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Prompt Requests

hey everyone, it's me again, and i need help. now, normally i'm not one to ask for help, but i find myself in a rut;_; so i need prompts for a few random pairings, and suggestions for pairings. please help;_;

i'm sorry to trouble anyone, but as i was picking pairings out of my box, these pairings came up:

for meeselovetuna: "No no, you see, you do the Scandal thrust like this."
for ryou_no_baka: "You really remind me of someone, Hyukjae!"


heechul/yehsung for catnip1613: glasses battle


minwoo/ryeowook for rainbowromance8: dance lessions

ryeowook/changmin for meeselovetuna: "Wow you're tall. Really tall. I didn't know you were that tall."

sungmin/jaejoong for shienri: No, no. You don't bake cookies like that. You bake them like this.

hyesung/kyuhyun for ryou_no_baka: Angelic voices. "You sure enough have an extraordinary voice for someone your age!"

kangta/youngsaeng for equivalent_love: Kangta and Youngsaeng have a secret thing they like to do during the cold winter nights.

i don't know what to do with these;_; i need help. also, i need pairing suggestions, too. these are the groups/singers i used:

super junior, tvxq, shinhwa, ss501, w-inds., group s, se7en, kim jongkook, haha, fly to the sky, kim jongmin, and lee seungki. i would name the pairings i already have (up to 40), but that would make this post too long. and please note that i do drabble-ish writing, so my stories are only but so long. if you do give me a pairing, please come with a prompt. and if it's a pairing i already did, i'll give you a cookie and write another version of the same pairing. and please no otps. i'm all for thinking outside the box, plus with all this material, get creative. also, rating is not a problem for me. i'll do anything. and please do not get discouraged if someone took your pairing or prompt. i'm in a writing mood and will do everything i can while i'm in this mood.

minna-san, i need your help. i'm in dire straits here. i've hit a rut. send me you love, pairings, and prompt to help me reach 50 and beyond^^

domo arigatou gozaimasu minna-sama^^ with your help i managed to get more pairingss with good prompts. expect this massive collection of drabbles on my b-day (7/16) with your name on your pairings^^


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