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22 October 2009 @ 03:39 pm
The thoughts of a depressed mind. Chapter 2  

Title: The thoughts of a depressed mind.
Author: Telruunya
Characters/Pairings: You'll know  ~
Genre: A lot because, this is going to be a very long story.
Disclamer: I only own the plot with of course a lot of help from Kangin..
Summary: We all know what Kangin has done. Some forgive him, others need time, but there are also people who won't forgive him. In this story I'll try to write his actions/mind/thoughts as well as from the other members and everyone else who was involved. From the cafe issue 'till the DUI. We might not know what really happened and I'm pretty sure we won't. ever. But at least I  can try to write it. I'll write this as my comeback-story for all my readers. I've been gone a long time. Forgive me. <3
Warning: Not everything happened for real in this story! We all know what's fake and what's not.
Chapter's Note: Fierce Kibum visits Kangin is his hotelroom and a bit of a ( kissing ) Eunhae at the end. ^^ 

I hope you'll enjoy! <3  ,  =D

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