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So Scandalous Kangin (5/13)

Title: So Scandalous Kangin (5/13)
Author: Whatyoudoing09
Rating: NC+17
There is a mysterious blogger in the Super Junior dorms and they don't know who it is. Do you?

Hey people this is the 5th installment of the So Scandalous series. I am putting my all in to make it good so you will love it. I am recieving brilliant comments and please please please comment. I love your comments and I like the fact that you are trying to guess who is the mystery blogger keep guessing  hehe ! :D

So, Part 5 : Part 5! PLEASE CLICK ME!! You know you want to hehe!

And here ar the others if you missed any ;)

Part 4-Yesung

Part 3- Hankyung

Part 2-Heechul

Part 1-Leeteuk

So please do keep reading and keep guessing, thanks everyone ^^v

I would like to credit Oatmeal_peril for supplying the fanfic paragraphs inside this fic :D  Her work is awesome.
you should read her work. You will love it like I do! CLICKY CLICKLY BELOW!

Tags: subject: kangin, subject: super junior

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