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of summer sun and water buckets

Title: Of Summer Sun and Water Buckets
Pairing: yehwook.... but you can change it the pairing if u want
Rating: PG or PG - 13 
Form: One - shot
A/N: I wrote this with nothing in mind. Bianca made me ^^

You let out a shriek when you feel a bucket of cold water fall on you. You spin around to see him laughing his head off while holding an empty blue bucket. You growl. He abruptly stops laughing and drops the bucket and runs.


 “Get back here!”


You yell and begin to run after him. He tries running into the house but you pick up speed. Hyung would kill you if you ran into the house wet. Before he could step in the house you grab his waist and pull him towards yourself. He looses his footing and fall backwards on top of you. You both hit the ground hard. Ignoring your pain, you get up from underneath him and place yourself on top of him. You take off your wet shirt and began to twist the water out of the shirt onto his face. He laughs and tries pushing your hands away.


“O-okay. I g-give up.” He stutters out.


You drop the shirt on his face; he pushes it out of his face. He smiles up at you, you scowl. Not even his smile could get you off of him; you want to make him suffer.


 “Hyung you’re heavy. Get off.” He whines tries pushing you off.


“Not until I get dry.” You say while smirking. He struggles to sit up. When he does sit up, somewhat, you move farther down his body so you’re sitting in his lap.


 “Hyung! Your making me wet!" He exclaims.


You stare at him, “I could throw a bucket of water at you and make you wet, that would be worse. Now hush.” You state.


He gives you a cheeky grin. You don’t trust him. “Would you dry me off?” he states, still grinning. You feel yourself blush. He laughs and kisses your cheek, “Would you?” he asks again.


“Yes.” You mumble and blush again. He laughs and grabs your chin and kisses you. You kiss him back. He slowly pushes you off without you realizing it.


He stood up and pulls you up, “Come on. I’ll help you get dry.” He says and pulls you along.


“Fine.” You mumble as you follow him inside.



I hope everyone liked this ^^. And I have another story that I have written, and will post it soon.....
comment? pls ^^

Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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