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Title: Moar Random Drabbles of Humor

Rating: PG >.> Maybe T.

Summary: It’s like meh this time. =3=


Sungmin / Yehsung / not so innocent

Meet Sungmin. He is so completely fluffy and pink. Of course that meant he was innocent. Yehsung would like to think otherwise. Last night, he went out searching for lip touching victims again. He brushed his fingers against Sungmin’s lips lightly when his body convulsed to a wall. He was met with the most horrific snarling bunny ever. Needless to say, Yehsung ran for his room and stayed there till he was forced out. (“Minnie~ why is Yehsung looking at you like that?” “Hyung, maybe he likes my jacket?” “Must be, it’s very cute.”)

Heechul / Kyuhyun / five copies of the same cd

Heechul only wanted to listen to music. He popped in a cd and listened to U. Heechul hummed appreciatively, and popped in another when he got bored. He moved to lie back on the couch when U blared again. Startled, Heechul looked at the cd again. It should be Sorry, Sorry right? Waving it off as technical difficulties, he popped in Miracle. He was great in that one. U blared again, and this happened to two others. Heechul sat patiently for a minute and then began chucking everything from pots to pans at the stereo. (“You crazy Korean! I’m still cooking!” “Hyung! I was still watering that plant! Aish, whatever, it’s dead now. Clean up your mess.”) Kyuhyun stepped into the living room and paused to see the chaos. Ryeowook was looking heavily put out. Hankyung was cursing Koreans and there was U in the background. Heechul was still glaring at all the cds that were making his life a living hell. (“Oh yeah, hyung, you told me you wanted U, but you lost your copy right? I did you a favor and burned it to all your cds.” “You cheeky bastard. Thank you.”)

Yehsung / Hankyung / why are you wearing a skirt?

Hankyung opened the door, about to tell Yehsung it was dinnertime. However he was met with the site of Yehsung in a skirt, swishing it around. Hankyung decided that he’d seen enough when Yehsung put on lip gloss. He closed the door and sighed exasperatedly. He went to the dining table and told Eeteuk that Yehsung had a female visitor. (“My son’s growing up! Is he pretty?” “He looks like a drag queen.” “Well…he was always the strange one anyways.”)

Zhou Mi / Ryeowook / sleeping late because of active nights

Zhou Mi cursed and Ryeowook went to check up on him. They found themselves engaged in a horrible pokemon battle. (“Pikachu! I choose you!” “Oh no! Trainer #123 chooses a ground type!”) They were busted by Eeteuk after another two hours of playing. They were forced to go to bed and hand over the DS too. (“What a party pooper.” “I know right?” “Go to bed.”)

Eeteuk / Kyuhyun / assembly line of love letters

Eeteuk stared at the growing pile of letters. Kyuhyun sat at the end, opening it and setting the ones he deemed ridiculously hilarious on his left and horribly heartwarming on his right. Eeteuk picked one up and found out it was from Kyuhyun himself. (“What’s this?” “What? I got to love myself too!”)

Heechul / Kangin / Heebum

Heechul stared at himself in the mirror. Kangin stopped by to laugh. Heechul looked at him annoyed and glared. Kangin did not seem to get it. With a pointed finger, a blur of fur attacked Kangin. (“AHHH!” “Good job Heebum, your treat is in the pantry.”)

Eunhyuk / Zhou Mi / the boy next door

Eunhyuk and Zhou Mi were planning a small prank. A tiny one, really it was. A ding dong ditch, on their neighbor. (“Ring ding dong!” “Zhou Mi you’re too old to be SHINee.” “You’re too old to wear colorful socks.”) They executed their plan perfectly. They rang and hid, swiftly, knowing their plan worked when shoes popped outside the entryway. They repeated it again. They tried to do it again but Eunhyuk’s finger got stuck on the doorbell. Zhou Mi urged him to rush and get out. Eunhyuk was panicking and the door seemed to open slowly. A smirking Kyuhyun came into view, holding a tube of super glue. Oh shit.

Heechul / Shindong / promises you can't keep

Shindong was promised all of Heechul’s candies from Halloween. (“Really?” “I don’t eat carbs.”) He didn’t get all of them. Apparently, Heechul accepted all his low fat or fat free ones.

Kyuhyun / Eunhyuk / get off your high horse so I can ride you

Super Junior got to go to the carnival. Everyone rode the carousel. Eunhyuk got a tall horse because he was fast enough. Kyuhyun, the slightly less athletic got a shorter horse. After a round, Kyuhyun pushed off Eunhyuk and stole his horse. (“Hey!” “Either this, or I ride you.” “That’s what she said!” “Ride’s starting, go away.”)

Kyuhyun / Henry / you're not going to like this

Henry hated getting his cheeks pinched. He confided this in Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun told him that if he clipped his cheeks with clothes pins, no one could pinch him. He didn’t believe it. However the reverse psychology got to him. (“What if I don’t like it?” “You’re not going to like this.” “I’ll do it!”) Henry thinks his cheeks hurt a bit more than before.

Heechul / Zhou Mi / the lies will set you free

Zhou Mi killed Yehsung’s turtle. He panicked and Heechul walked by on him spazzing on Yehsung’s bed.  They came up with many different lies and stalled Yehsung. They told him that his turtle was sleeping. Turns out he wasn’t really dead. What a bummer, they wasted brain cells on nothing.

Siwon / Henry / I think you got a little in your hair

Henry was downing lychee at a record pace. Siwon stopped by, with a can of coke. Siwon pointed out to Henry that he had some in his hair. Henry thanked him for the knowledge and continued eating. (“Aren’t you going to…?” “I’m saving it for the winter.”)

Sungmin / Eeteuk / who said you could stop?

Sungmin was eating an apple when he saw that there was a worm in it. Disgusted, he was about to throw it away when he was stopped by Eeteuk. He was given a long rant on how he shouldn’t waste food. Its ok, Heebum snuck it in the trash for him.

Kyuhyun / Han Geng / let's play doctor and you're the nurse

Kyuhyun asked him in rapid Korean. He didn’t know what to say, but agreeing seemed like the best thing to do. It wasn’t, Han Geng soon found himself in a doctor outfit with a scantily dressed Kyuhyun. (“I always thought you were the type to go for the one with more power.” “Would you rather I diagnose you, or do the actually treatment?” “Diagnose.” “Exactly. Now get on the bed, so I can give you a flu shot with this needle.”) Han Geng found out the needle was real the hard way. Next time, he’d be more willing to be the nurse.

Henry / Kyuhyun / our trio's down to two

Kyuhyun was nibbling on a french fry, while reading a book. Ryeowook sat down next to him, and soon after Henry. After a minute or two, Ryeowook gasped, looking at him in horror and ran away. The two sat in silence until Kyuhyun offered a fry. Wisely, Henry rejected his offer.

Ryeowook / Kyuhyun / don't play innocent with me

Ryeowook was innocently playing with a stuffed animal a fan had given him. Kyuhyun glared at him silently. Kyuhyun knew he wasn’t all that, even after Hang Geng cooed after him. He just knew, for sure, that Ryeowook had something illegal hidden in that stuffed animal. His thoughts were confirmed when he saw a glint in the teddy bear. He confronted Ryeowook after a show. Kyuhyun found out that Ryeowook and Eeteuk was plotting to rule the world. It was also now confirmed that Kyuhyun was in on the action.

Eunhyuk / Siwon / on finding foil wrappers all over the house

Siwon stared at Eunhyuk, covered in foil, screaming his head off. Apparently, the aliens were going to pick him up and take him to Wal-Marts. Donghae was covering the floor in foil, just so that there would be better signals. Siwon thinks they are just playing around, or was very gullible to whatever Kyuhyun said.

Henry / Ryeowook / nightmares

Henry ran to Ryeowook’s room, screaming his head off. Of course it was nighttime, so that was a bad idea. Ryeowook looked at him with dazed eyes, slowly becoming alert. Apparently, Henry had a nightmare about what Kyuhyun said. Instantly, Ryeowook nodded in understanding. He had one of those too. Damn those were freaky. Henry snuggled in Ryeowook’s comforters as they lay, side by side.

Kibum / Shindong / Yehsung

Everyone agreed Yehsung was not all there in the head. Even Kibum agreed, who gave people heart attacks with his killer smile. Even Shindong agreed, who was the ultimate teddy bear of the universe. Yehsung was weird even though he had no special powers, other than the power of being cut out too often. Or at least that’s what everyone must think. Yehsung actually controls all our minds to forget him a bit too often so we can’t catch him smuggling coffee imported illegally from Belgium.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kyuhyun, pairing: eeteuk/sungmin, pairing: eunhyuk/kyuhyun, pairing: eunhyuk/siwon, pairing: eunhyuk/zhoumi, pairing: hangeng/kyuhyun, pairing: hangeng/yesung, pairing: heechul/kyuhyun, pairing: heechul/shindong, pairing: heechul/zhoumi, pairing: kyuhyun/henry, pairing: ryeowook/henry, pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun, pairing: siwon/henry, pairing: yesung/sungmin, pairing: zhoumi/ryeowook, subject: hangeng, subject: heechul, subject: kangin, subject: kibum, subject: shindong, subject: yesung

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