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Unexpected Surprise (12/12)

Title: Unexpected Surprise (12/12)
Rating: G
Warning: m-preg
Pairing: Shiwon/Hankyung, hints at other pairings (KangTeuk/YehWook, maybe some others as well)
Summary: Hankyung hasn’t been feeling well lately and when the band Umma makes Han go to the doctor, he is in for a startling surprise.

OMG!!! *Throws final chapter and runs for life*

I am so sorry this is late. I did not realize how busy I would be this summer....but at least I got it out *dodges vegetables*

Well, here is the last chapter and I am sad to say that this story has come to an end. Sort of… This is a collection of short stories that happen as Soolien ages. I hope everyone enjoys them because I very much enjoyed writing them. Enjoy the cuteness XD Oh, for all you DBSK fans they once again makes guest appearances!
Oh, I also wanted to share a pic that I used as reference for Soolien during her 4-6-ish months age.

Age Newborn
“Hannie, please make her stop,” Shiwon begged from where he was standing at the edge of their bed. He was holding Soolien in his arms and had been trying to get her to stop crying for the past hour.
“It’s your turn Wonnie,” Hankyung replied sleepily from the bed, snuggled in the blankets. “I can’t help you every time she cries. You need to learn to understand what she wants.”
“But I’ve tried everything.” Hankyung could tell that Shiwon wanted to throw one of his infamous tantrums but withheld because he didn’t want to jostle Soolien. Hankyung just waved his arm at Shiwon and quickly fell back asleep leaving the younger boy to stare at him with a desperate look on his face.
1 Hour Later
It was odd that the silence of the room woke Hankyung instead of a crying baby as he slowly sat up and looked around the room they shared with Soolien. At first he thought that Shiwon wasn’t in the room then he saw him sitting on the floor with his back propped against the crib. Hankyung suppressed a smile as he noticed Shiwon was practically feeding Soolien a bottle while he was sleeping.
‘I guess he finally figured it out,’ Hankyung thought as he made his way towards the two. He gently took Soolien away from Shiwon and tucked her into her crib before kneeling back down and pushed some hair away from Shiwon’s face. The younger boy opened his eyes slightly and leaned into the touch with a slight smile on his face.
“She finally stopped crying Hannie.” Hankyung chuckled at his statement that was filled with amazement then pulled the exhausted boy to his feet and led him to the bed where he tucked him in the same way he did Soolien.
Age 2 Months
It was 3:00 in the afternoon when Hankyung heard the doorbell to the apartment start to ring. Making sure that Soolien would be fine for a couple seconds on the blanket that she was laying on on the floor, he made his way to the door. Before opening it he looked out of the peephole to check who it was. Upon seeing a familiar head of light brown hair he opened the door to let the guests in.
“It’s about time,” Junsu said walking into the apartment followed by Yoochun, Changmin, Jaejoong, and Yunho. “What took you so long?”
“I had to make sure it was safe to leave Soolien alone and I had to make sure you guys weren’t people here to rob me or crazy fans that might have found the apartment,” Hankyung replied smiling. “You’re just too impatient.” At the mention of Soolien the other boys’ faces lit up and Hankyung had to stop himself from giggling at the looks on their faces. He motioned for them to follow him into the living room after they got their shoes off.
Hankyung was just kneeling down to pick Soolien up when the five made their way into the living room. They had found out about Soolien not long after Hankyung and she were released from the hospital and all of them had been very excited to get to see her. Sadly, DBSK had been told that they would be going on a two month tour and wouldn’t have any free time to visit.
“Aw, she’s so cute,” Changmin said as Hankyung turned around with the baby girl in his arms and walked towards them.
“You guys came at the perfect time,” Hankyung explained. “She just woke up so she should be in a good mood. Plus, she still sleeps a lot so you got lucky in that aspect too.” Jaejoong reached out his hand towards the baby’s hand and the little fingers wrapped around one of his.
“She has quite the grip for being so small,” Jaejoong remarked moving his finger to see if she would let go, which she did eventually.
“Do you want to hold her?” Hankyung asked noticing the look on Jaejoong’s face as he stared at Soolien.
“Can I?” Jaejoong asked as if he wasn’t supposed to. Hankyung nodded his head then motioned for him to sit on the couch where he handed Soolien to him once he was seated.
“So how has Shiwon been handling everything?” Yunho asked looking up from the baby in Jaejoong’s arms towards Hankyung who was now sitting on one of the other couches with Changmin.
“Good,” Hankyung replied. “At first we were both terrified that we would do something wrong but as the days passed we learned very quickly what she wanted. Shiwon had a little trouble getting up in the middle of the night but now he’s used to it. Since he’s had to go back to working with the group I usually get up with her during the night. He gets a little upset when I do all the night work so sometimes he won’t let me leave the bed and he takes care of her.”
“Sounds like you two have worked out a nice system,” Yoochun remarked. “At least you’re not fighting all the time with whose turn it is to get up.” Hankyung nodded his head in agreement and watched as Jaejoong handed Soolien to Yunho who took the infant gently into his arms.
“Wasn’t it you that always said you wanted a lot of kids, Yunho?” Hankyung asked causing Yunho to blush and the others to laugh.
“Aw, come on you guys,” Jaejoong said, ruffling Yunho’s hair. “Don’t tease poor Yunnie.”
Over the next hour the guys took turns holding Soolien and asking Hankyung questions about Shiwon, Soolien, or the others. When Soolien started to fuss Hankyung decided it was time for her to eat then sleep.
“Thank you for letting us come over and see her,” Yunho said as Hankyung walked them to the door to say goodbye. “We’ll try to visit again when we get some free time.”
“I’m glad you guys were able to visit. I know how hard it is to get any free time with the jobs that we have,” Hankyung said waving at the guys as they filed out of the door. “I hope to see you guys again soon.” The DBSK boys all said good bye in unison then closed the door behind them.
Age 3 Months
Shiwon knew there was no way that Soolien could possibly be awake already. Hadn’t he just fed her an hour ago? Looking at the digital clock next to their bed that now read 3:16 a.m. Shiwon confirmed that, yes, he had just fed her exactly an hour ago. So what were the soft noises coming from across the room that had somehow woken him up? Sitting up in bed to investigate Shiwon noticed for the first time that Hankyung wasn’t lying next to him as he had been when he fell asleep. Looking towards the baby’s crib he found the missing boy rocking in the glider next to it. He had his feet resting up on the matching ottoman and a small pink bundle cradled to his chest. As Shiwon listened closely he finally caught what had woken him up. Hankyung was singing to their little girl in Chinese and staring down at her with a loving and awestruck look. It was such a beautiful image that Shiwon knew he would have it in his memories for the rest of his life. Not wanting to disturb the peaceful moment, he laid back down and let Hankyung’s soothing voice lull him back to sleep.
Age 7 Months
Most of the guys were sitting in the living room watching a movie when they suddenly heard Hankyung and Shiwon laughing rather loudly from in the kitchen. Kibum and Shindong got up to investigate what was going on and when they joined in with the laughter it caused everyone else to walk to the kitchen as well.
“What’s so funny?” Kangin asked as he was the last one to make it to the kitchen. Before anyone could answer he saw Soolien sitting in her highchair with some weird substance all over her face and on the tray of the high chair. He started laughing when he noticed the completely bewildered look on the baby’s face as Hankyung fed her another spoonful of her first taste of baby food. She didn’t quite know what to make of the new substance so her tongue was pushing more of the mushy food out of her mouth than into it.
“What are you feeding her?” Eeteuk asked trying to stifle his laughter a little.
“Baby applesauce,” Hankyung replied giving her another bite when she tried to grab the spoon from his hand. “I didn’t know what I should try for her first food so we just set the jars on the counter and Shiwon grabbed one with his eyes closed.”
“I can’t tell if she likes it or not,” Shindong laughed as she managed to smear the applesauce off from her face and into her hair with her hand. Hankyung sighed at the mess she was making but gave her another spoonful anyways.
“You are not going to be fun to clean up after this,” he said trying to stop her from smearing some in her eyes. Soolien just giggled and opened her mouth for more.
Age 8 Months
Hankyung was in his bedroom cleaning a few things up when he suddenly heard Soolien’s loud cry coming from the living room. Noticing that it wasn’t an alarming cry he figured that someone had tried to pick her up again. For the past two weeks she had been in a phase where she would cry whenever the other boys tried to hold her or pick her up. Sometimes she wouldn’t even let Shiwon hold her without crying for a little bit. The only person that she would let hold her was Hankyung.
“She wants her umma again,” Eeteuk said as he passed by the door to the room. Hankyung just smiled but didn’t bother looking up from the clothes that he was folding. He knew sooner or later that someone would break down and bring her to him; they always did.
Just as Hankyung thought they were actually going to let her cry herself to death the cries got louder and he knew someone was walking down the hall with her.
“We tried, but she won’t stop,” Yehsung said walking into the room calmly as if the crying wasn’t driving him crazy. As he got closer Soolien reached her arms out for Hankyung who took her from Yehsung with a smile.
“You guys just don’t have a way with babies,” Hankyung teased as Yehsung left them alone in the room. Soolien laid her head on his shoulder and let out a big yawn.
“See what happens when you cry for so long,” he teased her and walked over to her crib to grab her blanket. He wrapped the soft pink cloth around her then sat in the rocking chair and proceeded to rock her to sleep. It took about 10 minutes before she was asleep and Hankyung gently set her in her crib just as Shiwon was walking into the room.
“So how long do you think this phase is going to last?” Shiwon asked with a smile and hugged Hankyung from behind.
“I’m not sure, but it better be soon because it’s more work for me when she wants to be carried all the time and won’t let anyone else near her.” Shiwon just laughed quietly then pulled Hankyung out the room after closing the shades and turning the baby monitor on.
Age 9 Months
“Hyung?” Hankyung asked Heechul who was sitting on the couch watching T.V. with Kibum and Shindong. “Can you watch Soolien while I get her food ready?” Heechul gave him an annoyed look but held his arms out for the girl that was squirming in Hankyung’s arms. Smiling in thanks, Hankyung handed Soolien to Heechul. When she saw Heechul’s face she started making cooing and gurgling noises and waving her arms in excitement. “I’ll be right back.”
“Hurry up. I’m not changing any diapers if she makes a mess!” Heechul called after him.
“Don’t be such a grump Heechul,” Kibum said letting Soolien grab one of his fingers in a tight grip and shake his hand up and down. “Heechul oppa is a big spoiled princess isn’t he Soolien?” Heechul turned to glare at Kibum but before he could say anything he felt a sharp tug on his hair. When he tried to look back he couldn’t because Soolien had grabbed a large chunk of his hair.
“Not the hair! Style! Style!” he yelled causing Soolien, Kibum, and Shindong to start laughing. The little girl started waving her arms again and Heechul tried to follow her movements with his head because she had a death grip on his hair. “Kibum!! Make her stop!”
“Hold still,” Kibum said grabbing Soolien’s hand and gently prying his hair out of her grasp. Once his beautiful locks were free Heechul turned to Soolien and glared at the still giggling girl.
“Food’s ready,” Hankyung said from the edge of the living room with an amused tone of voice.
“Why didn’t you tell me this little monster likes to grab things?” Heechul asked with an irritated tone.
“Oh, did I forget to mention that she is in a hair grabbing stage? Sorry.” Before Kibum could stop him, Heechul handed Soolien to him and flew off the couch after Hankyung who had sprinted down the hall yelling for Shiwon to save him from the “scary princess.”
A/N: Don’t take this story the wrong way. Heechul loves Soolien a lot and he spoils her rotten later on. He’s just a little jealous of how cute she is and all the attention that she gets XD
Age 10 Months
“Has anyone seen my bunny?” Sungmin asked as he made his way into the living room. Everyone that was in there shook their heads no and continued with whatever they were doing. Sungmin put on his signature pout then made his way towards Shiwon and Hankyung’s room where they were playing with Soolien. Knocking on the door, Sungmin let himself in when he heard the other two say he could come in.
“Have either of you seen my bunny?” he asked looking around the room. When his eyes landed on Soolien his eyes got slightly bigger. She was standing on her own and was slowly taking steps towards Hankyung who was sitting on the floor.
“Oh wow, she’s taking her first steps,” Sungmin said excitedly. “Wait a minute…is that my bunny you’re holding Hannie?!” Shiwon laughed from where he was sitting on the bed but continued to watch Soolien make her way slowly towards Hankyung, her eyes intent on the pink bunny that he was holding.
“That’s bunny-napping you know,” Sungmin pouted but continued to watch Soolien who was almost to her dad. She wobbled a little the last couple steps but managed to grab the bunny as she fell into Hankyung’s lap. He lifted the little girl up and gave her a hug as she cooed and squealed over the bunny she was now squeezing the life out of.
“I see trouble in the future for my bunny,” Sungmin said as he watched how possessive she was with the stuffed animal.
Age 1 Special Birthday Edition (ignore my bad spelling of Happy B-Day, still learning Korean)
“Sangil chukha hamnida ,
Sangil chukha hamnida,
Sarang haneun chullsueui,
Sangil chukha hamnida.”
As everyone finished singing Soolien giggled loudly and smacked her hands on the tray of her highchair in excitement. Hankyung left the dining room, which had been decorated for Soolien’s first birthday, and made his way into the kitchen only to return with a miniature chocolate cake.
“Do I really want to give this to you missy?” Hankyung asked as he stopped in front of Soolien. “It’s going to be a worse mess than when you had baby food for the fist time.”
“Just give her her birthday cake,” Heechul said from behind them anxious to see the mess that the one-year-old was about to make. Hankyung set the cake down with a worried look on his face then quickly backed away as Soolien dug her hands into the chocolate mass. She brought her hands up to her face to put the cake in her mouth and the frosting smeared all over her face. By the time Hankyung decided she was done there was cake all over the highchair, the floor, and all over Soolien’s clothes and face.
“Maybe we should have opened presents first,” Hankyung said realizing his mistake too late. Unbuckling Soolien from the highchair, Hankyung soon had chocolate all over the front of him. “You guys can start eating the other cake and ice cream. I’m going to give Soolien a bath before presents.” The others waved him goodbye, too preoccupied with the chance to eat cake and ice cream.
By the time Hankyung was done giving Soolien a bath everyone had finished eating and were waiting in the living room with their presents. Hankyung set Soolien on the floor so that everyone could see her from the three couches in the room.
“So, who wants to go first?” Hankyung asked trying to keep the squirming girl on the floor. Kibum handed his gift over first when no one made a move to and Soolien looked at it for a couple seconds before grabbing it. She didn’t quite understand what she was supposed to do with it so Hankyung ripped one of the corners and Soolien quickly finished what he started. Inside was a box with writing on it that Hankyung couldn’t read.
“What does it say Kibum?” he asked turning the box to see if he could make out what it said.
“It’s an American toy called an Aqua Doodle,” Kibum explained. “I found it on the internet and thought it was a neat toy. Plus, no mess.”
“Us next,” Eunhyuk said as he and Donghae pushed a medium sized present towards Soolien. As soon as the paper was ripped off Eunhyuk and Donghae pulled out a toy with lots of buttons. They showed Soolien a rather large red one and had her push it causing an annoying sound to come out of the toy. “Now make sure you push that one all the time, okay Soo?”
“Don’t teach her that,” Heechul said grumpily. “That thing is going to end up giving me a headache.” EunHae just grinned like kids who were in a candy shop.
“Here’s my present Soo,” Shindong said pushing a small package into the little girl’s hands with a corner pre-ripped. Inside were a couple books that had different textures on them. She stuck the one in her mouth that was made of a plastic material and made a contented noise.
“You can open ours together Soo,” Sungmin said handing Hankyung Kyuhyun’s and his presents. The first present contained a couple pink outfits and some toys for her to play with in the bath tub. The second was a pink stuffed bunny. When Soolien noticed it she started cooing rather loudly and waved her arms.
“Now she can’t steal mine anymore,” Sungmin said pulling his bunny out from behind him and hugging it close.
“So what did we get her Teuk,” Kangin asked wrapping an arm around Eeteuk’s shoulders. He was elbowed in the side and he tried not to wince as he was glared at by their leader.
“It’s a surprise,” he said not happy that Kangin had forgotten to get a present. Eeteuk picked up a small present and handed it to Hankyung. “That’s more for Shiwon and you.” Hankyung nodded then gently ripped the paper off from the present. Inside was a baby memory book and some of it was already filled out with information and pictures.
“I filled in what I could and left everything else for you guys. There are also some leftover pictures in the back that you can use.”
“Thank you Teuk,” Hankyung said happily. “I can’t believe I never thought to get one of these.”
“Can we go next?” Ryeowook asked handing Yehsung and his presents to Soolien. She took them happily and tried to figure out how to get the paper off. Hankyung helped her again and soon there was more wrapping paper added to the growing pile.
“You will definitely be waiting until you get to play with these,” Hankyung said taking the finger paints away from Soolien that she got from Ryeowook. “But these look like something that I can use to entertain you during the day.” He held up some DVD’s from Yehsung that were for toddlers to help them learn shapes and colors in a fun way.
“Alright we saved the best for last,” Heechul said handing over his present that was wrapped in shiny pink paper. When Hankyung saw what it was he gave Heechul a questioning look.
“What?” he asked while shrugging his shoulders. “You’re never too young for fashion.”
“But isn’t make-up more for older kids? I mean at her age she’ll just eat it,” Sungmin asked confused. If he knew that he could have gotten make-up for her he would have.
“It’s okay, we’ll give this and the finger paints to her when she’s older,” Shiwon said neatly stacking all of the presents. “Thank you everyone for the gifts.”
Age 18 Months (1 ½)
The apartment had been really quiet all day and everyone seemed to be in a lazy mood. Hankyung had just finished putting away some of Soolien’s toys when she walked into their room holding her blanket with part of it dragging behind her. She held her arms out to Hankyung who picked her up and walked into the living room where Shiwon was sleeping in a recliner.
“Appa,” Soolien said, voicing the one of two words that she knew and reached out towards Shiwon. Hankyung smiled then set her in Shiwon’s lap. She climbed up onto his stomach and laid her head on his shoulder while still grasping her blanket and curling her legs up. Shiwon opened his eyes slightly and smiled when he saw who it was. He wrapped his arms around the sleepy girl and watched Hankyung walk back to their room to finish what ever he had been doing.
Age 3
“We’re back!” Hankyung called into the apartment when they opened the door to find Ryeowook and Soolien were no where to be found. The rest of the guys piled into the room and started to remove their shoes.
“Maybe those two fell asleep again. Last time we left them alone they were up all night because they slept the whole time we were gone,” Shiwon said walking into the living room. He stopped in his tracks and everyone noticed that he seemed to be looking at something on the floor.
“What is it Shi-” Eeteuk stopped mid-sentence when he saw the multi-colored feet and hand prints all over the floor. Looking around the living room it looked like a paint shop had exploded in the room. How they didn’t notice it when they first walked in no one could say. While everyone else was looking at the war zone in the living room, Kyuhyun followed a pair of small blue foot prints, that seemed like they were being chased by a pair of larger green ones, down the hall that lead into the now closed bathroom. Slowly opening the door, Kyuhyun couldn’t help but laugh very loudly at the sight that met him. The boys in the living room came rushing down the hall and peered into the bathroom where they found the missing Ryeowook and Soolien.
“What happened?!” Eeteuk asked seeing a flustered Ryeowook covered in paint and a giggling Soolien, just as covered if not more, whom Ryeowook was trying to get into the bathtub. The bathroom looked worse than the living room because their clothes were covered in paint and in the process of removing Soolien’s clothes, Ryeowook smeared paint all over the walls, floor, sink, toilet, and bathtub.
“Umm… Soo wanted to play with the finger paints,” Ryeowook replied timidly causing everyone to burst out laughing.
Age 4
“Appa look! It’s a clubhouse!” Shiwon looked up from the frustrating instructions that came with her new toy to find Soolien sitting in the box that the dreaded toy came in. She had pushed the box on its side and she was watching them with her plush rabbit and a big smile on her face. Kangin looked up from a cursing session with one of the many parts and looked at the little girl who was having more fun with the box than the retched toy that they were trying to put together.
“It would figure that a child of Hankyung would find more amusement in a box than a new toy,” he says falling backwards and doing his best to keep a few choice words to himself. Shiwon stifled his laugh and then looked over to Soolien who was now talking to her rabbit and engrossed in her own little world.
Age 5 (credit to latsu for her adorable interpretation of Soolien)
“Umma, why would Kyuhyun want to 'get into Sungmin’s pants'? Would they fit him better than Minnie oppa or something? Would it be warmer? Is Kyu oppa cold or something? Is that why they're always hugging on the sofa together?” Hankyung tried to follow the questions as they were asked one after another and the more she asked the wider his eyes got. Dropping down to her level he grabbed her little hands and held them in his.
“Sweetie, have you been listening to other people’s conversations without them knowing? You know we’ve told you before that you can’t do that. It’s not nice.”
“But Yehsung oppa was in the living room. Can I listen when they’re in there? Or should I cover my ears like this?” She brought her hands up and covered her ears and for good measure she closed her eyes to make it seem like she was concentrating really hard on not listening. Hankyung laughed then grabbed her hands and brought them back down.
“No. If they’re in the living room then they should know better. I’m going to be having a talk with Yehsung to let him know that too.” The little girl’s eyes lit up at this statement and she ran out of the room calling for Yehsung.
“Yehsung oppa~! You’re in trouble! Umma’s gonna talk to you!”
Age 6
It was 8:00 a.m. and the doorbell to the DBSK apartment kept ringing non-stop as Jaejoong made his way to the door. When he opened it he felt someone wrap around his legs and he looked down to find Soolien looking up at him with a big smile on her face.
“Hi Jaejoong-oppa,” she said before taking her shoes off and walking into the dining area where the other four were eating their breakfast while still half-asleep. Jaejoong watched her go then turned back to the door where Shiwon and Hankyung were standing.
“Thanks for watching her,” Hankyung said. “I’m sorry to ask you on your day off but our baby-sitter couldn’t make it today and we had no one else to call.”
“It’s no problem,” Jaejoong replied. “Do you guys have time to stay for a little while?” Both shook their head no and said they would be back by one to pick her up. After waving goodbye Jaejoong made his way back to the dining table where Soolien was now sitting on Junsu’s lap and eating some of his breakfast.
“So what do you want to do today Soo,” Changmin asked as he watched the little girl steal a bite of Yoochun’s breakfast too.
“Play hair stylist,” she exclaimed happily, jumping down from Junsu’s lap, and grabbing her backpack that she left at the door. The guys exchanged worried glances as she came back with a small bag full of hair ties, clips, and make-up.
“And how do you play ‘hair stylist?’” Changmin asked not sure he would like the answer.
“I do your hair all pretty and stuff,” Soolien said showing the small bag to Changmin. “Sungmin-oppa lets me do his hair all the time.” The guys exchanged worried glances again and decided they would take their time eating breakfast.
After they were all done eating they drew numbers to see who would be Soolien’s first victim.
“Looks like Yoochun is the first customer,” Jaejoong teased when he saw the number one in his hand. Yunho was second, Changmin third, Jaejoong fourth, and Junsu was the lucky one to go last.
“Okay, you’re hair is too short to do anything with it Yoochun-oppa so you just get to have pretty make-up,” Soolien said dumping all of the stuff in her small bag onto the floor. She grabbed a couple of the small make-up cases and started with his eyes first.
1:05 p.m.
During a tea party the doorbell to the DBSK apartment rang again and Junsu happily jumped up to open it. The others could hear Hankyung and Shiwon laughing from the doorway and Soolien quickly got up and ran to see her parents.
“I love the new hair style Junsu,” Hankyung managed between laughs. “It suits you for some reason.” Junsu just glared at the two and shut the door behind them once they were inside. Soolien came running around the corner and jumped at Shiwon who picked her up.
“Did you have fun with your oppas?” he asked as the others emerged from around the corner as well. Hankyung started laughing even more when he saw the state that the others were in. Yoochun had bright blue eye shadow with red lip gloss and Yunho had green eye shadow with pink lip gloss. Changmin’s hair was done into several different ponytails that were sticking out all over and Jaejoong had purple eye shadow with pink lip gloss. It seemed that Junsu had gotten the better of the deal because the only thing that Soolien had done to him was put his hair into pigtails.
“Aren’t they pretty?” she asked happily as Shiwon put her down. Her parents could only nod their heads to keep from laughing even more.
“You owe us big,” Yunho said as he handed Soolien’s backpack to Hankyung. They just nodded their heads and understanding and waited for Soolien to hug each of the boys before they left.
“Thanks again you guys,” Hankyung said before closing the door.
 hehe, Junsu is soooo cute!!!

Age 7
“Sungmin-oppa, can we make pumpkin pie?” Soolien asked running into the living room where Kyuhyun and he were watching t.v. “Umma said he would help.” Sungmin looked up at Kyuhyun from his position on the younger one’s chest and received a nod saying it was okay.
“Sure Soo,” Sungmin replied getting up from the couch as she grabbed his hand and led him towards the kitchen where Hankyung was already waiting.
1 Hour and a messy kitchen later
“Is this one going to be okay?” Soolien asked as they pulled out their third attempt at pumpkin pie.
“I believe so,” Sungmin replied setting the hot pie on the counter. “But it needs to cool off first.” Soolien looked at the pie with a sad look on her face. She wanted to eat it now.
“Why don’t you go clean up and by the time you are done it will be cool enough to eat,” Hankyung said leading the little girl towards the bathroom just as Kyuhyun was walking into the kitchen to see what was happening.
“What happened in here?” he asked walking up behind Sungmin. “It looks like a flour bag exploded.”
“Close enough,” Sungmin replied placing his hands over the ones that were wrapped around his waist. “Will you help me clean up please?” Kyuhyun turned Sungmin to face him and gave him a mischievous smile.
“What will you give me in return?” he asked leaning towards the older boy and capturing his lips in a kiss.
“I can think of some things,” Sungmin replied kissing Kyuhyun back.     
Age 8 (New Years Eve)
“Pleeeeeeaase~!” Soolien begged Shiwon while clinging to his side. “I’ll stay awake. I’m not a baby anymore appa.” Shiwon looked down at the little girl as she clung to his leg then looked up at the other guys in the living room who were smiling at him waiting to see what he would do.
“Did you ask your umma if it’s alright?” he asked not wanting to get in trouble with Hankyung if he said it was alright. Soolien shook her head yes and then started to give him the biggest puppy eyes she could.
“He said to ask you. I want to watch the celebration with my oppas. Please~!” Shiwon couldn’t resist her cute face and nodded his head that it was alright with him. She immediately let go and started jumping around the living room happily. As she grabbed Ryeowook’s hands and started making him jump around with her Eeteuk walked over to Shiwon.
“Do you think she’ll make it to midnight?” he asked looking at the little girl who had now grabbed Sungmin and made him join in as well.
“At the rate she’s going right now I say no, but we’ll have to wait and see.”
When midnight finally rolled around Shiwon was proven right as he found a sleeping Soolien curled up on the couch with her head resting on Eeteuk’s lap. Shiwon gave Eeteuk a knowing glance then gently lifted the little girl up and took her to her bed and tucked her in.
“Maybe next year sweetheart” he whispered before kissing her forehead and making his way out of the room.
A/N: I know many of you were waiting to read stories about the boys and Soolien so I’m taking requests. It’s first come, first serve. Just tell me the SuJu boy you want to read about and if possible give me Soolien’s age (a prompt might help too ^_^). I don’t have a deadline for entries yet but it will probably be near the end of July ._.
Oh!! I’m also taking a poll of what everyone’s favorite short story was so please let me know XD
Special thanks to latsu for all the late night brainstorming and all the beautiful artwork ^^ You were a tremendous help and I can’t thank you enough.
Last but not least, I want to thank everyone that read this story and left comments. You were the ones that kept me going and made it possible for me to finish my first story ever XD I’ve started so many before but they’ve never gotten finished. So, thank you very much!!
Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon

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