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Title: Untitled for now
Pairing(s): KangTuek, TuekMin
Summary: Kangins the leader of Seouls most feared gang. Eetueks his boyfriend who's tired of being ignored so he persuades Kangin to get him a new pet...
A/N: There's a bit of KyuMin in this chapter =] 

Chapter one


“I thought we were going out today” pouted the young man as he sat down next to his fiancé.

“We will” smiled the elder boy, wrapping his arms around his lover “But is it too much to ask to spend such a beautiful morning with an even more beautiful person?”

The smaller of the two just smiled and snuggled closer to his lover. The two boys were interrupted by a loud and persistent knock on the door.

“Cho Kyuhyun! I know your in there!” an angry voice shouted from the other side of the door “You better have my money or else your going to get it!”

It can’t be the 14th of August already!
Kyuhyun started to panic

“Kyu? What’s going on?” Kyuhyun looked to his lover and pulled him to his feet.

“I can’t explain right now Min but you need to hide” He pushed the pink clad boy t the nearest closet. He should be safe in here

“Kyu what are you doing?” asked Sungmin as he was pushed into the closet.

“Min I need you to hide in here and be quiet ok” Kyuhyun whispered


“Just please do as I say, I don’t want them to hurt you” Kyuhyun was desperate to get Sungmin to listen, He knew Kangin had a nasty streak and would use anything to hurt his “clients” both physically and emotionally. He gave his lover a pleading look.

“Ok” Sungmin had never seen Kyuhyun look so scared. Kyuhyun pulled him onto one last hug and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before shutting the door.

The knocking on the door was getting more violent. Kyuhyun quickly opened the door to find a very angry looking Kangin. Kangin looked up and pushed past Kyuhyun and sat down on the couch.

“Kangin I wasn’t expecting you” Kyuhyun tried his best to stay calm, he knew showing any signs of weakness would be a critical mistake.

“Two months ago I lent you a large amount of money” Kangin looked thoughtful “ I gave you exactly two months to get the money back. And now two months later here I am… now where’s my money?”

“I-I don’t have it” Kyuhyun stuttered

“Why not?” Kangins expression had gotten darker

“I-I just need another month! Just give me one more month and I can pay you back I promise!”

“Why should I give you more time? No one else has had the privilege of getting more time, what makes you so special?”

“Please I just got engaged!” Kyuhyun knew Kangin was losing his patience

“Oh and that makes everything better does it?” Kangin looked up at his men “You three search the house for any valuables and you three…beat him”

All six men nodded and did what they were ordered. Kyuhyun could only pray they wouldn’t look in the closet where he hid Sungmin.

Suddenly he felt a fist connecting with his stomach. He instantly fell to his knees, clutching his stomach and trying to get his breath back. He was aware of the three men standing over him but could do nothing to stop the blows that came one after the other.

The other three men had disappeared upstairs on the hunt for anything that would pay off his debt. By the time they returned downstairs Kyuhyun had was on the edge of passing out.

Kangin looked at the jewels and other valuables. He looked at the men beating him up and signalled for them to stop, they complied instantly. He threw a few pieces of jewellery at Kyuhyun.

“I only take what I’m owed” Kangin started walking off.

“What do you ant us to do with him?” asked one of his less favourable minions.

“leave him” Kangin replied without looking back

Kyuhyun was left on the floor, covered in his own blood. None of the men showed any signs of acknowledgement towards the boy bleeding on the floor. Kyuhyun sighed as he saw them start to leave, he was relieved that none of them had found Sungmin.

One of the men walking past heard a quiet shuffling sound coming from the closet. Stopping just outside the door he put his ear to it, listening intently. Kyuhyun instantly froze as he saw the man stop outside the closet door.

The man opened the closet door. Sungmin had heard someone approaching the closet and backed up as far back as he could. The man noticed something moving and grabbed at it. Sungmin was roughly pulled out of the closet.

“Hey Boss it looks we have company” Kangin finally stopped walking an turned around. He walked back up to Sungmin and roughly grabbed his chin. He seemed to be studying Sungmin. He let go of the younger boys chin.

“Put him with the others.” Sungmin was pulled towards the door.

“Sungmin!” Kyuhyun had tried getting up but the pain was too much and he fell back down.

“Kyuhyun!” Sungmin was shocked to see his fiancé on the floor covered in blood. He tried to escape the mans grip but another one of Kangins men had grabbed him, preventing him from getting away. Sungmin still struggled, tears rushing down his cheeks.

Kyuhyun felt so pathetic as he watch the only man he ever loved being dragged away, he knew he could do nothing to help, he was too weak. Too frightened.

“Sungmin!” he shouted one last time hoping that by some miracle he would be able to escape. He heard the slamming of the car door and listened as it drove off.

“I love you” he whispered as tears fell from his eyes. He slowly fell unconscious, the vision of Sungmin being dragged away slowly fading away as black clouds dominated his vision.

*puts on bullet proof vest* okay so theres the next chapter! Sorry about the Kyu abuse but what do  you expect when he owes the mob boss money?

anyways I'm off to work on my other fic =]

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: eeteuk/sungmin
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