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Title: undecided for the moment
Author: Nhi [Avirjin]
Rating: PG-13 for language and content's content
Pairing: undecided for the moment
Genre: Comedy?

Here's Chapter 2 you guys! ^^ This is the fastest I've ever written and I didn't even rush~! Sorry there's not a link to Chapter 1 [even though it's only a few posts down... >_<], but really, I'm not too good with all of this internet coding stuff.

Two hours later, [because your manager thought that the further the airport was from SM Headquarters and the star dorms, the less likely the paparazzi were be there to 'welcome' you, which was really very useless because no matter where you went, people always found out, be it fans, antifans, or those annoying reporters. Not like Se7en who you had to put a freaking tracker on to see if he was in Korea, Japan, or the USA] you find yourself STILL in the ugly company car [decorated with an assortment of pink things and many pictures of a certain girly, vain, conceited bastard [or bitch, seeing how girly he is] posing for the photos] because of that certain individual who shall not be named.

You wonder why you ever bonded with Kim Hee--He-who-shall-not-be-named in the first place as you start ripping the 'decorations' he put in the car into pieces, imagining it to be his head [or leg. Or arm. Anything would work for you really].

There's half an hour left, and you suddenly remember that you have five stories you have yet to read in your tote bag. You take them out, smacking yourself on the head for wasting time even thinking about Kim Heechul when you could have been reading about his death instead.

The story you decide to take out involves character death, angsting, and Leeteuk oppa sinking into insanity [as usual, you note. That's four times already in the past week he's done so]. It's a KangTeukRella, with a MATURE CONTENT rating [which you ignore], a combination you haven't read in quite a while, and despite the fact that you are planning to torture Super Junior in less than an hour, you can't help but read the fanfiction and fall in love with the characterization.

By the end of the car ride, you are on the last page, where Kangin is taking advantage of Leeteuk after Heechul died a particularly gruesome death [your manager ignored your frequent cackles, because really, he's quite used to them now], and the smut is just starting. However, the car skids to a stop [because everyone knows that the driving managers live in the worst conditions and they can't help feeling tired and rushed all of the time, so you don't bitch at him like any regular celebrity would because you're Kwon BoA and you have a reputation to uphold] and you find your manager yelling at you to get out and go hang out with Super Junior and that he'll pick you up in six hours.

You scowl at having been interrupted, and decide that's another offense that Kim Heechul has commited against you and that that bitch was going to pay dearly for stopping you before you even got to the story's [and Kangin and Leeteuk's] climax.

"Five more minutes," you state, your eyes still on the page.

Instead, your manager takes your wrist and yanks you out of the van by force, and you find yourself staring at the apartment building that a majority of Super Junior reside in.


You hear the car door close and turn to see that your manager has left you stranded there, taking the van and all of your luggage with you, probably to your old dorm room.

You swear to force feed him yaoi porn as revenge. But first, you must deal with the first culprit and his many, many accomplices, whether they really helped or not.

Because Kwon BoA is so not a force to be reckoned with, and the whole gayo world should know that.


You walk up the familiar stairs, a feeling of anticipation in your gut. Your heart starts pounding in excitement, and you wonder who's actually in, because there's so many people in Super Junior and there are so many different schedules, that you can't count on everyone being there waiting for you.

You enter the elevator, your cap lowered so that if anyone comes in from one of the higher floors, they just think you're another tomboyish Korean kid and not Kwon BoA going to visit Super Junior.

Your fingers hit the button for Floor 12, and you smile at how just pressing the button makes you think of those guys and how often you would visit.

You wait and eventually, the doors open. You walk out, your fanfiction-filled tote bag swinging against you, coming to a stop when you do, in front of door 12-13. You barely touch the door handle when it starts wiggling in front of you and the next thing you see is a surprised Lee Donghae staring back at you, his perfect lips in a perfect 'o' shape.

Slowly, a smile comes to each of your faces. As he opens his mouth to greet you, a melodic voice pierces the air, interrupting him.

"Runt~~! Pinocchio, move now~! I want to see my runt~!"

Donghae looks back in annoyance, but moves back anyway, because he's always obedient like that when it comes to his Cinderella hyung.

"Unnie~!" you cry out, your arms stretched out.

"Runt~!" he calls back, as he begins to dramatically run to you from the other side of the room.

"Unnie~!" you cry again, running just as dramatically.

"...... I can't believe this..... they must have been..... abducted by aliens or something..." Donghae mutters under his breath as you pass him slowly.

You step on his foot, grinning at his yelp of pain [and vaguely wondering how those fangirling fanfic writers even knew about him talking about aliens once in a while. This was the first time you actually noticed it, and frankly it scared you to know that some of the things in the fanfictions might actually be true].



The two of you hug like you haven't seen each other in years, when really, you saw them a month or two ago [it still seems like a touching reunion though]. You run your fingers through silky black hair and take a handful of it, feeling the silkiness on your skin. [The boy spends more time on his hair then you do on your nails. Disturbing? You think so.]

Then you tighten your hold and yank hard.


And by hard, you mean harder than you thought you could pull [and harder than you can describe with words, but you see tears welling up in Heechul's eye's involuntarily and decide that some things just don't need words]. Obviously working out has given you quite a bit of strength.

[Again, insert evil laughter here.]

Donghae busts out laughing and you hear the sound of laughter from whatever Super Junior members are present as Heechul tries [in vain, you think] to escape from your death grip, as you have one arm around his neck and one hand pulling his hair as far from his scalp as humanly possible.

You decide to play with your prey before you start dishing out the big guns. After all, thinking of only happy thoughts all the way from the front door up to their door put you in the happy mood you needed to be in to get close enough to this idiot. You weren't going to waste this opportunity [getting this close, you mean].

"Unnie~! You call me the minute I get back to Korea, when I'm supposed to be with my family, but you don't even bother calling me the whole time I was in Japan? Didn't you worry about me at all? Huh? Huh? Didn't you?" you ask, turning the subject and [your mind] away from the main point and pulling his hair roughly. They didn't call you a tomboy for no reason, after all. [After all, you were taught by ShinHwa how to go after people, and seeing how they treated each other, one can only imagine how they treat people who tick them off.]

"Why should I worry at all?" Heechul argues, his head tilting back from my incessant hair pulling, "You go there all the time!!"

Ha ha ha. Bzzt, bzzt. Wrong answer, Kim Heechul.

You pull even harder, if that was possible, stomping my foot on the ground in mock anger [but of course, they don't know that] repeatedly as you do so. "Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Kuso, you're such a stupid unnie! Unnie no baka! Ahou!"

These fools don't understand too much of Japanese, but they do know that kuso is similar to shit, baka basically means stupid, and ahou can mean asshole. ['Why do they know mainly insults?' you wonder, before remember that you're the one who 'teaches' them Japanese.] So Heechul starts shouting and cursing and is in a rather bad mood now [thanks to you].

You hear angelic laughter from behind you and know from the minute it spills out, that the owner of that beautiful voice is in the room right now.

You glance at a certain Park Jungsu, giving him your deadly BoA evil eye and growling, but still yanking Heechul's hair like it's the most addicting thing in the world [but it's not. Yaoi smut is, and almost every fangirl can vouch for it], "Yah! Leeteuk Suju Umma Okaa-chan Leader sshi! You're at fault here too! Why didn't you remind him to check on me earlier and why did you let him call me the minute I got off the plane?! I have a family to go back to, and I have to waste the six hours of my first day back on my home turf with you retards."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," you hear Donghae mutter, but you ignore it because you know that the line between Heechul overpowering you and you overpowering him isn't as thick as you'd like it to be. You can't afford to screw up, because this girly man has some muscles [not a lot, like Kangin or Shiwon, but some].

Leeteuk laughs cheerfully, and you can see the ever present smile [and dimples] on that pretty boy face of his without even looking at him. "What was that you called me, BoA? I didn't quite catch it."

"Suju. Umma. Okaa-chan. Leader. Sshi. Easy enough for you now?" you growl slowly, not taking your attention off of the twenty-four year old in front of you struggling to get free.

"Yes, thank you, BoA~."

Suddenly, you let go and shove Heechul to the floor, running to the other side of the room and plopping down next to Kangin, who's sitting on the couch. You take inventory [roll call, whatever. There's enough of them to call this dorm a storage closet] of who's there quickly before Heechul can recover.

Leeteuk? Check.

Heechul? Check.

Han Geng? No.

Yehsung? No.

Kangin? Check.

Shindong? No.

Sungmin? No.

Eunhyuk? No.

Donghae? Check.

Shiwon? No.

Ryeowook? No.

Kibum? No.

Kyu Hyun? .....?

You can't tell, because even if he was here, he'd be in one of the bedrooms, as he can't walk on his own apparently, so he was probably either here or at his parents' house, but you're guessing he's probably in his room in this apartment, so you count him in too.

Five out of thirteen. Great. That was a good start.

"Yah, Kangin, is it fun being on top~?" you ask casually as Heechul quickly orders Donghae to fetch him a mirror [Donghae retrieving it and giving it to him just as quickly] and fixes his hair.

"Yah, it's either oppa or Korea's #1 Everything, runt," he replied thoughtlessly as you two watch Leeteuk fuss over Heechul and Heechul scold Donghae just because he felt like it.

"You'd rather I call you Raccoon Ajusshi?" you ask, rolling your eyes.

Kangin growls and pokes you in the arm childishly, "Don't call me that. That stupid crocodile gave me that name!"

"It fits," you answer smugly, "I saw Go Younha's Manwon Happiness episode. You went though her bag and stole her food like a raccoon goes through the garbage. Now answer the question."

"What question?" Kangin asks, watch Heechul smack Leeteuk's back for laughing still.

"Is it fun being on top~?" you repeat, as if you were asking about the weather.

"On top of what?" he asks warily, cautious of where the conversation is going. ['Good. He better be,' you think to yourself.]

"Leeteuk, of course. If he was on top, it would be called LeeKang, or LeeIn or something like that instead of KangTeuk," you state calmly. You've read enough fanfiction to be an expert in these matters.

"What the hell, BoA!?!?!?" Kangin shouts, jumping off of the couch and away from you, "Why the hell would I be on top of Hyung??!!?!"

By now, you have the others' attention, and you hear a Kyu Hyun-ish sounding groan coming from the next room.

"On top of Hyung?" Donghae repeated, his eyes wide.

"Yeah, like you on top of Jessica," you answer without thinking, naming his ex-girlfriend.

"Hey, just because we made out in front of a camera--which was by accident, by the way--"

"Well, if you dare to do that in front of a webcam, just think of what you could do behind closed doors."

"Why would I be on top of Leeteuk hyung!?!"

"Kangin, calm down!"

"BoA, you little runt, what the hell are you up to~?"

"So that you could thrust into him of course~."





"Unless of course," you add, a devious smile on your face, "Leeteuk is the one doing all of the hip thrusts~."





"Can someone get me my painkillers?" you can hear a muffled voice ask from another room.

The chaos of the living room froze from the moment you first said the word "thrust" and remained still even after the second time you said it. As the four try to comprehend what you're saying, or rather, just take it in, you skip off to the kitchen area, pick up a capsule of painkillers and a bottle of water, and skip into the room from which you heard Kyu Hyun's voice, now 100% sure that he's in there.

Once you're in the room, you close the door softly, smirking at how the now silent Super Junior members are still frozen in the living room, and turn your attention to Kyu Hyun.

"Ah, BoA noona! Welcome back!" he calls out to you from his bed, propped up againsts pillows in a comfortable position. He waves, smiling innocently because he doesn't know what's been going on. "I woke up to a lot of the hyungs yelling. Is something wrong?"

"Nothing at all, Kyu Hyunnie~" you reassure him [wondering all the while if four guys are the same as a lot of hyungs]. You bring him his medication and the water and sit down on the side of his bed, "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, Noona-sunbaenim," he answers respectfully, "I think I'll be up and walking and performing with the others in no time! Isn't that great?"

You nod, but you're not really listening. Instead, you're wondering if you should punish him too, because he's the youngest, he's injured, and he probably has no idea what about Heechul did.

"BoA, the thing about groups is that they go through everything together," you remember Minwoo Appa telling you one time, back when he was still under SM Entertainment with the others, "The good times, and the bad. So you're very strong for going through it all by yourself."


'Okay! Kyu Hyun was getting punishment too~!' you decide silently. But you promise make it up to him later. After all, there was always innocent casualties in any war. Not your fault [though part of you tells you it is in fact your fault].

By the time you finish thinking, Kyu Hyun has finished with the whole medication business and you put the half empty water bottle and the pill capsule on his nightstand for him.

"Soo, Kyu Hyunnie~, what have you been up to...?" you ask innocently, examining the wall. It was decorated with posters from Super Junior and your other SM labelmates, including yourself, of course.

"Nothing really," he sighs, snuggling into his pillow, "Kibum hyung gives me a lot of books to read, but I don't find them too interesting. I can't play with my hyungs like I'd like to."

"Reading, hmm? Well, I have something you might like to read~," you say mysteriously, luring Kyu Hyun in [although, again, your mind wanders off and you wonder just how in the world did those authors know that Kibum was a reader?].

He takes the bait and looks at you wide eyed. "Are you serious, Noona? Is it any good?"

"Yup," you reply, fishing a KyuMin story out of your tote bag. You pull out one that you've already read, and rethink what happened in the story.

'Let's see, NC-19.... Well.. Kyu Hyunnie is 19 years old, around the same age I was when I first read a yaoi fic.... In this one, no one dies, and everyone appears! Perfect!' you think to yourself. You turn and hand the packet of papers to your dear dongsaeng, who takes them happily.

"'Anatomy Lesson?' Is it about school? Does it have a good ending, Noona?" he asks, "But, now that I think about it, I don't think I would mind bad ones either. Anything's better than those books Kibum hyung has been giving me!"

"If you say so," you reply casually, fishing out the KangTeukRella story you were reading earlier, "Don't worry about telling me when you're done. I'll know."

"Really, how?"

"Trust me. When you reach the end, I'm pretty sure I'll know your reaction," you answer confidently.

"If you say so. By the way, what does KyuMin mean? Is he a character? It's funny, because the first part of his name is like my name!" Kyu Hyun says curiously, like a child examining a brand new toy.

"You'll find out. Just read, okay hoobae?"

"Yes! I'll absolutely, positively read every last word to the very last word! I swear!"

You have to [reluctantly, you add] force back the evil laughter that threatens to escape your mouth, and you wind up coughing on it.

Author's note: Wow! I wrote that quicker than I thought I would! I think it's because actually posting up a comedy with no definite plot made me feel more into it~ Plus all of the comments were so supporting, it made me want to write more~! Yay for you and me~...

I didn't think that the first chapter would do so well~. Haha, thanks for the support. I really, really appreciate it. I'm sorry if the story seems to be going a little slow at first, but I want to think this out a bit too~. Haha. ^^ And a few of you even said you related to BoA's descent into yaoi-crazed madness, so I'm really happy that I could make that connection... ^^

Did I make Kyu Hyun seems too young? I figured that he would be a bit more gentle after the accident, and kind towards others, what with the almost dying thing [it seems wrong to say it so bluntly...], so he's a bit vulnerable. And BoA's toughness... well, Heechul did write on his cyworld that she was a tomboy. ^^ So I think she would be a little strong, a little mean~. Haha, just like we all are sometimes. ^^ Sorry if she might seem different this chapter. I'm no good with flowing~.

Oh, one more thing. About the fanfictions mentioned in this chapter. They're not real, as far as I know, but there's probably similar ideas out there somewhere. [Anatomy Lesson? Haha, that screams dirty. There has to be a similar story on Miracle somewhere. There just has to be.] And about the whole Leeteuk always going insane thing in stories, I've read quite a few where he goes crazy. I just hope you'll laugh with me with this and not at those stories, cause some of them really did break my heart~.

I'm getting off the subject... Er, the Donghae/Jessica thing... I just plugged it in. I know it's a rumor, but I saw pictures that looked very convincing. >_< Don't hurt me. I actually like Donghae. He was lovely in Key of Heart.

Thanks for reading. I'm really happy for all of the support. ^^

I'm a little worried about the BoA chara. She does seem rather violent here, hm? That worries me a little. I meant for her to be a little cynical, not down right sadistic, but I think I got carried away. >_< I'm sorry. I got carried away with the torture thing [and I haven't even really gotten to it yet~]. You'll see yet another side in the next chapter, I'm predicting.. [I can't go with bipolar, because that's a bad excuse for taking someone out of character... oh, what to do~... >_<]

And she doesn't seem as thoughtful here as in the first chapter because she's not getting too much time to think. Just... attacking and interaction, I suppose. I'll try to fix that next chapter... Maybe I was a little too hasty putting it up... I thought it was fine a few hours ago... [Do opinions really change so quickly!?! >_<]
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  • Truth or Dare

    title: truth or dare pairing: donghae/eunhyuk genre: fluff rating: PG-13 length: oneshot summary: "Donghae, your dare is to call this…

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