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Love [Fic]

Title: Love

People: Ryeowook centric, KRY-ish, SuJu love!

Genre: Angst? Religious themes, happy-ish, I don’t know

Rating: PG

Notes: Dealing with the car accident. Religious themes.


Thinking of everything negative that had happened since your group had debuted, you couldn’t believe that something worse had hit the closely knit band called Super Junior. A car accident! They happened all the time, but never that close to you or anyone else that you now called your brothers. How could something like that happen to you? To them? How could life be that cruel to make you wait? You were unable to sit; the only thing you could do was pace the floor of the apartment and wait for HOURS for news from your manager about it.


The night before was the same as it had always been. The beds in our room had been pushed together so we could share each others space. If you would have left the meter gap in between the beds, one of you would have crawled in the others bed eventually. You were thinking about it when Kyu suggested that you move the beds together about a week before the accident. You felt so much more comfort when you were closer. Those thunderstorms didn’t seem to be all that scary anymore, and his nightmares of meeting people he didn’t know faded. You can just imagine the nightmares that he will have now.


There was a joke that frequently graced the lips of anyone around Kyuhyun. They called him the baby of the group and although he was nineteen, they still joked that there were things that he wouldn’t understand until he was older. It was interesting, though, that God would make him understand how car crashes affected people at such a young age, how close He could bring him to death, but let him live.


Some people at church gave their condolences although Kyuhyun was NOT dead, but believed that he would die soon and mutter things like,’ he must have been doing something sinful.’ It was all you could do not to throw yourself at the self-righteous old women and scream at them for not understanding how it felt to almost lose someone so close. Why couldn’t people understand? You didn’t go to that church building after those comments. Instead you went with Yehsung to where ever he went. People were nicer there; probably because they knew him since he was two and knew how special people in the band were to him. They could understand you, too; you were part of the band.


You weren’t really a religious person before the accident, and you actually preferred not to pray or read the Bible. You thought the Bible was too long to read and every time you tried to pray, you would just fall asleep… until now. Kyu was in trouble now and needed every prayer he could get. You couldn’t help falling asleep to the Bible though. It was read by Yehsung and his comforting voice would always lull you to sleep no matter how awake you were minutes before.


However, there was one day, where you were awake and couldn’t sleep because you had been crying so much. And that was when he opened that thick book to something you hadn’t heard before. “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” You decided that you liked that Jesus guy after that. Somehow, in your mind when Yehsung read that part from the Bible, you felt at peace. Somehow, you knew that Kyuhyun would be all right. “Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.” That Jesus guy seemed to be speaking directly to him through the book. 

You thought it was kind of funny that you had no religion before Kyu was hurt, but now that you couldn’t get the idea out of your head that Jesus was the one that was helping you get through Kyuhyun’s hard time. You remember reading somewhere that you were supposed to thank Him for everything, but you had been doing that already. Thanking God that Kyu was alive was a normal part of your prayers. You found a scripture that you really liked one night while reading by yourself (Yehsung had a busy schedule that night): “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.” Woah, you weren’t sure that you wanted Jesus to come knocking at the door, especially since the apartment was a mess most of the time and not everyone could be there that wasn’t part of the accident, anyway, but you felt that if you did what He asked, then he would comfort you.


Although Jesus comforted you during the day, the night was hard to get through without a presence of warmth on his side of the bed. You always used to cuddle or end up sprawled across him by morning. For the past few weeks…months…. you felt alone, physically, despite the love from the other members of the band. You just wanted Kyuhyun to heal faster and be able to share your room again. Any time you visited him, you would tell him that. He would joke and say, “Am I just your teddy bear?”


The manager announced that Kyuhyun was being released from the hospital one day. You thanked God, thanks to Kyuhyun and Yehsung for getting you into the religion thing in the first place. They didn’t want him to share the apartment with the other Super Junior members until he was fully healed, darn them. You were looking forward to having Kyuhyun present when you slept, but then again, you didn’t want to hurt him before he was fully healed because you could guarantee that you would be cuddled or sprawled across him the next morning.


You couldn’t wait until he was able to live with you guys again. Then you could tell him all about how you missed him and how God is now one of your best friends and repeat the stories five-hundred more times than you already told him so many times when you visited him at the hospital. He wouldn’t mind though, because he believed in God now, too. How else did he survive the accident?


Love. That’s what everyone in Super Junior decided, even Kangin, who doesn’t like to say mushy stuff like that. Love is what kept all of you together when Shindong, Hyukjae, Eeteuk and Kyuhyun were hurt. Love is what helped comfort you AND them. Pure love kept you together and it was love that would bind you as friends until ….until forever would end.


The End.

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