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mod post: new rules

Hey, everyone! First, I wanted to say thank you for all of your comments to this post. The feedback was immensely helpful and we've finally decided on the change to rules.

First, we've decided to set a limit on how many posts can be made per day. We hope this will help clear up the problem of congestion on members' friendslists. From now on, please restrict yourselves to one post a day, up to three fics to a post. If anyone needs a tutorial on multiple lj-cuts, here it is.

Second, there seems to be a general consensus that having to friend someone or join a comm just for the sake of a fic is just plain troublesome. Someone brought up a very good point that if you're sharing with a community, all works posted should be immediately accessible to all community members upon posting. That being said, if a post links out of the community, the entry linked to must be unlocked for at least seventy two hours after your post goes up on the community. After that, the entry may be locked. Of course if anyone really wants their entry locked at the comm, that's perfectly acceptable.

Third, to solve the problem of having friendslists spammed, no one should be required to friend a fic journal, so if the entry is locked the policy ought to be "comment to be friended" and not "friend me and I'll friend you back." This way, fic journal entries won't show up on readers' friendslists unless they want them to, but at the same time they'll still have access to the fics they comment for. As for communities, to join is not necessarily to watch.

That's all. Any further comments? Questions? Please let us hear what you've got to say! Thank you!

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