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The Bore Part 3

Title: The Bore
Rating: Teen.
Summary: You know that guy who sits in class and actually listens? That guy who sits at lunch and actually eats? That guy who rarely talks to anyone and is basically a social outcast? Yeah, that's Kibum, and he bugs Shindong to no end because of this.
Pairing: Shinbum, Kangteuk, SiChul, Jaeho(though, dominance-wise, it's YunJae), KRY threesome+fickle!Sungmin, whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it.
Warnings: High school AU, stalkerish-but-in-denial-that-he's-being-stalkerish!Shindong. You know you love it.
A/N: Last update for the next two weeks, because I'll be gone and whatnot, so see you when I get back. Also, big thanks and love and brownies for hallyu, because she betaed, put up with me, and willingly sat down and read over a horribly wordy draft and fixed it up even though she was probably busy. I love you~

Part 1 Part 2

The lovely, short-waited, Part 3
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: heechul/siwon, pairing: shindong/kibum, with: dbsg

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