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Title:  Bunnie Picnic
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Genre: Fluffy
Pairing: Hankyung/Sungmin
Disclaimer: don't own them
Summary-  Sungmin and his bunnies want to have a picnic

"Hannie, my bunnies want to have a picnic" whined Sungmin

"What would you like me to do about that. I guess I could make you some food for your bunnies picnic" asked Hankyung

"Really you will cook some food for my picnic" said Sungmin

"Anything for you Sungmin" asked Hankyung

"But Hannie there is one thing" asked Sungmin

" What else can I do for you Sungmin" asked Hankyung

" It will not be a good picnic with only three people. So will joined me for a picnic with my bunnies. It would be a wonderful picnic if there was four people" said Sungmin

"Sure Sungmin I will joined you for a picnic. But I am going to make some things for our picnic" answered Hankyung.

" Okay I am going to make my bunnies looked pretty for the picnic" said Sungmin, then he went into his room.

While Hankyung went into the kitchen, he was trying to decided what to make . What should I make so that Sungmin will be happy thought Hankyung. I know what I should make, I will make Sungmin sugar cookie like bunnies. He will love that though Hankyung as he started to make the cookies. But then Hankyung got a good idea, so he started to plan something.

Meanwhile in Sungmin"s room, Sungmin was plotting on how to make Hannie fall in love with him. Why cannot he not see that I love him thought Sungmin. There must be some way to make him see that it is I that he should be with. Then Sungmin turned to his two favorite bunnies and he hoped that they would help him.

"Why Mr. Snuggle and Mrs. Lily, why oh why can Hannie not see that I am truly madly deeply in love him. This whole thing is driving me crazy, especially when all i want to do is taste him. He just looked so very yummy and his lips looked so kiss-able" said Sungmin as he gets ready for the picnic.

"Sungmin, I am ready for our picnic" yell Hankyung

"Just one second Hannie" yell Sungmin as he rushed to the mirror to make that he was looking perfect for Hannie.

"I will make you my Hannie" said Sungmin as he grabbed his bunnies and ran to meet Hankyung.

Hankyung was waiting by the front door with a huge basket in hand. Oh my does he looked yummy thought Sungmin as he walked toward Hankyung.

"Hey Hannie, I cannot wait for our picnic together." said Sungmin

"Where do you want to go to" asked Hankyung

"To the park nears the zoo" said Sungmin

" We can go where ever it will make you happy" answered Hankyung

" Okay let go, please pretty please Hannie" said Sungmin as he grabbed Hankyung's hand to pull him out the door.

For the next 15 minutes while Hankyung and Sungmin walked to the park it was quiet. There was not one word say, just silent among the two boys. But Sungmin did not remember the last time he felt so very happy. Everything was perfect to him, he was with Hankyung and made it perfect. Sungmin was sure that life could not get any better at the moment. When they finally reach the park that was next to the zoo. Hankyung told Sungmin to find some flowers for the picnic whiles he set everything up.

Sungmin wondered of to find the perfect flowers for Hankyung. But while he was looking around the park, he could not find a single pink flower. Where are the pink flowers because I want to tell Hannie that I love him. So I am needing pink flowers so I can tell him I want to be his boyfriend though Sungmin. But all he could find was some beautiful sunflower, so he grabbed a handful of them. He just did not want to be away from Hannie a minute longer. So he rushed back to the area where they were having the picnic. When he got back Sungmin was in shocked, he could not believed the scene before him. There was pretty pale pink blanket that have the two darker pink hearts in the middle. There were also pink petals on the blanket and on the blanket was all his favorites food and somehow everything was pink.

" Why Hannie is everything perfect" asked Sungmin

" Because you are perfect and I want it to be perfect when I tell you something" said Hankyung

"What do you want to tell me" asked Sungmin

" I like you, I am sorry but I am needing to tell you. Also here I got something for you" said Hankyung as he handed a pink box to Sungmin.

Sungmin quickly opened the gift box and inside there was the soft pale pink bunny. But around the bunny neck was a beautiful silver bracelet that has a diamond shape heart in the middle of it. Yes of course the diamond was pink.

" Why Hannie why do you like me when you can have anyone" asked Sungmin

" Sungmin there is only one that I want. The one that I want is beautiful pink bunny boy named Sungmin" answered Hankyung

" Can I kiss you then" asked Sungmin

"You mean that you like me back" asked Hankyung

" No I love you back but I want a kiss now" said Sungmin

" Well I will do everything to make you happy" said Hankyung as he leans in to kiss Sungmin

"Finally you have no idea how long I want you to do that" said Sungmin as he leaned to kiss Hankyung back.

" Will now you can kiss me whenever you want to " said Hankyung

" Hey Hannie can we have another bunnies picnic" asked Sungmin

" Whatever make you happy" answered Hankyung as he continued to kiss Sungmin.

the end

sorry for the spelling and grammar errors.

Tags: pairing: hangeng/sungmin

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