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Not So Misplace Jealousy Ch 3

Title: Not So Misplaced Jealousy
Author: fanta
Pairings: Shicul (main), Hanbum/Kihan,and a much of others I can't name yet
Length: chaptered
Rating: PG-13, 16 at the most (sorry no smut)
Summary: this chapter is kind of short.shichul isn't in it but Kihan is and others are too
A/N: Thanks everyone for commenting last time. If you didn't comment, pleasw comment. Hope you like this fic and please comment so I know if you like it or not.

Hankyung’s POV
Is it normal to think that one of your dongsaeng is the cutest thing in the world? Because if it is then he would feel a little bit better for staring at Kibum watching some stupid drama and eating ice cream. Everyone once in a while, Kibum ah would let a little giggle. He would also give a contented sigh and close his eyes from each scoop of ice cream. How come he never noticed this before?! Hankyung was feeling thoroughly confused after the drama episode finished. He didn’t know what happened because he was a little distracted during the whole time by a very happy Kibum who he kept trying to look at without giving himself away.
“Hey hyung want some ice cream”, Kibum asked while stucking an ice cream-filled spoon in front of Hankyung’s face. Damn that dimpled smile.
He nervously accepted the spoon, but then he realized that he just licked the spoon Kibum had licked so it was like an indirect kiss. He choked and hurriedly escaped the room shouting out that he had to use the bathroom/

Kibum’s POV
I wonder what was wrong with Hankyung hyung. He’s been acting strange. Plus hyung was even staring at him during the drama. Kibum never gave it away that he knew though. Could … could it be possible that … that Hankyung like him too? That would be so AWESOME! He started thinking about the possibilities with a smile on his face before the band’s leader walked in with a contented smile.
“What are you smiling about”, he asked. “Kibum ah, you weren’t watching dirty videos right”, he said with a glare towards Eunhyuk who just entered the room with Donghae behind him. “Monkey, were you leaving your iPod with those videos lying around again?! Don’t you dare corrupt the others just because you are perverted too!”
Eunhyuk turned to Leeteuk, bewildered, and said, “What kind of crap are you talking about”?! “I am not perverted and the members in this band are already corrupt!” But then he turned to Kibum with a worried look and said, “You didn’t … you didn’t see anything right”?
“It’s alright hyung. I know better than to look into any of your stuff.” He sighed and turned to Leeteuk and said, “And no, Leeteuk, I was not watching any dirty videos”.
“See I told you”, Eunhyuk said to the band leader before realizing what Kibum was implying. “Hey hey just what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that my things are perverted? Cause if that’s what you are saying, then you are saying that your Donghae hyung is perverted which is just insulting your elders.”
“Hey”, Donghae protested and smacked his boyfriend on the hand. They then started to argue about nonsense like possession and who tops and who the one in charge was. Kibum was already used to this so he started towards his room but was blocked by Leeteuk who was backed by Kang In. When did he get here?
“So Kibum ah, what were you smiling about”, he asked. “And I do not want an answer that will distract me from my original purpose.”
“You have a lot of red spots on your neck hyung”, he said trying not to put himself on the spot.
“Ha! Nice try but answer my question.”
“You heard your um… Uh I mean leader. Answer the question.” That was Kang In hyung who was now staring curiously at me.
I sighed before saying, “I was just thinking about something funny”.
“No you weren’t”, Leeteuk replied before leaning and whispering to me. “Were you thinking about Hankyung again? Cause if you are I think I deserve to know about it since I am the leader.”
“Hyung, I would appreciate it if you could just let me get to my room in peace.” Hah, he thinks he can get away with anything as the leader. “By the way, its almost dinnertime.”
“Oh my god. I didn’t cook anything yet. Kang In, come with me!”
Hmm… mentioning anything about Leeteuk neglecting his duties always works, even when he was making out with Kang In on the floor. Eunhyuk may think that he’s the only one who knows about our band’s parents’ sex lives but really he’s not. Those two are very loud sometimes. Donghae is just too dense to notice it sometimes.

Hankyung’s POV
I can’t believe I am sitting in the bathroom trying to figure out if I still love Shiwon or not. You know what, I’m just going to let everything at its own pace even if that means giving in to the desire to hug Kibum. I might to restrain my other desires a little though. I walked out of the bathroom to find the Eunhae couple arguing about dominance again. God, why don’t they just decide already? Its really simple who ever tops is in control of the relationship. I decided to ask Kibum about some Korean stuff.

Author’s Interruption/ Narration: Okay to make things a bit shorter I’m just going to describe what happens the next few days. Hankyung slowly falls for Kibum’s cuteness while Shiwon and Heechul are being content with their current relationship. They are now being more careful about their action so as to not hurt the other. Meanwhile, Kibum is slowly convinced that Hankyung likes him too due to the increase in Korean tutoring, glances at his abs, and sudden hugs and glomps.
Tags: pairing: hangeng/kibum, pairing: heechul/siwon

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