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s'my first Sufic so be nice. D: It's also... 4 AM. Might not have been a good idea. Oh well, liking the results.

7 part, small part fic, with one little bit for each day of the week. The first is Sunday and, how fitting, it's Sunday. I'll be posting 1 part per day. :D

Kind of ramble-y, no caps lock, 2nd person Shiwon. :)

o1. sunday: nothing
shiwon/heechul centric.
shiwon wishes heechul would say everything instead of nothing.
o1 . o2 . o3

you know that the young man standing in front of you is self absorbed and spoiled and stubborn, but you can't bring yourself to care. you lean forward with a smile, and he returns it, saying something about getting a snack and would you like to go with him?

you say yes, following a step behind, paying more attention to the bare neck in front of you because if he's going to wear his hair up there was no way you could possibly not look. he either doesn't notice or doesn't care- or, even more likely, knows all too well and loves it.

you're quiet as you walk beside him to the store. he chatters about nothing in particular, from his hair style to the shoes he bought last week to the scratch his cat gave him this morning. you find it adorable and endearing and possibly a tiny bit annoying because he's talking about everything you already know (because you're always with him. or, at least, as often as you can be) and about nothing you want to hear.

he pulls you into the store just as you're about to say something and you close your mouth, smiling brightly as he continues to chatter and hand you various snack products. you know he's bossy and you know you do everything he says (well, sometimes, you're not that bad) but you can't help it because you're head over heels.

the walk back feels shorter than the walk there, and you don't want it to end. but when he turns to you and smiles, that one small dimple peeking out, you can forgive time. and when he asks if you want to share the snacks, and why don't we go down to the park? you decide that you don't care how long the walk took.

because he finally said everything you wanted to hear.

Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon

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