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Title: Baa.
Summary: So short it doesn't need one.  Basically, Sungmin is up to something, Yehsung catches him and there's nothing cool going on here because I can't express myself sufficiently in under a thousand words, at the least.
A/N: I wanted to write a drabble that wasn't like two thousand words.  Also written to commemorate my third night in a row of being insomniac, and thus is making no sense and sorry if there's something crazy and there are probably typos.  Oh well.  Do...Goats go baa, by the way?


"...What are you doing?"

Sungmin jumps quite high in the air, obviously surprised by the voice from behind him.  Peering over his shoulder, he confirms that it is Yehsung.  Not cool.

"Uh...nothing!" Sungmin tries, smiling brightly and hiding his secret with his body.

"Sungmin." Yehsung says in his Yehsung-ish voice, which is bad for Sungmin because that means that he won't be able to get away with anything, dammit,  "You have a goat."

'Oh no, he's seen it, mission failed!' Sungmin's subconscious yells at him.  'Calm down,' Sungmin shouts back, 'He doesn't have us yet, so pull it together soldier!'  

Out loud Sungmin decides to say something not crazy and to stop having conversations with himself.  "Noooo....I....dooon't....?" Sungmin tries, wondering if he's convinced Yehsung any more so than he's convinced himself just now, which isn't a lot (so it probably wouldn't even do him any good).

Yehsung stares at him and Sungmin tries to look cute and adorable in Yehsung's general direction.

"Why do you have a goat?" Yehsung asks, and Sungmin curses because this means that he's losing his touch of looking cute out of all his problems.  Or maybe it is just that all the other members are slowly becoming immune to it.

"Well,IwasontheInternetandtherewasalotteryandIwasboredandit'salongstory." Sungmin rushes out, hoping that the older man can't understand fast paced chipmunk talk, because that's his ace when everything else falls through.

Yehsung leans over and looks at the goat, then raises an eyebrow at Sungmin.  "...Okay, just don't let it bite me or poop in my room or anything." Yehsung says, giving in to the whole situation probably way too easy, thinks Sungmin, but Yehsung also probably doesn't care enough, so score!

Sungmin soon changes his mind and realizes that maybe Yehsung just wants to see how uncomfortable he can make this situation for him as Yehsung saunters down the hallway and announces loudly, "Eeteuk, Sungmin's brought a goat home!"

Sungmin sighs as he hears a startled, "WHAT?" and thumping and doors opening and closing and Kangin whining loudly about how Eeteuk needs to finish the job he's started and take care of little annoying brats later.

"Baa." Goes the goat.

"Baa." Goes Sungmin when Eeteuk asks him why there's a goat in the house.

"Baa." Goes Yehsung from the couch, looking evil and in masochistic pleasure.

"Baa?" Goes Eeteuk, not pleased.

"Baa." Goes Sungmin, "Baa!"
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