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So, I got this idea from chuchama of picking random words from the dictionary as writing prompts, except that I used a random word generator. These are the first three drabble things that I've written so far. Each one is really short, less than 300 words and written pretty quickly, but they were fun to write and I hope you guys like them!

Word: Listening
Title: Chance
Author: Sheepy
Pairing: KiHae

“You’re not listening to me!” Donghae complains as Kibum stares out the window, into the dark.

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not!” Donghae crosses the room and leans in so that his lips brush Kibum’s ear, so that he is pressed against Kibum’s back. “I said, I love you.”

“I heard you Donghae.”

“So say something! Even if you’re rejecting me, at least say so!” Donghae backs away, starring expectantly at the back of Kibum’s head. Kibum sighs heavily and runs his fingers through dark locks, tugging on the ends in frustration.

“I’m not…” Kibum says haltingly “rejecting you Donghae, I just… I don’t know yet.” Kibum turns around and leans back against the window sill, heels of his hands supporting his weight and Donghae advances until his hands rest on the sill beside Kibum’s, until he can feel the tension radiating from the younger man. Donghae presses his lips to Kibum’s, gently, and revels in the way Kibum’s eyes flutter closed as he kisses back, slowly, uncertainly. Donghae slips his tongue into Kibum’s mouth and tastes the little individually-wrapped peppermint candies that Kibum eats all the time. Kibum leans into Donghae and away from the window sill and Donghae threads fingers into Kibum’s hair and Kibum relaxes, just a little, his hands coming to rest on Donghae’s waist. When they finally break apart, as slowly and gently as they came together, Donghae leans his forehead against Kibum’s.

“All I’m asking for,” Donghae pleads into the quiet “is a chance.” Kibum’s hands tighten a little on Donghae’s waist and his voice is a barely audible, breathy whisper.


Word: Expression
Title: Don't
Author: Sheepy
Pairing: KangTeuk

“You are afraid of thunderstorms?” Kangin glares mildly at Eeteuk, who is staring incredulously at him from the doorway of his bedroom.

“I do not particularly care for thunderstorms, no.” Kangin cannot help his flinch at the next crack of thunder that shakes the apartment. Eeteuk shakes his head and securely locks the door behind him, crosses the room to sit gingerly on the side of the bed. Kangin remains curled up in the far corner of it, knees pressed to his chest, arms encircling his legs as he picks at a loose thread on the hem of his pajama pants.


“I just don’t.”


“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like … I don’t know, the way you’re looking at me.”

“That’s helpful.”

“Like you feel sorry for me and like you want to hug me and make it better and… Don’t grin at me like that either.”

“Like what?!”

“Like you find my discomfort funny.”

“Do you want me to leave then?”

“No.” Eeteuk heaves an exasperated sigh.

“Then what do you want me to do Kangin?” Kangin offers up an embarrassed half-smile.

“… hug me and make it better?” Eeteuk rolls his eyes. “Don’t-”

“Okay, okay, I will stop making distressing facial expressions.” Eeteuk lifts up the covers and slips underneath them. Kangin follows, placing a quick kiss on Eeteuk’s lips before snuggling down against him, pressing an ear to Eeteuk’s chest, letting his heartbeat drown out the storm. He looks up at Eeteuk, who is gingerly pressing fingertips to his lips, and grins.

“Don’t look so surprised.”

Word: Violation
Title: Bubble
Author: Sheepy
Pairing: YeHyuk

“You,” Hyukjae states decisively as Yesung slides arms around his waist, locks tiny fingers together over his stomach, rests his chin in the dip of his shoulder, “are in my bubble.”

“Your what?”

“My bubble. You know, my personal space.”


“Is the term ‘personal space’ even in your vocabulary?”

“No.” Yesung assures Hyukjae with a cheeky grin pressed to the side of his neck and Hyukjae fidgets as he watches their reflection in the mirror. Yesung is only half-dressed because a zipper broke on his costume top. Good thing it was just dress rehearsal. Yesung unlocks his fingers and begins to trace little patterns on Hyukjae’s stomach and Hyukjae’s heart jumps into his throat when Yesung meets his eyes in the mirror, smirks, and nips gently at Hyukjae’s earlobe. Hyukjae jumps in surprise and suddenly, Yesung is gone, laughter ringing down the hallway, and Hyukjae feels strangely cold. Ten minutes later, when Ryeowook comes in to use the mirror next to him, Hyukjae is still standing there, staring blankly into the mirror.

“I feel… vaguely violated.” Hyukjae informs Ryeowook and Ryeowook glances at him, looks back in the mirror to fix his already-perfect hair.

“Yesung?” Ryeowook asks and Hyukjae blinks at him. Ryeowook shrugs. “Yeah, he's like that.”

Enjoy reading y'all! Comments = Lurve
Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum, pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: yesung/eunhyuk

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