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Title: Eyepatches (or Why Kibum Always Pretends To Be Asleep When Sungmin Is Around)
Pairings: Go ahead. Flame away at the Kibum /  Sungmin. I dare you. 8D!
Ratings: PG-PG13? Crack. I swear. Jihye-brand weirdness crack. XDD;;

Notes: Summer break, a couple days of being blankly emo, I decided to get up off my ass, and start writing stuff. Isn't that nice of me? Written in like.. 15 minutes, in the space of two days. But really. Fifteen minutes. XD

A lame prompt provided by moi, and the awesomeness that ensues from my cracklacking (8D!) ball of fluff between my ears. 8D!!!

Only a week after The Movie Of The Century- as it was dubbed by the overenthusiastic pair of EunHae- came out, and Kibum had a feeling in his guts that watching Pirates of the Caribbean with a hyper Sungmin (because it was Sungmin's idea to go in the first place), a disinterested KangTeuk, and again, the overenthusiastic, ever popular EunHae (how they kept on appearing everywhere was beyond him, really..), was a bad idea.

A really, really bad idea, considering that their 'chaperones' weren't all that keen on the movie. Or anything else in the world, other than the fact that he was there, he was here, and here was a somewhat breathless Jungsu.

He probably would've gone and killed something, or given people glares that would've hurt Very Small Animals, had this been a twisted piece of fanfiction by some fan. However, given that this is Real Life, we move on with the impression that Kibum really, really doesn't want to be here. Again.

Which was, of course, at the cinema, in front of the huge IMAX screen, with it's impressively deafening sound system making it impossible for him to sleep.

After the final few fifteen-minute long fights, Kibum was actually very thankful to the loud stereos, when he'd seen Jungsu hyung walk out of the theatre with messy hair and rather swollen lips. His voice was somewhat hoarse, and Kibum was only too glad to hug the sound system- if he could've- as a 'thank you' for blocking his loud moans.

Living with other boys did that to you. But living with other boys with thin walls was worse, as Kibum had now been able to sleep through most things, including Heechul-brand tantrums, drunken people, rabid fans, his hyungs having loud sex, and anything else short of having God dropped through his roof.

And all the while our main character was musing about in his head, Sungmin popped out from behind his back, a piece of black cloth hiding one of his eyes.

"I'm a pirate!"

"...No, you're not. Hyung."

"...yes I am!" Sungmin pouted in what would've been an extremely adorable way, only the eyepatch flopped off, as the effect of Sungmin flailing to make his point.

"'re a singer, hyung." People listening in on the conversation (why would they, really, when they had a houseful of moderately-good-looking-to-extraordinarily-handsome men and time to eavesdrop at their disposal?) could probably hear the HTML italics. But again, this is not a 'fic'. This is real life.


"No! Kibum-ah, you have no imagination! I'm a pirate! And.. you can be one, too!"

"But I don't want to be a pirate."


Sungmin's eyes grew huge, and his lower lip wobbled slightly.

" don't wanna play with me?"

"I do! I do!" Kibum could only last so long against the onslaught. And being a man of weak will (but still a man, nevertheless), he gave in. More like, crumbled.

It was no surprise to anybody, then (other than Jongoonie hyung, because he'd stayed upstairs with Ryeowookie the whole day), when Kibum actually found himself playing pirates with Sungmin,  who'd declared himself the King of The Pink Flamingoian Islands, and actually enjoying it.

Stupid.. cute.. things.. and their stupid.. cute.. ways.
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kibum

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