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Title: Not So Misplaced Jealousy
Author:fantasylove4ev (My name is fanta)
Pairings: Shichul (main), Hankyung-someone, a little bit of Eunhae, Kangteuk, and others that i haven't though of yet
Length: Chapter one of 3 or 4 chapters
Summary: Okay this is my first fanfic ever and yea I love Shichul so no bashing! Anyways hope you like it and I hope I'm doing this right. It started out as an angsty story but it morphed into this. I didn't edit his by the way so I'm sorry for any writting mistakes. Please leave comments so I can decide whether to continue posting or not.

Heechul’s POV

“Why were you all over him?!” I screamed. We had just come back from a dance rehearsal that involved a lot of tutoring from Hankyung to Shiwon. I know that practicing dancing requires people to touch a lot but did Hankyung have to touch Shiwon’s ass so much?
“Baby I’m tired and I don’t want to deal with this right now”.
He started to slowly back his way to the shower but stopped when I screamed, “Choi Shiwon, you come back here right now otherwise this relationship is over!”
“Heechul! I am tired and I need my damn rest. This is the third fight we’ve had this week! What do you want from me?!”
“I don’t like it! You are going farther and farther from me each day. First, you started learning more Chinese saying that you wanted to understand Hankyung hyung better but I know you only wanted to get closer to him! I saw the looks of longing he gave you. I ignored it but then you started to respond to him! I can’t take this any more! Tell me now if you love me or Hankyung!” My heart broke with every single revelation but I can’t take this insecurity and questioning of love anymore. For weeks, I tried to convince myself that Shiwon would always be true to me, but the more fan service we did and the more we didn’t talk the closer those two became. What really set me off was the increased contact between the two but the confession that I had heard form Hankyung a few weeks ago.
I slowly walked into the apartment that my lover shared with other Super Junior members with Eunhyuk, the monkey. We just finished filming another episode of Super Junior Full House. I never expected to see practically all the lights off and Hankyung and Shiwon in a heated conversation with bottles of soju all over the floor.
“Shi- Shiwon ah. Wo ai ni. I love you!” “H-hyung. I… I….” A look of shock crossed Shiwon’s face, but before he could say anything Hankyung burst out with another revelation.
“I know you have Heechul but I can’t help these feelings! You told me once how you were tired with Heechul flirting with other members and going farther away from. You said that your heart burns with every single kiss he gives and every heated glance he has with other people that he claims to be just fan service. My heart hurts with every single tear that you shed. I want to end this suffering!” With those final uttered words, Hankyung leaned forward to give Shiwon a harsh kiss in which Shiwon responded passionately to.
I knew that I had saw enough and ran away, dragging Eunhyuk with me. I was amazed at my strength to not cry until we reached the streets. That was when I started to sob uncontrollably with only Eunhyuk to hold me tightly. What surprised me wasn’t Hankyung’s confession but knowing Shiwon’s response and feelings. Was our love really falling apart?
After a while I slowly calmed down. During the entire, Eunhyuk didn’t do anything except stroke my head and murmur, “Let it out, Hyung, let it out”. Luckily nobody recognized us and the streets were amazingly almost empty. Eunhyuk led me to a deserted park where we sat on a bench.
“Eunhyuk was Shiwon really hurting this entire time”. That was the first sentence that I uttered.
He hesitated a little before saying, “I don’t know hyung but I do know that he loves you a lot”. “What are you going to do now?”
“I don’t know. I love him but if he really isn’t happy maybe we should just break it off.” I said hesitantly.
Eunhyuk looked angry for a moment before grabbing me roughly. “Hyung, get a hold off yourself! You are not the Heechul I know. The Heechul that I know would confidently march up to Shiwon demanding an explanation or try to seduce him with confidence still intact! Don’t give up now!”
I was stunned, but then realized that he was right. I don’t want to lose some skinny Chinese guy with no ass who was only half as pretty as I am. I quickly stood up and said, “You’re right”. “I’m not going to lose to that Hankyung! Who cares if he dances a little better than me?! But after seeing the look on Eunhyuk’s face that practically shouted a lot better, I said, “Okay, a lot better but I’m prettier!” “I will show that stupid man that I’m much better!”
“That’s the spirit, hyung!”
I don’t how it happened but we spent the hour shouting fighting and Eunhyuk giving me tips on seduction. Its not like I really liked those tips but seeing how Donghae have that dreamy and dazed look after a night with Eunhyuk had me playing real close attention
*End of flashback*
After that, I tried many seduction trips but all that left me was two sexually-frustrated males including myself because Hankyung kept popping up out of nowhere with an excuse of not understanding a Korean word or needing help with a dance move. The Korean tutoring thing I could accept but needing help with a dance move my ass. That guy is one of lead dancers of the group for heaven’s sake! And whenever I tried to talk to him about backing off when I was being passionate with Heechul, he would keep going in and out form Chinese and Korean, spouting some crap about the freaking language barrier! Language barrier, my ass. Just because he’s Chinese, he thinks he can get away with anything by talking really fast in some language nobody here can understand!
I don’t know how I gave up trying. Maybe it was the increased closeness between Shiwon and Hankyung or the dejected look after each argument that we had due to jealousy. Then one day I came home to hearing the moans of Hankyung coming from Shiwon’s room. I felt myself grow cold as I heard Hankyung’s voice calling out sultrily, “God that feels so so good Shiwon ah!” I ran away, not bothering to demand an explanation. I’ve had enough.

*Back to present, Shiwon’s POV*
“Wh-What are you talking about?! I’m tired of this talk of breakup Heechul ah! Who do you think I am?! I never said anything about you flirting with Yunho, Jay from the TRAX, or about all of this damn 13-member group! Why the hell are you blowing with just a single dance practice?!
A look of hurt graced his lovely features before another stunning outburst came. “I know about you and Hankyung dammit! I know that he loves you! I know you have some feelings for him too. I was there when he confessed to you! I was there when you responded to his kiss! I even heard your moans that night when only the two of you were home alone!
I slowly realized what he was talking about. I shouted out, “Nothing happened that night baby I swear!” “I was only giving him a massage because he had sore muscles! Please believe me!”
Heechul looked angry for a moment before furiously smacking me on the head while shouting out, “Who do you think I am to believe that piece of crap?!”. “I’m not some dumb bimbo who will believe everything you say! You are lying Choi Shiwon!” Tears began to fall as he continued smacking me while I tried effortlessly to defend myself. He has a lot of strength when mad. Man this is so going to leave bumps tomorrow.
“It’s true! You can even ask Leeteuk! He was there!” As if on cue, the leader arrived home with a mushy Kang In dangling from his body. Luckily, Heechul stopped hitting me and starting glaring at our leader as if to demand a explanation.
“There he is! Hyung, explain what happened that night when Hankyung had sore muscles and I had to give him a massage!”
“Kang In! Stop sucking my neck right now!” He shouted before turning to ask and asking in his oh-so-innocent-but-so-annoying-that-makes-me-want-to-kick-his-ass voice, “You mean that night when Hankyung fell down the stairs?”. How can he remain so calm and not be at least embrassed or even try to cover up that huge hickey on his neck?! God, that man is shameless!
I turned to Heechul and said, “See, I told you!” I thought everything was finally going to be peaceful, but Heechul started another outburst.
“Then what about that kiss dammit!” Somehow Kang In and Leeteuk had escaped quietly to their room.
“I was drunk that night for heaven’s sake and besides Hankyung said that he was only joking.”
“Like I’m going to believe that. A joke? A joke? You bastard!” “How can a joke sound so passionate?! I could tell he meant!”
“That’s it. I’m not going to deal with this anymore. I’m telling you that I do not love Hankyung. It’s up to you if you believe it or not.” With a defeated sign, I slowly walked to the bathroom.

Heechul’s POV
I felt my heart sink as Shiwon walked away from me. I could not help this jealously but I love him so much. Realizing that I could not this go with just that, I flung myself at him and hugged him from behind. “I’m- I’m sorry Shiwonnie but I love you so much”, I desperately said. It hurts so much to see you with other people. I love you, but I can’t help these feelings of insecurities. Even if I’m the prettiest man alive, I’m still afraid that I would lose you!

Shiwon’s POV
When I felt Heechul’s body behind, a warm feeling settled over me, something that I have not felt in a long time. As I heard his revelations about insecurities, I felt warm tears on my back. My heart hurts as the tears flowed but I was happy to know how my love felt. I slowly turned around and cradled him into my arms while looking tenderly down at him. “Chullie ah, you don’t have to feel insecure. No matter what happens, I will always love you. A princess needs to be pampered and loved and I want to be the one to pamper and love you.” I then leaned in to give him a kiss to seal my promise.
“Now, you better not throw another jealous fit otherwise the prince will leave Cinderella, alright?”
“Fine!, he said with a little pout” “You’re lucky I love you otherwise I would have dumped your fine ass when you uttered that last line!” He then proceeded to shower my fast with little kisses. As his mouth landed on my mouth, those kisses turn into passionate body grinding and tongue-battling.
“I-I thought you said you were going to take a b-bath”, he moaned out as I started sucking his neck.
“Mhhmmm… take one with me?”, I asked but I was already dragging him towards the bathroom.
“We’re not going to come out for a long time though”, he said huskily.
“Who said we are going to come out at all”, I replied with an arched eyebrow as I begun taking his clothes off.
I will leave whatever happens next to your own imagination because I can’t write smut to save my life, but at least I gave a little scenario: make up sex in the shower and a subdued Heechul.
Unknown, to the two couple Hankyung was watching them sadly. He was happy that his Shiwon was happy but he can’t help the aching feeling he his heart as he saw them kissing and making up. Why, why he thought repeatedly. Why couldn’t Shiwon love him? Was he not good enough? He was great at dancing, and he was trying his best to improve at the Korean language. A lot of people said he was cute and handsome. So why did Shiwon not love him?! He respected Heechul hyung but how come Shiwon fall for that girly, moody boy who sucked at dancing and had no abs what so ever?! As he reminisced about the night of his failed confessions, tears slowly fell and a feeling so sadness fell over him, choking his heart.

Hankyung could not believe this was happening! He had just confessed his long-unrequited love to Shiwon, and the piece of hotness was kissing him back! However, that feeling of elated happiness dissolved to bitterness as Shiwon moaned out, “Heechul ah, I love you”. After that the bastard blacked out leaving a weeping Hankyung alone with nothing to say.
The next day when Shiwon finally remembered what happened and confronted Hankyung about with many apologies, all he said was, “That’s okay Shiwonnie”. “I didn’t really mean what I said. I was only using you to practice my confession to another man. I’m sorry if I had cause you any guilt about cheating on Heechul.”
“Oh, thank god,” he cried out, relieved. But then that cute expression was replaced an even cutter mischievous dimpled smile that made Hankyung weak and giddy. “Who do you really like then hyung?”, he asked innocently.
“I’m sorry Shiwon ah but I can’t tell you but its someone from our group”, I lied.
“Oh, well good luck then hyung. Is it Sungmin because he is quite cute and I know how much you like pinkness?”
“No and I’m not going to talk you anymore if you keep treading on this subject”, I said while pretending to be angry which produce very satisfying results.
Shiwon threw himself over me and nuzzled me with his cheek. “Aww hyung I’m sorry. Don’t be mad ok?”
I was quite enjoying myself, but I had to push him away as Heechul was shooting me death glares from across the room. “Ok”, I said while trying to laugh it off and make it seem like I was just joking with my dongsaeng.

*End of flashback*

Unbeknownst to our lovely Hankyung, someone was watching him from behind suffering as he saw his beloved hyung crying. Not being able to stand this anymore, he walked up to Hankyung and held him. “Its okay hyung. Its okay hyung. You don’t have to cry alone. I’m here.” While whispering those words, he rocked Hankyung back and forth while stoking his soft hair and cheek.
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