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Let's Just Laugh ch. 4

Title-Let's Just Laugh
Pairing-Broken Kihae, Slight mention KiHyun, Secret Upcoming pairing!
Rating-PG-13 (for some bad words. :3)
Summary-Donghae doesn't know why he did it...
Disclaimer-Not Mine
A/N: Okay, so the secret pairing isn't revealed yet, but it will be...in the future! Enjoy this drama filled chapter.

When Donghae got back to the dorms that day, he collapsed on the couch. He was in a horrible, horrible mood and he couldn’t imagine how it could get much worse. Kibum and Kyuhyun. He’d never expected that. He’d thought Kyuhyun was his friend, or at the very least that he respected him more than that. Apparently, he was wrong. He shook his head as he sat on the couch. It wasn’t fair. The tears that he had been holding in all day finally overwhelmed him and he let them slip silently down his cheeks. The members who noticed and knew what was going on stared at him sadly, but there wasn’t much that could be done. Leeteuk ordered Donghae’s favorite food for dinner that night, Ryeowook got Yesung to tell Donghae the lamest jokes he knew, and Eunhyuk encouraged Donghae to freestyle battle him.

Even though he knew he should’ve been grateful for all their help, Donghae didn’t feel much better. He smiled at them during the day, but he cried himself to sleep at night because he was still hurt, he was still confused, and he still wanted so much to be with Kibum. He was so hurt and so desperate that he would’ve done anything to be with Kibum, or to forget about him completely. And before he knew it, anything was happening.

He wasn’t sure what had convinced him it would be a good idea, but he’d gone ahead and done it. He’d gone ahead and followed Heechul, Heechul who obviously wanted to take advantage of his broken heart, into a stairwell, alone, just the two of them. He couldn’t believe it himself, he was supposed to be sweet, innocent, rule abiding Donghae, but he’d followed Heechul into a deserted stairwell where they’d then proceeded to make out. He only realized what a bad idea it was when Heechul kissed him and he didn’t want to kiss back, when he realized that he wished it was Kibum instead. His stomach churned thinking about it. It wasn’t that Heechul was bad, but he wasn’t someone Donghae loved, and Donghae was sure Heechul didn’t love him. He felt like a terrible person.

He wanted to hold what he’d done in and not tell anyone, but as soon as he got back to the dorms, Eunhyuk bombarded him with a “What’s wrong?” and even though Donghae desperately wanted to keep it to himself he told Eunhyuk everything. Eunhyuk stared at him wide eyed.

“You did…what?” he asked, and Donghae sighed exasperatedly, holding his head in his hands.

“You know what,” said Donghae. Eunhyuk bit his lip and nodded, trying very hard not to judge Donghae.

“But why?” he asked, wondering what would drive Donghae to such dire action.

“I don’t know why I did it,” said Donghae, “I guess I was hurt and I wanted a rebound and I felt like it would make me feel better about everything.”

“And did it?” asked Eunhyuk genuinely interested.

“No.” Eunhyuk nodded and patted Donghae on the back.

“Well, all you can do now is not think about it and move on. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect so…I’m not judging you or anything.” Donghae nodded, troubled expression still on his face.

“Thanks Hyuk,” he said, “I’ll try really hard not to think about it.” Eunhyuk nodded and Donghae stood up, thinking of heading to his room. When he turned to get to the hallway though, Yesung was standing in the middle of it, mouth hanging open, finger pointing at Donghae.

“You…,” he began and Donghae wanted to kill something. From the look on Yesung’s face Donghae could already tell he knew everything.

“You are such a…” said Yesung, and Donghae knew what was coming-slut, whore, something along those lines.

“You are such an awkward turtle,” said Yesung and Donghae almost face palmed.

“I’m an…awkward turtle?” he said and Yesung nodded solemnly. Donghae smiled, feeling a little bit relieved.

“Sure I am,” he said to Yesung, walking past him and heading to his room. He needed sleep.

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