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Sense & Nonsense

Title: Sense & Nonsense
Author: HyukNice
Rating: G?
Pairing: anyone/Heechul
Status: One-shot
Summary: I fall in love with someone who isn’t for me and never will 


Sense…what is it?, what does that mean?, why is everything rated like sense and nonsense?, honestly that is totally nonsense…maybe is not logic to you, but for me is a logical logic…why am I saying this?, well first let me ask you a few questions, what do you think of love? Is it logic? Does love have any sense?, why?,


Why not?...Me?, well, love to me is everything, to be capable of love someone is my reason to be in this world, I don’t think love have any logic and yes it’s the thing with more sense among all, because if you can’t feel love, what is what you can feel?


This doesn’t mean you have to be in love with someone, you can love your mother or father, you can love your friends, even you can love at your enemies…but yet I also think that love is nonsense at all…ok may be that has nonsense…but really, love is something wonderful in every way, love makes you happy and make other happy as well, of course sometimes it could be a little sad, but that’s something you can’t avoid and to me that has so much sense.


I mean, to all action there’s a reaction isn’t? well, may be you fall in love with someone that love you in return and that makes you happy, that’s the action, but other person is also in love with him (her) and that make her (him) sad, that’s the reaction but you can’t do anything to change that…can you?


Of course not, love is love and nothing can change that…well, moving to the sense and nonsense part again, really, sometimes sense is the meaningless thing of all, I said love is the thing with more sense right, but that doesn’t imply sense is always good, for many reasons is not always the best, but it is always the best, you know what I mean?


Sense is nonsense and nonsense is…nonsense…I can’t explain it very well do I?...for example, someone who loves you, who really loves you and care about you and swear to be always there to you can tell you how much he (she) loves you, but you can be in love with someone who doesn’t care about you, someone who make you cry or is mean with you and that is nonsense, why if you have someone who loves you, you choose to suffer with someone who doesn’t love you?


But like I said love is love, you can’t choose who you love even when you know the best thing for you is the other person, well, that happen to me…I fall in love with someone who isn’t for me and never will but even when I know that, I can’t stop loving him…because he is all to me, he is the only person I can think in…but Im hurting other person who I love…only as a friend…I tried to love him once, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t love Sungmin like he deserves…I mentioned something about you can’t choose who you love right?


Well, that’s true, but you can choose how much you love that person, because it’s not good to love someone until your heart aches, but you can’t love that person for not to care about it, it has to be something between those things…If I have to be honest I still can’t find the balance, my heart ache always since I fall in love with Heechul, I now he isn’t a bad person, but he couldn’t love someone if it’s not him…that’s him and I love him for be him, but I hate him for be like he is…and that’s why I started to talk about sense and nonsense, because my love has sense but sense is always nonsense…like love, like life, like me…






A/N- Does that have any sense to you? (it’s three in the morning and I haven’t sleep so be kind to me, and please forgive my writing I know it suck but Im really tired…) anyway hope you like it, and a good bad or worst comment is always welcome…thanks

Tags: pairing: heechul/unspecified

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