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05 December 2009 @ 01:37 am
fic challenge updates & other fun stuffs  
Title; The Silver Boy's Sparkler
Fandom/Pairing; Eunhyuk/Siwon (theme #80, crackle)
Rating; PG
Summary; Siwon does his nightly routine of leaving the house after midnight when he feels lonely, and usually he spends that time by himself anyway. But this time, his neighbor spends that time with him, and maybe Siwon can learn that he doesn't have to be so lonely anymore.
Author's Note; Wrote it because I was feeling lonely. I wish I had an Eunhyuk to cheer me up, but I used this theme instead. Personally, I really like it. Love it, even. It's slightly rushed since I want to sleep, haha.

i want to protect you from the harsh world.

Title; Nobody Lives Next Door
Fandom/Pairing; Super Junior (+M, maybe), mostly Kyuhyun, Heechul, Donghae, & ofc-centric
Rating; PG-13
Summary; This is the story about a young man who couldn't meet the girl he would love while he still lived.
Author's Note; Sadness. That is what this story is. & some happiness, too, but mostly sadness. You'll see why. I started this before I was a huge fan of Super Junior like I am now. I love it though, and I've noticed that I haven't posted it anywhere yet, and while I was talking to Daryl, she said she really wants to read it. So I thought "Yeah, I guess it's a pretty good time to post it. Why the hell not?" and that's why you are about to read it now. Or unless you think I'm stupid, it's why you're about to pass right by and find something better?

prologue --> the name i loved once in this life.

Title; Shaken
Fandom/Pairing; Kim Heechul/Ahn Sohee
Rating; PG
Summary; Amans, sicut fax, agitando ardescit magis. – A lover, like a torch, burns brighter when shaken.
Author's Note; I needed to write something, and I remembered I saw this SoChul video (Without A Heart) and it'd inspired me back then, but I hadn't done anything with said inspiration. Until not too long ago, while doing my Latin homework, I thought it'd be fun to write something SoChul inspired by a Latin quote. That there above is from Syrus' Maxims. And now that you all have seen my Latin dorkiness, please enjoy the SoChul. I should write something happy.

absentmindedly on paper, without even knowing i write your name all day long.

Title; This Bird Has Flown
Fandom/Pairing; Super Junior M - Han Geng/ofc/Henry
Rating; PG
Summary; She has two fears. One of those has been brought to life, and other other is coming—she can feel it.
Author's Note; I started this when I was feeling so extremely crappy that I needed to channel it into something productive. I haven't named my main character. She's just 'she' in this, so far. The sequence of events in this story will be a little out of order, but I'll try to make sure it's still pretty easy to follow. Thank you :]

prologue --> i once had a boy—or should i say, he once had me?