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Fic: Untamed Passion 01

Title: Untamed Passion 
Author: frozen flame
Rating: NC17
Genre: Yaoi, MPreg (i forgot to specify this on my first post), Graphic Sex
Pairing: ShiChul and others
Summary: Heechul did something to hurt Shiwon...
Author’s Note: Uhmm... please dont put high standards of me... waaah.... i'm scared now... >.< i'm really not good... but writing is a really big thing for me.... thanks for reading though... and your comments are always loved!

Another Note: the next chapters would be locked... because... haha! the sexual parts will start from there... sooo... please add me as a friend... and please leave a message for me to know that you added me... okay? thanks!

(Untamed Passion 01)
Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon
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