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Random Behind Pairings (the rest)

this is it. this is the masterpiece in time for my birthday (and happy b-day to all july babies and all cancers^^)

Title: Random Behind Pairings (the rest)
Rating: pg-13 to hard R
Genre: a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that^^
Warning: swearing, implied sex, almost sex, crack, crack pairings, some bashing (but in good sport), slight ss501 bashing (but i do love them. you hurt the ones you love^^), slut!kyuhyun, kid-hating!hyesung, and anything else you happen to read upon^^;;
Summary: what i manage to pull out of the tissue box, 46 of 'em
Groups/Singers used: Suju, TVXQ, Shinhwa, ss501, w-inds., Group S, Se7en, Kim Jongkook, Haha, Fly to the Sky, Kim Jongmin, Lee Seungki, and Jang Woohyuk (but he's not in this set, sorry^^;;)
Authoress's note: um, yea. so some of these i'm proud of and some i wish i could do better, but i'll leave that up to y'all. for everyone who gave me prompts and pairings. and for all who read and comment. thank you all *kisses*

1 Kangin/Choongjae

As a hyung and a person, I look up to him. But as a lover, I look down on him (they don't call me Kangin for nothing). And even though he is older than me, that don’t mean anything in the bedroom. And for a quiet person in life, he sure does get loud. But nothing can deter the fact that I'm in love with Park Choongjae, and he is in love with me.

2 Junsu/Ryeowook

The main reason why I go over Suju house is not to play with Hyukjae. Hell, he's even lucky if I look at him. Nor is it to hang with the others. They’re lucky if I even say hi. No, the real reason why I go over suju's house is to eat cherries. How I eat them, well, I don't hear Ryeowook complaining. And when I get my lips on him, I don't hear nothing else but moaning with my name in there somewhere^^

3 Dongwan/Yoochun

Yea, I love N.R.G. I will always love them. But it's kind of hard to love anything when you got a tongue shove down your throat backstage at another's concert. It’s also hard to remember much of anything when his hands seem to multiply each second. Yea, I might love N.R.G., but Dongwan hyung gives me a good reason to love Shinhwa more^^

4 Yehsung/Eunhyuk

I don't know why yehsung loves coffee so much. What does it have that i don't? I mean I can dance way better than it could and I can somewhat sing. I’ve been on shows with the best of the best and I’m friends with Junsu. So I’ll ask again, what does it have that I don't?

"A reason to get you jealous^^ Plus, it wakes me in the morning so I can be alert for when we sneak off^^"

At times I could learn to love coffee. Even if it might seem like competition, I know who Yehsung comes to at night and who's bed he's sleeping in^^

5 Junjin/Hyungjoon

How I might him was by chance. Brian hyung got invited to a party and he decided to take me with him ("you're my favorite dongsaeng" he said) so I went. What I saw was not what I was expecting. Now, I know that Shinhwa have some drinking men in it, I just didn't expect to see the rumors of ricsung true, or even see mindy happening. And Dongwan hyung was passed out on the couch. Brian hyung didn't seem to mind nor care. So I just found an empty spot on the couch (since Dongwan hyung was still sleep) and just waited until Brian hyung wanted to leave. What I did not expect to have was a heavy make out session with Junjin hyung, nor to have that session on top of Dongwan hyung. But after the night ends, and I find my clothes among others, I will definitely get his number, and he will be my favorite hyung^^

6 Eeteuk/Kyuhyun

As the youngest, you would expect him to be innocence. Yea right. Kyuhyun is bout as innocence as a whore (which he is). Out of 13 members, he slept with 8, and I refuse to be number 9. But the way he says "hyung," making it the sexiest word, ever, and the way his body moves like water at home, and we can't forget the way his lips taste every time he forces a kiss out of me, I might be willing to become number 9. But I’ll tell you one thing; there will never be a number 10 or more if I succumb to his devious ways.

7 Hyesung/Kyujong

I don't like little kids, but I find myself with one. And even though I tried not to be with him, it seems like outside forces were working against me. Every time I see him someone "bumps" him into me. Every time they happen to be having a party, I’m dragged to it and forced to be with him all night. So I guess someone must have accidentally made my dick hard and accidentally push him on it (not that I complained at the time). So now, to avoid all these accident, I’m going out with him. At least someone's happy>:(

8 Yunho/Jungmin

Yunho hyung is a noodle. That’s right, a bonified noodle. So what if you can dance, it doesn't matter if you can't sing. And so what if you got charisma, it doesn't help you if you're controlling. And so what if the sex is so damn good I can barely remember my name, only yours, it doesn't make me fall in love with you. So that is why Yunho hyung is a noodle^^

9 Andy/Kyuhyun

When I got a call from Suju saying how much of a slut he is, I didn't want to believe it. But when you got a lap full of Kyuhyun grinding into you like no tomorrow, you seem to not care if he's a slut or not, just that he finishes what he started^^

10 Double Kang (Kangin/Kangta)

Yay for smtown! And yay for suju! And thank you god for creating a man like Kangin. He’s a man's man. And he lives up to his name. Especially when he grabs me, throw me down somewhere with a hard surface, and rams into me like a long lost lover. And his kisses, oh, his kisses, let me tell you, it's enough to leave a man breathless. So if anyone ask who I’m with, I say loud and pound "I’m with kangin and I love the way he fucks me^^"

11 Hyunjoong/Changmin

If we could be considered TVXQ's rivals, we would be so happy. But to hell with that. Why be rivals when I’m banging the youngest. And don't worry; I’m not using him as a means to get back at TVXQ. I mean, how could I when he was the one to approach me first. And even the one to kiss me first and to fuck me first. Yea, I am banging him now, but do you know how long it took to get to this point? And now that I’m here, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon^^

12 Ryuichi/Junsu

When they came to Japan, I was worried. I mean, they came, the fans saw, and they conquered. And all we could do was just pray that fans still like us. But I didn't know that a certain Xiah Junsu was a fan of ours, nor did I know that his hips movements weren't just for show (oops, shouldn't of said that), but what I do know is that nothing comes close, but my choosey lover^^

13 Minwoo/Ryohei

I heart Shinhwa. I love them sssooo much that I wouldn't even mind being a groupie. And that I was. And let me tell you, he might be short, but Minwoo-sama is surely not lacking. And damn can that man move his hips. Plus with a sexy body and lovely voice, I wouldn't mind being his groupie again if they ever come back to Japan^^

14 Andy/Ryeowook

I know of another who loves cherries half as much as I do! So he is now the best hyung ever! And, he gives me tickets to every Shinhwa event. And he even takes me out to dinner afterward. He is the best hyung ever! Plus, when we kiss, he tastes like cherries, and even when we have sex he uses cherry flavored lube and condoms. How could I have been so blessed with this hyung of mine? To hell with kiwis, he's my cherry prince^^

15 Keita/Shiwon

We’re both tall, handsome, and famous. So it'd only makes sense that we would date while I was in Korea. And it also makes sense that wherever we go; everyone swoons (girls and boys alike). So why is it that when I want to see were he lives, he always says no, like he's ashamed of me. He always told me that that was not the case, but how can I believe that when I’m pretty damn good looking. So one day, after some sexual coaxing, he decided to take me to where he lives (since I am his senpai or hyung over here), and I regret it to this day. When I got there, the spacey kid, the chinese looking kid, and the pink one were playing games quite loudly until the "appa" came in and beat them all up ("umma's sleeping, dammit" it said). Then, as if that wasn't enough, the real Chinese one and the girly man were in the kitchen, it seems, arguing over something (and I faintly heard some chinese, since it didn't sound like Korean). Then there was a three group. One was eating cherries, one was drinking coffee, and one was whoring himself to the fat one (pleasantly plump my ass). And last, but not least, the emo quiet kid was reading a book on the couch. After that day, I wondered to myself "when the hell did shiwon have time to study Japanese in these conditions?"

16 Se7en/Donghae

In spite of all the min7en going around on this "live journal," I’m here to tell everyone that that is not true. Changmin wouldn't be able to even see Se7en since Teukie hyung practically go him tied to a bed 24/7. And Se7en wouldn't be able to see the brat anyways since I’m with him. And if he even thinks of min7en being a possibility, I shall can the aliens to do some major anal probing of the bad kind. Hae7en, the anti min7en (even thinking it has got me fired up, I think I’ll go over Se7en's house and have a nightcap with him^^)

17 Jihoon/Jaejoong

I’m prettier than him. I can sssooo sing well than him. And at least I try to dance. So what does Lee Jihoon have that I don't? Nothing. So that's why I’m better than him. So why doesn't he understands that when I want to be on top?

18 Heechul/Jaejoong

I’m pretty. He’s acceptable. I believe I can sing. His voice is sub par. I can act. He can do something close to it. These are the reasons why Kim Jaejoong suck compared to me. And why be an "umma" when you can be a princess? So I don't understand what Yunho sees in him. That damn brat, he should have picked me instead of Jaejoong>:( Especially since Jaejoong is sleeping with me behind his back. I mean, what kind of boyfriend is that? I would never do that to Yunho (note to self, call the slut over for some late night fun^^)

19 Kibum/Youngsaeng

I always wanted to tell him how I felt. I thought I had more time than I did, but then he was shipped off to another company. Till this day I regret never saying "I like you" or even "could we go out?" sometimes, I cry at night, thinking of his face, his laugh, his voice, everything about him. I try not to let it show on my face when I’m awake, try to hide it behind smiles, but everyone keep sending me these knowing glances. It’s to the point where I can't continue with this charade anymore. So maybe when they discover my lifeless body hanging from the ceiling, they'll realize how much of a front my smiles really were.

20 Haha/Jungmin

I’m Haha-yah. I’m the fool on x-man (i made that show better). I’m Kim Jongkook's "little bother." my name is at the beginning of "ha myung kook." I am a show maker and the casting director (since I got park myung soo on x-man). So why is it that every time I’m with HIM, I tend to forget all that stuff. To him, I’m just Ha Donghoon. Another person in love with Park Jungmin, and i couldn't be happier^^

21 Shindong/Yunho

No one notices why we always rap together in these smtown songs. No one sees the touches behind our backs. No one sees the smiles with far more meaning than usual. So, in light of that, no one was prepared when we came out (to our friends, of course). The only ones who suspected something was Kangin (we're more like brothers then the others think), Eeteuk (because he is all knowing), and, surprisingly Junsu (?_?). But no matter, I will continue to be with Yunho regardless of the princesses' death threats, the whore's attempt at getting any one of us, and the emo kid, who just wanted Yunho *shivers*

22 Eric/Hwanhee

Fly to the sky? Whatever. Couldn't be concerned with that group as we were still newbies ourselves. But over the years, I find myself alone with Hwanhee more often than not. Every time smtown got together, he was always near me. every time at parties, he was always dancing near me. So I just I could just chalk it up to those times that I now find him near me before I left SME. I don't know why he was there, but he was. When I was about to walk away and never look back at SME, he grabs me, and kisses me. And all I could think was "oh, that's way he was always near me, he just wanted kissing lessons^^"

23 Yehsung/Ryuichi

Why is it that I have to go to every stupid award show, when all I want to do is stay home with my coffee? Maybe after this one, I’ll go to the cafe across the street from the dorm and get me a cappuccino, or a latte. whatever. Oh, look, they want us to meet the Japanese guys who preformed here. Yay. (note the lack of enthusiasm) Well, there is a bright side, one of them do look very hot up close. Wonder who I have to bribe to get some "alone time" with him? Hey, is he checking me out, too? Sweet, now all we have to do is loose the peanut gallery on both sides and we can sneak off to play tonsil hockey. But, alas, I’m being pulled away from him, and it looks like he can't meet up, anyway. Oh well, next they come here, or we go there, I’ll make sure I get my promise of tonsil hockey fulfilled and then I’ll- hey, someone got some coffee^^

24 Brian/Changmin

I love my hyungs. Jaejoong hyung, Suju hyung-duel, Yunho hyung, yoosu hyung-duel, and other hyungs. But the one I love best is Brian hyung. Why? Cause he gives me English lessons. "The best English you should know" he says. "This English you should use in the bedroom" he says. I don't know what "fuck me," "harder," "faster," or even "fuck me into next week" means, but it sure does turn Brian hyung into an animal, and maybe one day I’ll ask Yoochun hyung or even Kibum hyung what those words mean, but until then, my ignorance is Brian hyung's bliss^^

25 Eric/Jungmin

I can't say how we met, or how it was even possible. It's just that, one day, he was there. and that's it. He shouldn't have been there, but he was. And now I find myself in bed with him doing things I never thought to do with a man. and I can't find myself to complain. But this just raises the question "why was Eric sunbaenim here in the first place?"

26 Junjin/Heechul

Kim Heechul. The bane of my existence. What did I do in my pass life to deserve a fate such as this? First the brat stalks me until I scream, and then when I’m screaming, kisses me and fucks me. And then when I finally agree to go out with him, he calls my phone every two minutes. Even if I change my number, he finds it. And when I finally allowed him to move in with me, he changes EVERYTHING! I still can't find half of my stuff. Worst part of this story is that when I was ready to break up with him after x-man, he dumps me saying "I realized how I could never call out 'Choongjae' since it's so country. So, to prevent that from happening, and to prevent you from topping, I’m ending this right now. ttyl^^" Why me god? Why?

27 Minwoo/Youngsaeng

I don't like him, and he don't like me. End of story.

28 Eunhyuk/Yoochun

Yoochun so can not dance. No matter how many lessons he get from Yunho, he'll still not be able to dance. But the worse part is that what he can't do on the dance floor, he mores than makes up for it in the bedroom. I don't know who gave him those lessons, nor do I ever want to find out, but I do know one thing...wait, no, I don't^^;; but Yoochun is good in bed, and that's that.

29 Shindong/Kibum

Emo kid meets the fat one (till this day I still don't like Keita saying that about me. I’m sensitive about my weight) In a clash of love, hate, food, books, and a dance floor to bring to you shinbum! Ok, so maybe it's not quite like that, but it sure liven up the room, didn't it? Now if only I could get elmo (my nickname for him. Emo, elmo, eh eh?) to do something fun today, maybe I won't call him elmo no more. Wait, too late, he's already in emo mode, so I’ll just leave him be and go bother the pink one for some food^^

30 Jaejoong/Hyunjoong

We're TVXQ. They're double something with some random numbers, and I think an exclamation point. When I remember the name, I’ll tell it. But who cares about their name when I got Kim Hyunjoong under me moaning like a lil bitch. Hell, their name could be "fruit loops meet Korea" and I wouldn't care. But I do care for some Hyunjoong ass right about now, so if you'll excuse me...

31 Kim Jongmin/Changmin

"YAH! babo-yah! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Stealing your face. Mine don't work any more"

"The hell?"

"Everyone is sick of it, so I need a new one."

"...Ya know, if you weren't the ultimate hyung, I would smack you a new one"

"'Ultimate hyung?'"

"Yah, heard you were born in the 60's"

"x_x...Changmin-ah, that's not even funny;_;"

"Well, now you know how I feel, Jongmin hyungnim"

32 Se7en/Heechul

Min7en? Hae7en? Anyone7en? Whatever, that man is as much of a whore as Kyuhyun (I swear they even share secrets). Come on, if you were as hot as Se7en, would you commit? I know I wouldn't, and I don't. See what me and Se7en got is a I’m-horny-and-you're-the-closest-person-near-me relationship. Life is too short to play by anyone rules but your own, and we play by our own rules (which is fuck now, ask never^^).

33 Kim Jongkook/Yehsung

Oh moributho balkuthkaji da sarangsurowo. My translation: 'I’m horny so I’ll say some sappy stuff to get you in my bed.' Oh niga naui yojaranun ge jarangsurowo. My translation: 'if I’m at this point in the song, then you didn't fall for the first line and I have to work harder to get some.' Gidarimi julgobgo ijen gonggimajo, dalkomhe irohge norul saranghe. My translation: 'is it that time of the month, or are you just not putting out? What is it I have to do to get you in bed Yehsung?' Anything after this point he's willing to do anything to get in my pants. And that's how I manage to top Jongkook hyung (if I don't fall for the first line^^;;)

34 Hyesung/Hyunjoong

What is up with this group? First I screw one, and now the rest wants some, too? I don't like little kids, or was my message not clear enough the first time around? And now I find myself in bed with the "oldest" and he's no older than the other. Why can't these little kids leave me alone? What's next, I'ma find myself with Seungri from Big Bang?

35 Kangta/Eunhyuk (for meeselovetuna)

I remember watching that episode of x-man when Minwoo hyung said that Kangta hyung taught him how to dance. I also remember laughing my ass off. Kangta hyung can't dance. I know, because he came to me asking to be taught our "U" thrust. And this is how that day went:

"No no, you see, you do the Scandal thrust like this"

"What's the difference?"

"Well, with what you're doing, I’m not surprise that you never top in life. With what I’m doing, I got tons of bitches waiting for me to call them back^^"

"Oh yea? Well, let me show why I’m call 'strong hit'"

After that day I couldn't walk straight for weeks. I had bruises on me forever. And I have the peanut gallery (Minnie, Hae-Hae-ah, Shindong, Teukie, and Kangin) dogging me still till this day. That's the last time I ever say Kangta hyung can't dance or top.

35.5 Kangta/Eunhyuk (for ryou_no_baka)

"Wow Hyukjae, you look just like Woohyuk!"

"Well, you look just like Shiwon!"

"Well, how about we do some woota?"

"Nope, more like hyukwon."

"Either way, I’m still on the bottom;_;"

"Then let's just do us instead of role playing."


And till this day I wonder how someone, almost 7 years my junior, can move like that. It makes me wonder how it would of been like if I got to Woohyuk before Heejun did...

36 Haha/Shindong

He's pretty short. I’m pretty big. How does this work you say? It does. I can't quite explain it, but it does. It's more like he feeds me and I pick him up to make him feel taller. He preps me and I bend over backwards to meet our needs. He fucks the shit out of me and I moan like the little bitch he wants me to be. And in the end, it still works.

37 Heechul/Yehsung (for catnip1613)

What the hell is Joongwoon's problem? Who said that he could wear glasses? And who said to wear red? Why must my favorite color and accessory be degraded in this manor? Maybe Eeteuk said he could just to get back at me for saying he looked fat in the “twins” video (I said that years ago, why can't he let it go?) Well, whatever. I don't care. That's why Yehsung looks fat in those glasses and I look hot in glasses (didn't he watch the “show me your love” video?) Aye, wait a second, I hear traitorous whispers going around saying Yehsung looks "cute" in glasses. Hold one second...

*27.2 minutes later*

Hey, I made a record. The shortest time I manage to make life a living hell for a random Suju member all because everyone don't know how to shut the hell up. Well, I’ll let him wear glasses for a lil while. He's gonna need something to cover up that shiner I gave him^^

38 Lee Seungki/Junsu

Noona's love? La-di-freakin-da. I’m Korea’s little brother. Who gives a damn about girls if you’re gayer than Boy George? And why does he say so and so is his girl when he cries that same tune underneath me. He is such the lil hypocrite. Maybe if I don't give him any he'll continue to go after old-enough-to-be-his-aunt girls to throw off the young ones.

39 Kim Jongkook/Eric

Yoon Eun Hye. A very beautiful, strong, and talented girl. But too bad I’m the one with Jongkook hyung. That whole lovers three way scandal thingy was just me having fun with my Jongkook keeper. She is there to make sure none of those no brained hussies get their hands on my man. And then I got Park Kyung Lim on the job. Both of these girls made it possible for me to sleep at night knowing that my man would come home smelling of his own scent and not that of them bimbos. Chae yeon knows better than to touch my man. And Bin? She best step right and back off my man. They don't know me very well. I will get Shinhwa, H.o.T., N.R.G., Fly to the sky, and anyone else I need to roll on these bitches.

40 Kangin/Jungmin

Why him? I’m Kangin, and he's from double something with some random numbers, and I think there's an exclamation point, don't quote me on that. I’m from a big group, and he's from a TVXQ knockoff. So why him? Because he can suck a dick really well. And he's tight enough to squeeze my dick right off me. And he moans better than the most talented whore (*coughKyuhyuncough*, yea, I fucked him, who hasn't?). So that's why I’m with him and no one else^^

41 Minwoo/Ryeowook (for rainbowromance8)

Yea, Andy hyung is my cherries dealer, but Minwoo hyung teaches me all types of dances. But I have to say that the one I like most is the horizontal tango. Sweaty bodies moving in tandem, working together to reach the ultimate climax, then when the music ends, the best satisfaction cherries can't reach is obtained. Or, in laymen's terms, Minwoo fucks the best, and Andy hyung might need more than cherries to keep me interested^^

42 Ryeowook/Changmin (for meeselovetuna)

Omg *spazzes* omg, omg, omg, omg!!! I can't believe that I’m here. Whoa, there's Kangta sunbaenim! And look, there's boa! And wow, it's Black Beat sunbaenim. Dammit! How can I even think like this. I’m suppose to be a professional. I can't be spazzing- hey look! It's Changminnie! Maybe if I go over there and-

"Holy fuck you're tall as shit!"

"And hello to you too, Ryeowook hyung. Didn't we meet during ‘show me your love?’"

"Yea, but I was busy with the others to notice how tall you are. I mean, I knew you where tall, but isn't this over doing it? You wouldn't happen to be compensating for something else, would you?"

"How about during the next break I’ll show you if I am"


*during the break*

My god he's big! that gonna fit?

43 Sungmin/Jaejoong for (for shienri)

I don't know how I got stuck with Sungmin hyung baking cookies. Oh, I remember, dumb bums indeed (TVXQ) left me here and super losers (Suju) decided to go with them. So now here I am about to have a conniption to the third degree, all because Sungmin hyung WON'T. GET. OFF. MY. BACK!!!! What the hell is hiss problem?

"You don't bake cookies that way Boojae"

"Well how the fuck else do I bake them, oh high and mighty one? And don't call me that!"

"You bake them like this!"


*a long time lapse*

Oh, so that's how you bake cookies. I never knew that cookie dough could be used for lube, nor did I know that Sungmin hyung really does thrust his hips the best. I thought it was just a silly rumor. Well, whatever, I’ll be back to bake more cookies soon^^

44 Hyesung/Kyuhyun (for ryou_no_baka)

Yay. Another kid. Older than Seungri, but younger than them double something with some random numbers, and I think there might be an exclamation point. But see with this one, he can actually sing. I might like this one. But there's one problem: he's a slut. A big slut. He's been with that fat kid, the girly boy, Andy-ah, and the leader...of various groups. But he can sing. really good. And it shows when he cries out when he reaches climax, and even when I banging into him so hard the only name he remembers is mine. Yup, I don't like kids, but I’ll make an exception with this one, and it's all because he got an “angelic” voice^^

45 Jongmin/Jihoon

I am a pimp. I might act like an idiot on TV, but that's only to cover up the fact that I am, indeed, a pimp. And I have lots of whores. Them double something boys, the dong BANG boys, and some Japanese kids, with a side of Shinhwa. But my favorite whore (cause he makes the most money) is Lee Jihoon. Those lips of his feels better than my other whores, and trust me, I’ve tried them all. And he's tighter than them all, too. I like this one the best, so I’ll keep him when I start cutting some people (you can only appeal for so long. Y'all guys are almost thirty.)

46 Kangta/Youngsaeng (for equivalent_love)

I have a secret. It's a big secret. It's something I can't tell anyone even if it were to save my life. It's that big. It's even bigger since I do it with Kangta sunbaenim. It's a sacred thing we do, this secret of ours. That's why we can't tell anyone. Want to know what that secret is?

"Yes, what the hell is this secret and why the hell are you talking to yourself?"

"Ah! Jungmin-ah! When did you get here?"

"I got here just as you started talking to yourself. So what is this 'secret' of yours?"

"Promise not to tell?"

"Yea yea, now tell me."

"Alright, here it goes *whisper whisper*"

"...ya gotta be shitting me. That's your secret?"

"Yea, don't tell anyone."

"I just wasted five minutes of my life to find out you read Cosmo with Kangta sunbaenim and trade notes on how to please your lover."

"Ack! You wasn't suppose to tell!"

"What until Kyujong finds out that you read Cosmo to find ways to please him. And I'ma call Woohyuk hyung and warn him about Kangta hyung^^"

At times like these I really hate Park Jungmin. Oh well, better call Kangta and cancel that nightcap since our supposed lovers are gonna find out that we been spending time we were suppose to be shopping together doing thing I wouldn't want to consider shopping^^ I hope no one believed that whole Cosmo magazine crap did you?

so how is it? love it? hate it? let me know. and while you're at it, leave suggestions.
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    Title: SM High Other Fandoms: DBSK, Shinee Rating: PG-13 Pairings: Changkyu, Yunjae, 2Min, YooSu (and other side pairings) Genre: Romance,…

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  • Somewhere in the Jungle

    title: somewhere in the jungle author: skullchi pairing: changmin/victoria/kyuhyun length: words 2,338 rating: g summary: never let me go polyamory…

  • Motivation

    Motivation RyeowookXOC | 1110 words | PG-13 | warning: suggested sexual content Ryeowook's girlfriend is upset, so he takes it upon himself to…

  • SM High (1/?)

    Title: SM High Other Fandoms: DBSK, Shinee Rating: PG-13 Pairings: Changkyu, Yunjae, 2Min, YooSu (and other side pairings) Genre: Romance,…