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Author: Tuesday
Rating:Pg-13 for random boyness violence
Genre: Crackish?
Title: When our Hyungs are Away We will play
Summary: When the older members of Suju decide to spend the night out..Kibum ends up babysitting
Pairings: Umma and Appa of Suju if you squint
A/N: Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. I always read miracle's fics so i thought i would post finally! It's my first! n.nV Thanks for any comments!

Sungmin turned up the volume to his I pod speakers as he watched Shindong pop, lock and drop it across the living room floor.
Kyuhyun and Ryeowook sat on the couch laughing and giggling as they both spooned Fudge Tracks ice cream into their faces.
“Go Shindong!” Kyuhyun choked out as he sprayed himself with ice cream. Ryeowook waved his spoon in encouragement as Shindong began the infamous hip thrust. Sungmin couldn’t resist and quickly joined in.
But they were quickly pushed aside as Donghae and Hyukjae came screaming down the hallway, both armed with full mattresses. Donghae gripped his hands into the mattress as he shoved Hyukjae. Hyukjae stumbled backward and fell onto the couch, right between Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. But Hyukjae quickly stood to his feet as he pushed his own mattress in Donghae’s face. Donghae was pinned against the wall laughing like a maniac.
Shindong, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Sungmin gave each other confused looks until Shindong grabbed a couch cushion and slapped Sungmin in the back of the head. Sungmin stumbled back into Kyuhyun. Ryeowook threw down his ice cream carton and stood on the couch screaming like a wild monkey. Sungmin and Kyuhyun blinked up at him only to both be hit in the head with a couch cushion. Sungmin and Kyuhyun leapt up and grabbed onto their own cushions for protection. Their pillow fight merged in with Donghae and Hyukjae’s mattress fight as Shindong got a hold of Donghae’s mattress and tossed it around the room. Sungmin had leapt onto Hyukjae’s back screaming his battle cry. Kyuhyun was being choked/smothered to death by Ryeowook, as Ryeowook pulled Kyuhyun down to the floor and smashed a pillow in Kyuhyun’s face. The room had grown loud as Hyukjae was screaming for help, Kyuhyun was making loud gagging noises, Sungmin and Ryeowook were both laughing their heads off, and Shindong and Donghae were knocking things off of tables and shelves as they threw the mattresses around and tried to glomp each other.
Siwon had appeared from the hallway, glasses on the tip of his nose and fingers dry from flipping pages in a book.
Donghae looked up from where he was splayed across one of the mattress with Shindong’s face smashed into the carpet underneath him. Hyukjae and Sungmin both wore “o’s” of surprise as Sungmin released the death grip he had on Hyuk’s hair. Ryeowook blinked at Siwon. Kyuhyun…. Kyuhyun was probably dead by now, but at hearing the commotion around him stop, he quickly sat upright and knocked Ryeowook down beside him.
He gasped for air as he reached for his throat and shot laser beams into the back of Ryeowook’s head.
“I’M TRYING TO STUDY AND ALL I HEAR IS AHHHHHHHHHH! AND HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! CAN’T YOU GUYS SHUT UP FOR ONE NIGHT?” Siwon’s nostrils flared and his hands flew around his sides as he talked. Everyone looked at him like he was the crazy one. No one said anything. Siwon threw his hands up in frustration and stalked back down the hall. Donghae grabbed the nearest pillow and hit Siwon square in the back of the head.
Siwon turned on his heel and something flashed in his eyes. He grabbed the pillow and stalked back into the living room.
“Who threw it?” Siwon demanded in a strained voice.
Donghae blinked at him and Sungmin giggled.
“Did you throw it?” Siwon asked as he loomed over Sungmin.
Sungmin puffed out his cheeks and pouted as he shook his head.
As Siwon prosecuted Sungmin, Donghae and Hyukjae looked at each other and winked. They quickly grabbed the nearest mattress and rammed it into Siwon’s behind.
Siwon yelled as he toppled over onto Sungmin, who started screeching like a girl in Siwon’s ear.
“Get off of ME!” Sungmin squealed as he felt like suffocating.
“I can’t get off until you let me go!” Siwon yelled as tried to loosen Sungmin’s grip on his arm and face.
The mattress/pillow fight had begun again as Shindong hit Ryeowook in the stomach with a cushion. Ryeowook flew back onto the couch with the wind knocked out of him. Donghae had steadied himself on the armrest of the couch as he looked for his next victim. Hyukjae had jumped into Kyuhyun’s arms and wrapped his legs around the taller boy. Kyuhyun tried to free himself as he swung them around in a circle yelling, “Let go!”
Donghae jumped onto Shindong’s back screaming “Dog Pile!” as him and Shindong fell onto the mattress Siwon and Sungmin had almost successfully gotten off of them. All four of them collapsed to the ground in a big pile. Fists were thrown, feet kicked, and pillows rammed into each other’s faces as everyone squirmed to recover. Kyuhyun was now running around the room trying to free himself from Hyukjae, but in his haste he ran into Ryeowook and knocked the wind out of the little one again. Shindong had fallen over in a fit of giggles. Siwon was yelling the loudest as he kept protesting that he needed to study, but that didn’t seem to stop him as he grabbed a pillow and roughly shoved it in Donghae’s face. “That’s for always drinking my cola!” Siwon screeched as Donghae’s hands flung around crazily. Sungmin had taken this time to find one of the mattresses, but he soon realized he couldn’t lift the gigantic pillow so he settled for straddling Siwon’s back as Siwon was looming over Donghae. Siwon jerked up as if he had been kicked. He started bucking around trying to get the pink boy off of him.
No one noticed Kibum entering the living room. He spotted the ice cream containers and plopped himself down on the couch.
He was on the phone, but one had to wonder how he could hear anything as the other boys’ screams and laughs grew extremely loud.
“No Hyung, everything is fine.”
Kibum declared as he spooned some ice cream into his mouth.
“That noise? It’s just the TV. Siwon finished studying early and he made us all watch The Bodyguard.”
“Ok, I’ll tell them. Mhm. Right. Donghae needs his night light on. Kyuhyun needs to be in bed by 10. Got it.”
“I know. No pigging out on ice cream and junk.” Kibum swallowed another spoonful of ice cream.
“Ok Eeteuk Hyung I got to go it’s the good part.” Kibum watched as Kyuhyun rammed Hyukjae into a wall.
“Love you too Hyung. Bye.”
Kibum hung up the phone and searched for the remote. He turned on the TV and ate his ice cream as the others twirled, jumped, ran and smacked each other around. Kibum could only hope that they would grow tired soon.
“Why do I always volunteer to baby-sit?” Kibum asked out loud as Donghae and Sungmin stood right in front of the TV and began battering each other with cushions. A stray cushion had somehow flung across the room and hit Kibum right in the face. His ice cream fell and landed in his lap.
His face grew angry as everyone in the room stopped. Kibum looked down to his soiled pants and back up to his friends.
His fists clenched and re-clenched themselves as he tried to remain calm. He decided the best thing to do was to leave, so he stalked out of the living room without saying a word.
Shindong looked to others and started cleaning up. Looks like the fun was over for tonight. But just as Sungmin had started to put the cushions back on the couch, he spotted Kibum out of the corner of his eye.
Kibum had jetted back into the living room with his own mattress at hand, ice cream dripping down his pants, and the biggest smile on his face.
Kibum quickly swung out his mattress and whammed an unsuspecting Donghae and Hyukjae down to the ground.
Soon enough the pillow fight had begun again in all its wrath.

----The next morning----

“I’m sorry to have bothered with you with this, but this is the fifth complaint I’ve had about your apartment. The other attendants complain of loud noises and rough housing. Now I cant have a bunch of banshees ruining my apartment complex. I know its not your fault, but please try to keep whoever you’ve got in there under control!” The little old lady’s voice cracked as she spoke up to Eeteuk and Kangin.
“I’m so sorry.” Eeteuk began.
“We thought they would be fine.” Kangin started.
“Just don’t let it happen again! You guys are too cute to kick out!” The landlord declared as she reached up to pinch Eeteuk’s cheek.
“My little angel without wings!” She declared as she patted Eeteuk’s blushing cheek.
“We will try our best Mrs. Kim” Eeteuk assured her.
As the other hyungs filed into the apartment they found a sight for sore eyes.
Eeteuk placed his manly purse on the floor and walked into the living room. Everything was clean, not a spot to be found. The cushions were neatly tucked into the couch, the shelves even looked like they had been dusted.
Yesung and Hankyung made their way into the kitchen to start making breakfast and coffee.
“Don’t wake me until 12!” Heechul declared as he swept his way to his room.
The older hyungs had decided to spend the night out on the town doing…. what older Hyungs do. Only Heechul would tell the little ones where they would go, but no one really ever believed him because somehow no matter what night Heechul always claimed that at least 20 girls would flock to him and beg to dance.
“I guess everyone’s still sleeping” Eeteuk judged by the lack of noise.
Kangin followed him down the hallway as they peeked into Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s bedroom.
Kyuhyun had his blanket wrapped around his legs and his bare chest was rising and falling with his breath. Ryeowook was balled up under his covers with only his tiny nose and cheeks showing. Eeteuk tiptoed into the room and pulled the covers up over Kyuhyun and patted Ryeowook on the head.
“Next room.” Eeteuk mouthed to Kangin who stood in the doorway.

Kibum and Siwon were both sound asleep in their beds. Eeteuk tiptoed over to Siwon’s desk and looked through his notes.
“I hope he studied.”
But as Eeteuk turned to leave he stumbled over Kibum’s dirty clothes. He looked down to see them stained and sticky with what looked like white icing. He quickly kicked them off of his feet and frowned to Kangin.
“I don’t even want to know.”
“Me either.” Kangin shook his head.

In Donghae and Hyukjae’s room Eeteuk and Kangin found Sungmin and Shindong as well.
They had pushed their two beds together and all four of them were sleeping in a heap. Hyukjae had his butt sticking up in the air and his arm hanging off of the bed. Donghae was kind of turned sideways in the bed with his feet over Sungmin’s stomach and his head resting on Shindong’s chest. Sungmin was curled up against Hyukjae and Shindong was snoring slightly. Covers were tossed and twisted around them. Eeteuk turned off the night light, now that the rising sun was peeking through the window blinds. He gently pushed Hyukjae down so he lay on his side. Hyukjae’s shirt was twisted up and Eeteuk noticed a gigantic bruise on his back.
“Look at that bruise Kangin” Eeteuk whispered as he pointed to the bruise.
Eeteuk lowered his voice as Sungmin blinked his eyes but fell back asleep.
“He probably just fell dancing or something.” Kangin offered. “C’mon lets go eat breakfast.”
But Eeteuk wasn’t satisfied. He inspected his other ‘babies’.
He reached over and lifted up Sungmin’s shirt. The boy’s belly was fine except for a deep purple bruise on his ribs.
“Look! I bet Kibum abused them!”
“Stop overreacting. They’re just kids, they always get bruises.” Kangin argued as he peered over.
“Look Donghae has some too!” Eeteuk squealed as he found a bruise on Donghae’s arm.
“Look Teukkie! You’re waking them up. Just ask them about it later!” Kangin ordered as he noticed Shindong rub his nose and begin snoring again. He pulled the SuJu Umma by the hand and out of the room.
Eeteuk could be heard all the way down the hall bickering with Kangin as they made their way to the kitchen.
"...I bet Kibummie tied them up and threw them in the closet! You watch Kangin! Kangin? Are you listening to me?..."
The remaining boys slept peacefully, unaware of their Umma's accusations, as Donghae switched positions in his sleep and Shindong continued to snore.
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