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2 Ficlets + Behind that Smile of Yours

Jogging can be fun, SiwonxTaeyeon, PG, Major Fluff.
Taeyeon found exercising fun because she met this handsome guy who jogs every morning and began to feel love.

( "Wanna ride together with my bike?" )


Doll Masks, KyuhyunxSeohyun, PG, Fluffiness.
SeoHyun's lonely on Valentines' Day because she had to distribute yellow heart balloons to couples.

( 'How could a person draw so beautifully and gracefully?' )

A/N: Both inspired by the Seoul MV which features Super Junior and Girls' Generation.


behind that smile of yours
one (short) shot; pg; heeteuk; angst; (disclaimer) not mine
No one knew what's behind Park Jungsu, or also known as Super Junior's Leeteuk's smile. Only his dongsaeng by 9 days knew.

( Me looking out for you if you would fall is only 1% of what you did to protect and take care of me. )
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/heechul, pairing: siwon/other, subject: eeteuk, with: snsd
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