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Of Awesome Drunkeness

Title: Of Awesome Drunkeness
Pairing: Yunho/Donghae, because they look so cute together =D
Rating: PG-13

I'm sorry if Donghae is horribly, horribly out of character! This is my first fic involving SuJu and ummm yeah =D

The apartment is bright and noisy and Yunho winces as the front door crashes open yet again and several boys spill into the apartment, their limbs in a tangle, tripping over their own feet and stumbling awkwardly, laughing and cursing. Heechul’s hands are full and Yunho frowns slightly as Heechul troops past him into the living room to deposit bottle after bottle of liquor on the coffee table; at Yunho’s look Heechul merely smirks and tips him a wink before he’s off, shouting for Siwon to come and help him with the cases still in the car, and Yunho shakes his head in defeat. It looks like Heechul is positively determined to get everyone roaring drunk. Yunho reaches up to finger a streamer that’s come loose and sighs inwardly at all the cleaning up they’ll have to do after tonight. Sungmin and Ryeowook had cheerfully volunteered to take charge of decorations, and Yunho’s not so sure now it was a good idea to let them, because he’s quite sure even carnival funhouses aren’t decked out quite like this. And all the pink. He shudders slightly. Still, he has to admit the balloons are a nice touch. Already he can hear Jaejoong singing in his infamous helium voice and a roar of appreciative laughter serves as accompaniment. Finally the last boy troops in and the front door crashes shut for the last time. Yunho turns to see and is greeted by an all too familiar grin, and he laughs as he steps forward to pull Donghae into a hug, then steps back to hold him at arm’s length.

“You grew your hair out!”

“Ya, stop behaving as if you didn’t just see me last week.” Donghae smiles to take the sting from his words.

“Come on, let’s go”, Yunho slings an arm companionably around the shorter boy’s shoulders as a shriek sounds from the closest room. “I think Junsu’s in trouble.”

Donghae laughs and laughs as they advance on the room, prepared to rescue Junsu from whatever ghastly fate he’s currently experiencing, and Yunho nearly gasps at the way his heart squeezes, almost painfully, to think that by tomorrow they’ll be back, back to their endless schedules and filled days, and it’ll be days and days before he’ll see Donghae again, or hear his laughter ringing in his ears, except for on TV.


He meets Lee Donghae for the first time when they are both young and gangly, both newly inducted into the SM family.

Awkward introductions are made, hands are clasped and shaken warily. They are told that they’ll be training together from now on, them and a whole other group of boys, including Heechul, and Yunho is secretly relieved he won’t have to deal with all these strangers on his own.

Heechul is the one who first approaches Donghae, one day after a particularly grueling practice, and asks, no, demands for change for the vending machine. What Kim Heechul wants, Kim Heechul gets. Yunho pulls on Heechul’s elbow warily; if Donghae decides to take offense at Heechul’s tone it won’t be the first time he’s had to step in before a fight breaks out. Not that Heechul would ever back down, of course. To his surprise, the other boy, slumped on the floor, merely raises his head wearily and digs about in his jeans pocket, finally coming up with a handful of change which he deposits in Heechul’s outstretched palm.

“Is this enough?”

Heechul is slightly taken aback at the ease with which he’s extorted money from the other boy. “Ya, I’ll return this later.”

Donghae merely nods and waves him off. When Heechul returns with drinks –one for him, and one for Yunho- Donghae doesn’t even bother to ask for the remaining change, or why he doesn’t get one. Yunho smacks Heechul pointedly on the arm –earning an enraged “YA! What was that for!” from him- and reaches over to press his drink into Donghae’s hand.

Donghae looks up, smile grateful and oddly compelling. “Thanks.”

“I’m Yunho”, Yunho finds himself saying.

Donghae smiles again. “I know.”


Junsu is screaming bloody murder as Hyukjae and Kangin both pin him down and attempt to put sparkly pink lip gloss on him. He struggles and writhes ineffectually as his screeches go higher and higher in pitch, and Yunho slips free of Donghae’s hold about his waist and manages to rescue Junsu, if only to save his poor eardrums from further damage. Kangin gives a shout of protest even as Hyukjae chimes in with an “Awww Yunho you’re no fun.” Donghae quickly steps in to provide a distraction, gracing Yunho with a small smile as he enters the fray, pouncing on Hyukjae and tickling him to death, and Yunho seizes the opening provided by Donghae’s diversion, and ushers a shaking Junsu out of the room, reminding himself to thank Donghae later.


It is easy to be friends with Donghae. It’s particularly nice to have another sane human being around when Heechul is throwing another one of his tantrums about not getting his own way, and now, especially when Heechul’s rantings seem to bounce right off Donghae’s skin. It’s almost as if Donghae is caught in a world all his own sometimes and from the dreamy, contented look that enters his eyes then, Yunho isn’t sure if it’s not a good place to be, and sometimes almost wishes he could see it, too.

Donghae talks about anything and everything under the sun. He skips from topic to topic, and his musings are like sunlight on water, bright and sharp and lovely. He talks about aliens, mouth drawn down in utter seriousness, and Yunho wants to laugh, but knows it would hurt his feelings, and doesn’t, but instead listens quietly and nods gravely in reply.

The first time he hears Donghae playing the guitar, and singing along softly, Yunho is struck by how delicate and nimble Donghae’s hands are, and he watches the way Donghae’s hair falls into his eyes, watches his chest rise and fall as he takes a breath, then sings it out of his lungs, and Yunho closes his eyes and thinks he could listen to Donghae forever. He opens them again when the music stops, to see Donghae looking over at him, and he waves a hand at Donghae to say, go on, and Donghae does.


The night is barely half over and they are all in varying degrees of intoxication.

Some, like Changmin –who has absolutely no head for alcohol, Yunho thinks, amused- are sprawled out somewhere –couch, floor, or bed- in a stupor, dead to the world. Others like Heechul, Kangin, Eeteuk, Shindong and Yoochun are busy being loudly and obnoxiously drunk, singing along to Show Me Your Love at the top of their lungs. Yunho winces when Heechul goes painfully off-key for the millionth time, and Yoochun lets out an undignified squawk of laughter. Junsu is busy exacting revenge on a passed-out Hyukjae –Yunho laughs at the crude drawings Junsu has plastered all over Hyukjae’s exposed flesh- and Sungmin and Ryeowook are happily inhaling near-lethal doses of helium, giggling like schoolboys. Kyuhyun and Yehsung are still going at it, downing shot after shot, and Jaejoong, Jaejoong is probably off somewhere with Kibum. Probably in a closet, he thinks wryly. He is distracted, however, when Donghae staggers drunkenly by and then falls squarely into his lap.

“Yunho-ah”, he giggles into Yunho’s shoulder, his words slurred. “Yunho-ah… or should I call you Yunnie?”

Yunho sighs and shakes his head, trying to clear it of the perpetual fog intent on hindering his thought processes. “You’re drunk, Donghae-ah.”

Donghae giggles again. “Yes, I am. But so are you, Yunho-ah.”

“No I’m not”, Yunho gently tries to disengage Donghae. “Let’s get you to bed. No sense sleeping on the floor when we have three bedrooms.”

Donghae murmurs in assent, but only settles more firmly against Yunho. Yunho sighs again, slips his arms under Donghae, and attempts to stand, staggering slightly and nearly falling, and rights himself hastily, grunting. “God you’re heavy.”

Donghae only laughs and laughs and rests his head in the crook of Yunho’s shoulder, and Yunho can’t help but wonder at the way he seems to fit there.


Donghae comes to him, frustrated, and declares that Hyukjae, who is awful and mean, refuses to help him with the ‘U’ pelvic thrust anymore.

Yunho raises an eyebrow as Donghae attempts to demonstrate, and bites back a laugh at his awkward, jerky movements. Donghae finishes and turns to him, triumphant. “See? I can do it, right?”

So Yunho helps him.

They spend the rest of the afternoon in the dance studio, in front of the mirrors, and Yunho teaches him to roll his hips just so, until Donghae finally gets it.

Yunho is standing behind Donghae, his hands on Donghae’s hips, ready to guide him through the motions, when Donghae suddenly rolls his hips, back into Yunho’s. “Like this?” He asks as he does it, eyes wide and face scrunched in concentration, even as Yunho fights to keep from gasping out loud.

Yunho barely manages to keep himself from spluttering, and begs off for the rest of the day. Once home, he locks himself in the bathroom and takes the longest, coldest shower he’s ever subjected himself to, until Jaejoong pounds on the bathroom door and demands for him to come out, right now, so the rest can take a shower, too.


“Yunho-ah”, Donghae is saying again, as Yunho attempts to draw the covers around him, “Yunho-ah, Yunho-ah”, he repeats, almost like a prayer, and then he is kissing Yunho, stealing the surprised gasp right out Yunho’s mouth, pulling Yunho down and closer, closer, until Yunho almost falls right on top of Donghae. He pulls away, breath hitching, when Donghae finally lets him go, and breathe, Yunho, breathe. Donghae is staring up at Yunho, eyes dark and hooded and oh so sober, even though Yunho knows he is drunk, he is hopelessly drunk, and he should leave, right now, before anyone comes in and finds them there, before he has to explain, before Donghae kisses him again, before he can’t walk away, even if he wants to.

Instead he gets up to lock the door, and Donghae is waiting for him when he returns, gaze dark and clear, and Yunho thinks he could get lost in those eyes, he could spiral down and lose himself and find only Donghae, only Donghae, Donghae and his laughter and his talk of aliens, always only Donghae.

“Stop looking so scary”, Donghae breathes as he pulls Yunho down again, “It makes you less pretty.”


The next morning he wakes up to find the bed empty and the door open. He wades out into a sea of balloons, colourful streamers and empty bottles, and winces at the spots that swim in front of his eyes. His head is starting to ache and he is acutely grateful for not having drunk more. He sidesteps his bandmates and the few of Super Junior still sprawled out on the floor and makes his way to the kitchen.

The note stuck to the fridge door, scrawled in Donghae’s childish hand and held by a large sunflower-shaped magnet catches his eye.


Early schedule today, had to go, sorry! Yesterday was fun. I still need help with ‘U’, come over about seven?


Yunho smirks and fights a laugh. Oh yeah, he’d be there.

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