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Title: NEW Friends 2/?
Rating: PG (NC-17 later)
Form: Series
Genre: Romance
Fandom: Super Junior / NEWS
Pairing: loads of implied ones, kinda obvious

A/N: OK so this chapter is choppy and doesnt make sense and sucks donkey balls >_< but its a lead-in kinda thing to the actual plot and the growing relationships blah blah. The next chapters are gonna be the couples getting together so smut basically. Part one here


After many photos and introductions and aching cheek muscles, the boys climb into their Super Junior coach, away from the crowds. The six Japanese boys were going to be staying with them in their already cramped apartment – “bonding time” the managers call it. The journey to the apartment is quiet. Most of the SuJu boys sit and talk among each other, Donghae is cuddled under Yehsung’s arm, fingering his tin foil and eyeing the Japanese boys warily.

The NEWS boys are equally shy of Super Junior. Yamashita-kun (Yamapi as he liked to be called) is trying to stop an overly-hyper Tegoshi/Masuda glomping a very loud Koyama and failing. He doesn't want the band to embaress themselves now. Ryo has his eyes closed but is smiling slightly from the sounds of Yamapi's attempts to calm down the others and Koyama's high pitched squeals. Shige is reading a book and stealing quick glances at the cute-looking Korean boy also reading.

Kibum looks up from his dictionary, glances at Heechul then continues to read. Heechul sighs. He knows he is usually the loud one, the one to break the silence but he is too nervous to crack a joke or beat someone up. Instead he jumps up, smacks his head against the top of the coach (earning himself snickers from both bands and a barely disguised snort from Sungmin), thinks ‘ugh déjà vu’ then is tapped on the shoulder by Eeteuk.

"I think we should make an effort to talk to them, don't you? I mean they are gonna be staying with us."

Heechul stares at Eeteuk with a dazed expression (hey that was a pretty nasty bump he just got) so Eeteuk took his silence as a yes and pulled him towards the other band, bowing and pulling Heechul down with him. Yamapi looked up and found himself face to face with a gorgeous girl with ginger hair in a pigtail. Well thats what he thought at first, when his mind was malfunctioning over those sparkling eyes. Yamapi and Eeteuk immediately begin a conversation about nothing at all while staring at each other with barely disguised want. Heechul rolled his eyes and continued mumbled small talk with the others until the rest of Super Junior joined them. Then Heechul was free to stare at the mysterious raven-haired boy whose name was Ryo for the rest of the journey.

By the time they get to the apartment they have split into pairs and it ends being:

· Eeteuk with Yamashita-kun who immediately disappear into Eeteuk’s room, conversing in a deep mish-mash of languages;

· Heechul with Nishikido-kun – Heechul nods to the TV then wanders to the kitchen to find food; Ryo likewise ignores Heechul and settles on the couch;

· Donghae with Tegoshi-kun who are already arguing about what seems like aliens, its hard to tell from the shitty Japanese Donghae is attempting. A lost-looking Yehsung is trying to join them but is pushed out by their flailing arms as they get ever more excited;

· Siwon with Masuda-kun. Siwon is smiling and nodding while Massu is singing something loudly about soup;

· Kibum with Kato-kun are both already engaging in what appears to be a very intellectual conversation in Japanese, earning them jealous glances from Siwon who is still unable to understand anything Massu is talking/singing about and;

· Hankyung with Koyama-kun – Koyama is talking, talking, talking and Hankyung can do nothing but grin, thinking how cute the other boy looks when his eyes light up when he talks.

And so begin the adventures of NEWS in Korea with Super Junior.


sorry its not very good =( i'll try and make it better. Hopefully.

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