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Title: undecided for the moment
Author: Nhi [Avirjin]
Rating: PG-13 for language and content's content
Pairing: undecided for the moment
Genre: Comedy? [If you're into a lot of sarcasm, that is...]

In Japan, it was a little lonely. You could barely sleep, you had to be everywhere and anywhere all at once with a smile on your face, and you didn't even get the chance to share the burden with your fellow groupmates.

Frankly, because there weren't any.

You can hardly remember the first time you came to Japan actually. It was a whirlwind of performances and tears and sweat and sobbing phone calls home to your brothers and your friends in the company. The friends who you don't even get a chance to call now that they all debuted.

"You guys are so lucky~!" you told them one time after 12 of them debuted all together at once, "your interviews are more fun! For me, I'm all by myself, so I don't have anyone to blackmail!"

Then, several of them would try to convince you that really, you were the lucky one who didn't have to deal with cooking for any number of them or dealing with hissy fits between members and what not.

It didn't help. You just cried harder once you were back in your dormroom. Alone, as usual.

Sure, several of the other celebs took you in. You were Lee Minwoo's daughter! You were Kim Heechul's runt-like, tomboyish dongsaeng! You were Joo Brian's little ... whatever that dork felt like calling you.

But you still couldn't help looking at Dong Bang Shin Ki or Super Junior or ShinHwa or Fly to the Sky or Cheon Sang Ji Hee [the Grace, you make sure to remind yourself] without a little bit of envy.

So when you come back to Korea for the first time in months, you just want to go home. Not to SM Headquarters, but home. Far away from the happy little groups living in their happy little worlds.

Unfortunately, your 'unnie' called your manager before you could run, and your manager in turn thought you might appreciate a little "quality time" with your dear hoobaes: Super Junior.

Kim Heechul definitely had an awful personality and was an absolutely inconsiderate moron, but he was a decent unnie by normal standards. You guess.

{"Unnie~ I wanna go home!"}

{"Pipe down runt, that's why I'm calling you right now. To come home! I even got your car ready and everything! Sheesh, I try being nice, and this is what happens."}

Obviously, the two of you didn't have the same concept of home. Trust a boyband member to think that home was where the rest of his labelmates were.

So here you are in the company van, speeding towards the main Super Junior dorm, thinking of topics you can use for small talk.

"Hey, are you four feeling better? I heard that Kyu Hyun can stand up on his own now! That's great!"

"Happy belated birthday Teukie oppa! Happy belated birthday Heechul unnie! Happy early birthday Kibummie!"

"So, how was Taiwan? I'm so proud of you guys!"

"Are those fanfiction stories of you guys really true?"





Kim Heechul was going to rue the day that he forced you to visit the SuJu home base because Kwon BoA is so not a force to be reckoned with.


You remember the first time you stumbled across the devious art known as fanfiction. The first one you ever read was about Eugene from S.E.S. ['a nice enough unnie' you thought to yourself]. As the typical geeky girl with a beauty no one understood and a hate for conceited pretty boys, she found herself with a makeover, kudos to Shin Hyesung, the school's fashion expert [you got a kick out of that], and became the reason for an all out war between Kangta of H.O.T. and Eric of ShinHwa [with you not knowing who would really win in a fight].

When you entered the story though, you couldn't help but cringe.

"Get away from my Eric, you bitch! How dare you!"

Was that really how people saw you? In that story, you did things you never dreamed of doing. You screwed boys for the heck of it, manipulated the general population, sabataged anyone who went against you.

Back then, you cried, but, hey, you were about fourteen. You didn't know that people could be perceived as bitches at that age. Nowadays, when you find one that has you as the bad girl, you just laugh at how off those fanfiction writers really are.

However, there was alway two types of taboo; things you stayed away from, even if the titles looked amazingly tempting.

Slash and porn. Otherwise known as Yaoi and Lemon.

The first time you saw it [the description, not the story], you stared in wonder, thinking 'How the hell do people think up this stuff!?' Of course, since it was a RicSung with a lime rating and you quickly closed the window.

Then, a little while after Super Junior debuted [you were around 19, you think], you found the loveliest story title ever. You ignored the NC-19 rating because you were 19, and as an [almost] adult you had the right to read whatever you saw fit. Maybe it would even make you laugh! Crude humor was present in such fics after all, weren’t they?

You also ignored the blatant 'YehJae' in the description and the Jaeho right after it. After all, such a lovely story couldn't be all bad, right?

4 hours later on your only free day for the past and upcoming month, because you weren't stupid enough to waste your time on the computer during your practice sessions or busy schedule, you find yourself still in front of the computer, eyes tearing, a tissue in one hand and your computer mouse in the other. It was the most beautifully written story you had ever read, par none, even if it was a gay story about your best friend and his [friendly] hair rival.

Worst thing was that it wasn't even done yet. You cried especially hard about that.

And yet, a part of you wishes you had never read that damn thing because from that point on, you were hooked.

"Note to self," you would say jokingly, "Yaoi smut is more addictive than smoking and drugs put together."

Why did you still groan about the idea of guys together? It wasn't a matter of disapproving gays, because you believed yourself to be a reasonably open-minded person.

It was a matter of the guys in the story. Those guys, most of whom, you actually knew.

Because frankly, reading gay stories about some of your closest friends creeps you out a bit.

But the next yaoi fanfic you read kept you going, a lovely ShiHan in which your lovable Han Geng Ge Ge died for the sake of your adorable Shiwon dongsaeng after their all too quick tryst. It was beautiful and lovely and made you secretly wish that the two actually were screwing each other in real life because you loved the story so much.

By the next week, you were using your PDA to surf the web for more. You would ask your Japanese back up dancers [all yaoi-loving fangirls, of course, because the only guy dancer you dared to asked fainted, of all things] if they could print out any really good ones for you. You were reading in the car, in waiting rooms, when you were supposed to be looking at how well you performed [because as Kwon BoA, you don't measure by how poorly you did, but by how well you did, because you aren't just any self-conscious, low-esteemed celeb, you are one of the STARS shining above the Hallyu].

But there were limits to your craze.

"Only my hoobaes. I shall only read about my boy hoobaes. That means Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior [because if there was one thing worse than yaoi, it was yuri, and it's disrespectful and quite disturbing to think of your Minwoo Appa or his friends going at it with other guys. The fresher, the better.]," you promised yourself.

When you first told your best friend, Kim Jaejoong about your secret passion, you thought his left eye would never stop twitching [it helped him with his winking practices though]. But regardless, he let you go on reading while you guys hung out anyway, as long as you didn't tell him anything about the smex and other things that would be uncomfortable to a young, straight-as-a-steel-ruler man who was apparently perceived as gay more often than he liked.

You promised yourself something else then. "I shouldn't tell any of the guys I know." Because sadly, they might react worse than Jaejoong, who was your best friend and still was uncomfortable with your new lifestyle. All because guys just didn't understand the beauty and sexual satisfaction that the imagination of others gave.

However, as you wait in the car because of that evil son of a bitch who just ruined your plan to get away from it all, you remember the look of absolute horror on Jaejoong's pretty face and start to imagine it on the faces of each of the Super Junior boys [because if any one of them do something wrong, they're ALL in deep shit. It came with the whole group thing].

You think and mutter curse words under your breath, directed to a certain effeminate individual, and suddenly a thought occurs to you. A thought that usually wouldn't have appeared if you hadn't read so much gay smut.

'What if they really are gay!!?!?!?!?!'

Oh well, the looks on their faces when they find out the whole world [or rather, their whole world, because to stars, fans are almost everything] knew their dirty little secrets would be so worth it.

Insert evil laughter here.


Author's note: Haha... It's my first story post~. I know that it doesn't seem right to post a BoA-centric story on a Super Junior-based fanfiction community, but the story mainly revolves around SuJu fanfiction and Super Junior's reaction. BoA's just the cynical catalyst. Haha.

Um... The two stories I mentioned [the YehJae one and the ShiHan one] are the first yaoi stories I actually read, and are posted in this community, though I read them elsewhere. Haha. I changed the rating of story the YehJae one though to fit the purposes of this story. I hope that author, if they ever find out, doesn't get too mad. So my debut work as an LJ-er is dedicated to those two stories and rainbowromance8, who kept saying that I'd do well as a writer even though she never saw any of my writing. ^^

The next chapter will come as soon as I finish it. ^^ Imput would be nice because right now, scarring or confronting the SuJu boys is the only plot I have so far. Do you want the stuff to be real? Or not? Haha. ^^ Thank you for reading! [If you did... XP]
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