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HeeSuKi: Colliding Worlds Involving Cherry Lollipops and Pink Hoodies

Title: Colliding Worlds Involving Cherry Lollipops and Pink Hoodies
Genre: CRAACK to the A+ MAX
Fandoms: ARE YOU READY? Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Lee Junki (bcuz he counts as his own fandom :3), JYP (Rain, brief mention of Wonder Girls), YG Family (specifically Taebin, Se7en, Big Bang), Battle, Shinhwa, F.T Island, Fly to the Sky. Cameos from: anyone from JE :D
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Heechul/Junsu/Ki - hm, HeeSuKi? Yesung/Eeteuk, Changmin/Ryeowook, Sungmin/Jonghoon, Andy/Hyesung, Se7en/Taebin, Kihyun/Hwichan
Warning: blatant homosexuality. I am not joking and the stereotype of how a gay man acts is applied to most of the characters.
Disclaimer: I hold no own to the bands mentioned in this and the name of the academy because it obviously belongs to whoever created the lovely anime, Gakuen Heaven :3
Notes: Read this if you want to see who are the characters and who's on who's side. I've added pictures of the boys from F.T Island in case no one knew how they looked like.
Summary: Kim Junsu is only seventeen years old and he's being shipped off to an all boys boarding school, BL Academy. Poor Junsu doesn't know that he's arriving in the middle of a war that has divided the school in half. What's worse is that the two leaders of the opposing sides have their eye on making Junsu theirs, who will Junsu pick in the end?

The only thing missing were the drummer boys (you know the ones who always got killed first because they weren’t armed? Yes, those idiots) and Junsu did not want to be a drummer boy that went pa rah pa pa pum.
Tags: ot3: other, pairing: eeteuk/yesung, pairing: heechul/other, pairing: ryeowook/changmin, pairing: sungmin/other, with: battle, with: dbsg, with: ft island, with: lee junki, with: shinhwa

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