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kangwooksung drabble ^^

Title: Incurable Brother Complex
Pairing: Kangin/Yesung,Kangin/Ryeowook,OT3:Kangwooksung
Genre: Drabble, fluff
Rating: G
A/N: I love these three and always thought of writing their stories,though a drabble came out instead ^^.
No one could resist Jongwoon and Youngwoon as twins~ click here


When the second terms starts, we have these twins as our classmates..

One is Youngwoon and the other one is Jongwoon.

Youngwoon is the younger one. He looks strong and fierce different from his hyung, Jongwoon that looks younger than him. Youngwoon always takes the lead while Jongwoon follows him from behind.

Jongwoon is unique. He may look quiet and cool on outside, but he is as “hot” as his brother. He easily irritates over small things, and it is Youngwoon that calms him down. Though, Jongwoon and Youngwoon looks different from outside, they are same inside. Their temperaments, their emotions, their feelings, no one knows it better than themselves.

“Hyung, promise me that we won’t be separated!” the five years old Youngwoon clasped Jongwoon’s hand and looked at him with wet face. Their parents divorced and they’re discussing about Youngwoon and Jongwoon’s custody. It means, they would be separated and Youngwoon hated it.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be fine..” the older one calmed his little brother and wept his tears. “Look, your face so dirty.. Man shouldn’t cry over small things.” Jongwoon’s voice shakes hard and he barely held his tears. He mustn’t cry as he was responsible of Youngwoon. Who will take cares of his little bro if he doesn’t?

That’s why Jongwoon is so overprotective and stubborn on Youngwoon.


Youngwoon likes to bully his friends, especially someone that weaker than him. He loves to play pranks and teases everyone, including Jongwoon. These are his way of showing love and Jongwoon likes it. But there’s something special from Youngwoon that he notices. He never bullies Ryeowook, the class representative of his new school.

Ryeowook holds the duty of showing the twins around school. Jongwoon’s first impression of him is “nerdy” as he wears thick glasses and always looks down while walking. He rarely let his voice out and prefers being alone in quiet place. Weird enough, Youngwoon loves to cling on him and walks with him though he just gets no response from him. This makes Jongwoon jealous and hates him..

He thinks that Ryeowook stealing Youngwoon from him.

Love sickness

Youngwoon keeps sighing that day. He hasn’t spoken any words since morning and Jongwoon finds it weird. He comes to Youngwoon and touches his head, but he feels nothing. It’s not like Youngwoon is cold or sick. He never becomes this quiet before and Jongwoon doubts that Ryeowook is the reason for Youngwoon’s weird behaviors.

What did Ryeowook do to his precious twin??


Jongwoon forbids Youngwoon from meeting Ryeowook. He threats Youngwoon as he won’t talk with him anymore if he breaks it. Of course, Youngwoon lost to his brother’s threats as he loves him so much.

Jongwoon believes that it’s the best thing for Youngwoon, for not meeting and talking to Ryeowook, and for not leaving him behind.

But, what he has thought of was wrong. Youngwoon becomes weaker and weaker as he refuses to eat. He also lost his energetic side. There’s no “playful Youngwoon” or “Youngwoon the bully” anymore. Seems that his life like “nothing” without Ryeowook.

Who is Ryeowook for Youngwoon that makes him like this? Is it that hard to leave Ryeowook? Jongwoon’s curiosity and jealousy over Ryeowook starts to grow more and more..


To answer all his questions of the mysterious Ryeowook, Jongwoon starts an investigation over him. Youngwoon absents from school as he caught cold and Jongwoon uses this “perfect” chance to find out more about Ryeowook.

Jongwoon keeps following Ryeowook that day. He follows Ryeowook everywhere.. To teacher’s room, library, canteen, and even restroom. And he finds nothing but “Ryeowook is a normal student”.

Admit lost

Jongwoon barges into Youngwoon’s room and asks him about Ryeowook. He couldn’t find the answer he wants about Ryeowook except from his brother’s mouth. And Youngwoon gladly tells him, shares his happiness, and asks him to join them next time.

“J..Join you two?” Jongwoon blushes his face cause of Youngwoon’s words.

He finally realizes that he always lost to Youngwoon. It’s not Ryeowook faults for being with Youngwoon. It’s his childishness and egoism for thinking Youngwoon as “his” alone. And Jongwoon admits that he has an “incurable brother complex” to Youngwoon.

“I think I should accept your offer, Youngwoon-ah”, Jongwoon hugs his twin and smiles.

He is happy as long as Youngwoon remains the same, the lovely and kind hearted twin to him.

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