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23 October 2009 @ 12:23 am
Royalty's Expectations and Revelations (1/?) part C  

Title: Royalty’s Expectations and Revelations (1/?) pt. C *sequel to Revenge on Royalty*

 Rating: PG - 15

Genre: Humor, Romance (drama and angst will come later XD)

Pairing: Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum, Yewook

Summary: Wanting to have a child, Heechul actually went to a witchdoctor without Hankyung knowing. He was given a potion and to be honest, he didn’t actually believe that it’ll work. He was just trying it out in hopes that he can really trying it out in hopes that he can really bear Hankyung a child for they both want a child of their own. However, he didn’t know the effects of the potion. To bear a child, one must be a woman. After taking the potion, Heechul slowly turned female. The only way for him *her* to get back is to give birth and that’ll take about 9 months. As that was happening, riot ensures in the Kim’s palace. However, that wasn’t the only drama that was happening. It turns out that Kibum has an identical female twin sister who was kept in his mother’s side if the family, his side of the family that he never met. Like their father though, she wants revenge on both the Kims and the Hans. Now that the kingdoms have merged though, she only has one kingdom to target instead of two. Right after Heechul conceived finally conceived a child in his….*her*….womb, her plan for revenge start.


We all know that he's feminine but he's a total boy )