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Sometimes [oneshot]

Title: Sometimes
Author: yunsias
Characters: LeeTeuk, Siwon
Genre: Comfort
Ratings: G
Length: 151 words
Disclaimer: I don't think I want to deal with the fans if I owned them
A/N: inspired by this picture that i'm currently in love with
Summary: sometimes leeteuk falls


sometimes leeteuk falls.

he can't quite look into kangin's eyes whom he knows is looking for forgiveness.

he doesn't believe himself when he utters quietly "everything will be okay" to sungmin and wipes his dongseang's tears away.

he can't give an answer to yesung's question about the future of their band.

these are the times when leeteuk fades away, leaving the broken pieces of park jungsu.

so when a strong pair of arms surround his tiny frame, he surrenders and clings to the warm body. when a deep voice tells him the familiar words "everything will be okay", he believes with all his heart and finds strength and hope in the words, in the voice, in the person who is holding him close.

park jungsu is pieced back together and leeteuk comes back with his usual dimpled smile.

(sometimes, leeteuk knows for sure that siwon is an answered prayer from God.)

The last line is born out of my huge Siwon bias.
And because I think WonTeuk is an awesome OTP.
Tags: subject: eeteuk, subject: siwon

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