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my first time posting here!

my first fanfic. i don't really understand all the tags and everything yet, so i apologize if this is not categorized correctly. i appreciate all comments, and would love to have you all as friends on here (i am new to livejournal)!

title: sungmin hates going to the doctor
author: haengbokhae
rating: G
genre: fluff

sungmin hates going to the doctor.

he had been sick in bed with a runny nose, cough and fever for three days, and their managers had finally decided to make him go get a check up. they also decided, as band umma, that eeteuk should be the one to take him.

the second he heard the word doctor come out of eeteuk's mouth, sungmin hid in bed, buried under blankets and pillows and a pile of stuffed animals.

"come on, sungmin, manager-hyung is waiting in the car, let's go," eeteuk said as he attempted to wrestle sungmin's blankets away from him.

"no! i'm fine! i'll get better!"

"you're really sick and you need medicine to get better, and you can't get medicine without going to the doctor." sungmin was putting up a good fight, with being sick and all, and eeteuk was getting worn out trying to get sungmin out of bed by himself.

"no! i'm not going! you can't make me!"

"yes i can! kangin! help me!"

"no! please! don't make me go!"

sungmin continued to fight with his hyung until kangin came in and pinned him down while eeteuk excavated the mountain of blankets and pillows and bunnies and bears and every other pink creature known to mankind. once everything was out of reach, they easily pulled sungmin up onto his feet. just like a small child, he immediately dropped to the floor, crying so pitifully that eeteuk thought he was faking it until he saw tears actually pouring down his face.

for a split second, eeteuk took in the whole situation, and had to stifle a laugh. sungmin was on the floor, messy haired, puffy eyed, in pajamas, nose red from days of tissue abuse, a pitiful look of utter defeat on his tearful face. he looked even more childlike and adorable than usual. "sungmin, don't cry! it's not that bad! we just want you to get better!"

"are you coming with me hyung?" sungmin sniffled and looked sheepishly up at eeteuk with huge, sad eyes.

"yes, of course! you can't go alone!"

"o.k. fine then, but i'm bringing bunny too!" sungmin whined as he grabbed his favorite pink bunny and stomped out of the room, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

kangin smirked at eeteuk. "good luck if he needs a shot.. i'm sure you can handle it on your own.." he yelled as he ran off down the hall.

"shots?!? nobody said anything about shots!!!" sungmin dissolved into tears again, clutching his bunny for dear life.

eeteuk sighed. "this could get interesting.." he thought to himself as he put his arm around a very distraught sungmin, leading him out to the car.

Tags: subject: sungmin

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