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13 December 2009 @ 12:17 am
FF series update  
Fanfiction Series(SJ & SJM; PG13; Cracktastic)
One evening, Heechul is updating his minihompy. However, while browsing for more pictures of himself to put on his page, he comes across a fanfiction site dedicated to Super Junior. Affronted by the way he is portrayed in the fanfiction, he begins to read more stories, only to read he is portrayed the same way in most stories. Upset, he calls forth all members of Super Junior and Super Junior-M to plead his case. What ensues is chaos as Heechul challenges the other fourteen men to a competition based on Super Junior fanfiction.
Past Proof: [feminine!Heechul pt 1] [Eeteuk is Umma] [Shiwon hugs teddy bears] [Henry likes lipgloss] [Ryeowook needs to talk more] [feminine!Heechul pt 2] [ninja!Kibum] [Shiwon is God's homeboy] [Hankyung's Korean Lessons] [The perfect couple] [feminine!Heechul pt 3]

More than just room mates
chars: Heechul, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kibum, Eeteuk, ninja!Kyumi, ninja!Kyumin, ninja!Kihae
preview: “Hyung! Heechul-hyung is making my life horrible!”

Some Shindong Love
chars: Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Heechul, ninja!Hanchul, ninja!Kihae
preview: "No… No I am not defending him because I am in love with him…”

Hope you enjoy the new stories. I'm happy to report I've started working on the Shatter series =O! Haven't mentioned it in while, so no I haven't forgotten about it. I won't be posting it for at least two more weeks, but perhaps I'll provide a preview in the coming days. Who knows.

Much love & thanks to my readers =)
takchik: coupletakchik on December 13th, 2009 08:24 am (UTC)
i figured i would leave my comment here XD i love these stories and the idea is just stellar lol i spazz when i see the update ^_^
Cheonsaquickable on December 13th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!! =)