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Lord Q Chapter 3

Title: Lord Q
Pairings: Everything with a side of everthing.
Rating: G-NC-17, depending on the chapter
Genre: crack, adventure, smut, fluff
Word Count: 5,540
Summary: The Super Juicer gave ultimate power to whomever owned it. It was put under the care of Super Junior, but when Kyuhyun steals it....well, you'll find out what happens.
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior. I don't own a Super Juicer either.
Author’s Note: SMUT WARNING. Just so you know |D Anyways. This chapter was really painful to write, as smut is definitely not my strong point. Hopefully that fact won't be too noticeable ^^;;; Sooo I hope you all enjoi >.<

He was alone, tied up to a floatation device in the middle of Lord Q's pool, and there was nothing he could do to save himself. )

Previous Chapters
Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2
Tags: pairing: unspecified, pairing: various

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