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Not So Misplaced Jealousy Ch 2

Title: Not So Misplaced Jealousy
Author: fanta
Pairings: Shicul (main), Hanbum,and a much of others I can't name yet
Length: chaptered
Rating: PG-13, 16 at the most (sorry no smut)
Summary: can't summary but there's a jealous heechul, and unrequited feelings for shiwon from hankyung, and other things so yea.
A/N: Thanks everyone for commenting last time. Hope you like this fic and please comment so I know if you like it or not.

Chapter 2

Hankyung could not believe this was happening! He had just confessed his long-unrequited love to Shiwon, and the piece of hotness was kissing him back! However, that feeling of elated happiness dissolved to bitterness as Shiwon moaned out, “Heechul ah, I love you”. After that the bastard blacked out leaving a weeping Hankyung alone with nothing to say.
The next day when Shiwon finally remembered what happened and confronted Hankyung about with many apologies, all he said was, “That’s okay Shiwonnie”. “I didn’t really mean what I said. I was only using you to practice my confession to another man. I’m sorry if I had cause you any guilt about cheating on Heechul.”
“Oh, thank god,” he cried out, relieved. But then that cute expression was replaced an even cutter mischievous dimpled smile that made Hankyung weak and giddy. “Who do you really like then hyung?”, he asked innocently.
“I’m sorry Shiwon ah but I can’t tell you but its someone from our group”, I lied.
“Oh, well good luck then hyung. Is it Sungmin because he is quite cute and I know how much you like pinkness?”
“No and I’m not going to talk you anymore if you keep treading on this subject”, I said while pretending to be angry which produced very satisfying results.
Shiwon threw himself over me and nuzzled me with his cheek. “Aww hyung I’m sorry. Don’t be mad ok?”
I was quite enjoying myself, but I had to push him away as Heechul was shooting me death glares from across the room. “Ok”, I said while trying to laugh it off and make it seem like I was just joking with my dongsaeng.

*End of flashback*

Unbeknownst to our lovely Hankyung, someone was watching him from behind suffering as he saw his beloved hyung crying. Not being able to stand this anymore, he walked up to Hankyung and held him. “Its okay hyung. Its okay hyung. You don’t have to cry alone. I’m here.” While whispering those words, he rocked Hankyung back and forth while stoking his soft hair and cheek.

Hankyung’s POV
As my cute dongsaeng came in to comfort me, the choking hold on heart loosened but the pain was still there. “Why doesn’t he love me Kibum ah?”, I cried out achingly. “Am I not as good as Heechul hyung?”
“No hyung! And don’t you ever think that ever again. “You are twice as good, no ten times better than that stupid wanna-be-Cinderella with no ass what so ever. Shiwon is just too blind to see that.”
Laughing at the look of outrage on his face, my heart lifted surprisingly. Then I felt his hold me tightened as he whispered, “Please don’t cry hyung”. “Please don’t cry. I don’t like it when you cry. It pains me … it pains everybody.”
I hugged back, saying, “Ok, ok, I won’t cry anymore so lets so get rid of this foul mood”. I gave him a little peck on the cheek before saying, “Lets go get some ice cream”!
I pulled him up, and we made our way to the door, trying to ignore the moans coming from the shower and … and the ones from Kang In’s room. I was a little worried as I saw Kibum’s flushed face and felt his slight increase in temperature. “Kibum, are you okay? Are you getting a fever?” I reached up feel his forehead which was getting a little warm, but he stopped me with his heads.
“N-n-no hy-hyung. Its just a little hot in here that’s all”, he said.
I was satisfied with the explanation but decided to check on him later on. His flushed face was kind of cute though even if he might be sick.

Standing in the shadows, witnessing the whole thing was of course the aliens-obsessed couple Eunhyuk and Donghae.
“God that Hankyung is so dense”, said Eunhyuk with a sigh and a roll of eyes.
“I know. Its obvious that Kibum is blushing due to that little peck on the cheek.”
“He’s so stupid. At least get embarrassed about something dirtier. Its just a little peck. I mean look at Kang In. He wasn’t even blushing when I caught him making out with Leeteuk hyung on the living room floor.”
“Why were they on the floor?” asked Donghae who was wondering how his boyfriend has a really good tendency to interrupt other people’s moments.
“I don’t know, probably just trying out some kinky ideas. I think Leeteuk hyung secretly likes it rough and hard.”
“Honey”, Donghae said gently, “How do you know that”? “Where you spying on them again?”
“…No….”, he said hesitantly while not quite meeting his boyfriend’s accusing eyes. “Wanna go make out on the roof? We will give space quite a show!”
“Alright, but don’t think I’m going to let this pass.”
Ha! Eunhyuk thought silently. As if he was going to let his boyfriend know that he was spying on the band’s parents. He was just a little curious about how those two always seem happy after a few hours alone together. He had an idea but had just wanted to confirm it. Besides, he wasn’t the only one curious. Junsu was too! He didn’t expect to see such interesting scenes, but at least they gave him some ideas on how to please Donghae. Especially the **** thing and the ****.
End of scene for dirty thoughts of bondage and any other kinky sex scenes you would like to think that Eunhyuk is thinking of right now. Okay, I apologize to everyone who thinks that there’s going to be smut, but let tell me right now: NO SEX SCENES WILL BE WRITTEN HERE.
Kibum’s POV
I must be the happiest man on earth because I feel like it. Hankyung hyung luckily forgot his wallet and I had very little money on me so we got SHARE a freaking ice cream. WE SHARED IT. WE SHARED IT. There was even a part where our lips almost touch over the cone. I was very red by the time we finished it, but it was all worth it. I even got to savor the lovely feeling of my hyung worrying over my increased in temperature. It was even worth all the mothering I got from Leeteuk hyung who was told by Hankyung that I was sick. Sighs. Life can be so good sometimes.

Hankyung’s POV
What does it mean when you feel happy over sharing one freaking ice cream cone with your dongsaeng? Does anybody know what that means because I DON’T? I thought I was in love with Shiwon! Sure, I felt a little bitterness at seeing him and Heechul cuddling on the couch when I got back to the apartment but that it. I pretty sure that I love Shiwon. He’s a great man with nice muscles, a hot ass, cute dimples, and a caring soul. But why does sharing a single ice cream with Kibum makes my heart flutter? My heart used to flutter when seeing Shiwon takes his shirt off. It hurts when seeing him with someone else. It never hurts with Kibum, but then again nobody except the other members has touched him since he’s very shy. AHHH!!! What are these conflicting and contrasting feelings. Damn you conscious! I love Shiwonnie and that’s final!
Are you sure? AHHH!!! (bangs head on the table repeatedly)

Shiwon’s POV
I am starting to find Hankyung’s Chinese to be very creepy. I mean he usually mutters to himself in Chinese a lot, but he has never banged his head on the table repeatedly at the same time either. However, I was soon too preoccupied with a certain loveable person who likes to think that he’s the prettiest male alive.
“Shiwon ah, lets go back to my place”, he whined. “Or at least go back to your room because Hankyung’s starting to creep me out and so are the moans from Kang In’s room. God those two have been in there forever. How many times can a person do it for god’s sake!?”
“Arasoo”, I replied before pulling him into my room.
Once in the semi-safe from any inappropriateness room, Heechul quickly pulled me in for a kiss. “I’m much prettier than Hankyung huh”, he asked while already knowing the answer.
“What about BoA? Or Lee Hyori? Or Jaejoong? No, I definitely prettier than Jaejoong.”
I nodded to everything, not at the least annoyed because I know deep down that my lover is very insecure. He knows that he’s not a good dancer or singer so he uses his vanity to cover everything up. He has even cried to me once blurting everything out after trying hard to prefect a dance that was a bit too strenuous for his knee. That’s why I love him. He’s human too even if he doesn’t act like it most of the time. While rembering all of this, I was filled with a deep desire to protect from everything in this world. “To me you are the prettiest in the world. Even if the whole world rejects you, I will always accept you.” I pulled him into a hug and kissed his nose, lips, cheeks, and all other features on his face.
“Heh, I better be you idiot. I- I love you”, he said hesitantly before looking down.
“Aww is my little Heechulie embarrassed”, I said teasingly because I know that I won’t get to see this side of him often. It was very cute and rare to a blushing and surprisingly shy Heechul.
“Shut up”, he cried before giving me a smack on the head which I was quite used to by now. He nuzzled deeper into me, and I tightened my hold on him wanting this moment to last forever. How can one be filled with so much love? I didn’t try to do anything else because I knew he was quite sore from our little … our little exercise in the shower, but who knows what might happened later on? *Insert inner perverted laughter*
Tags: pairing: hangeng/kibum, pairing: heechul/siwon

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