to his toys.

" Oh my! Fluffy star! You finished all your tea? How kind of you! " Sungmin exclaimed patting the biggest bunny on the head. Kibum shifted on the floor. It was definately weird. Sungmin suddenly stood up.

" You stay here! I must get cake or something " Sungmin said leaving the room. As he left he closed the door and put a chair under the doorknob. Kibum tiptoed to the door and turned the doorknob and pushed. It was stuck.

" Huh .. Why won't it move.." Kibum said wanting to leave the weird toys and the pink room. He moved back when he heard Sungmin singing and ran to the table.

" Oh um.. fluffy thing! You must love your .. tea " Kibum said as he saw Sungmin come in. Sungmin shut the door and ran over with a plate of strawberries and cream cheesecake. Kibum couldn't help but notice Sungmin's cute smile when he talked to the toys.

" Huh .. where's my piece? " Kibum asked when he noticed all the pieces were on the other plates except his.

" Your not allowed! " Sungmin said biting into the cheesecake. Kibum's eyes grew wide.

" B-But.. I love this cake.. " Kibum complained. He reached for a piece off a bunny's plate but his hand was slapped away.

" No fair hyung .. " Kibum said. Suddenly he felt Sungmin's lips press firmly against his. He moaned quietly as he tasted the strawberries and cream. The sweet taste spreading throughout his mouth. His lips parted slightly allowing Sungmin's tongue to explore his mouth. Hands touched bare skin and hair was ruffled. Moans and grunts filled the room.

Minutes later ..

Both boys were completely naked apart from the loose pink blanket covering them both. Sungmin smiled at Kibum and hugged him tightly. Kibum wrapped his arms around Sungmin and closed his eyes. As both began to drift off to sleep Kibum heard Sungmin's voice.

" Will you be my bunny? "

[ A/N: lol .. I was bored. Not very good at writing but .. OH WELL :D I'm writing another fic on Kyumin soon so keep an eye out :) Bye~ ]

Tags: pairing: sungmin/kibum

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