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(one shot) the candy corn zombie

Title: the candy corn zombie
Author: quinnsan
Group(s): KAT-TUN, NewS, Kanjani8, Super Junior
Pairing: KusaDa friendship, KameDa friendship, Pin, KusaChi, RyoDa friendship, Akame friendship, RyoUchi friendship, various hinted Super Junior friendship pairings.
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There is a candy corn zombie on the loose, forcing the members of KAT-TUN, NewS and Kanjani8 to cooperate if they want to defeat this zombie. Unfortunately for them trying to defeat that so called zombie turns out to be harder than they imagined.
Beta’d By: self-beta’d
A.N.: Happy Halloween! Or should I say Happy Lauloween? <3 I don’t own any of these boys, although I know we’d all like to.
X-Posted to: kattunlove , kattun_fanfics , jent_fanfics , wasurenaisa
Dedication: Crys (ryogrande ) because umm…ZOMBIES. ♥ I hope it doesn’t fail too bad, but I was kind of going for fail!zombie Halloween fic anyways. :D
♥---- ♥---- ♥ ---- ♥ ---- ♥ ---- ♥ ---- ♥ ---- ♥ ---- ♥

"I think this should be the last time all 15 of us dress up as zombies."

Tags: pairing: various, subject: super junior, with: kat-tun, with: news
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