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Title: Too Girly
Pairing: KangTuekMin (Well mainly TuekMin but the KangTuekMinness will return in the next part)
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae insist Sungmin is a girl
A/N: Damn lack of inspiration

Room For Three
Daddy's Little Princess

Messy Kitchens + Morning Showers


After a few more moments of relaxing under the warm spray of the shower Eetuek finally dragged the younger boy out to get dry. He grabbed the biggest towel and wrapped it around the both of them, pulling Sungmin up against his chest.

Sungmin rested his head against Eetueks chest. He could hear the soft, rhythm of his heart beating against the inside of his chest. He looked up at the other boy and smiled. It wasn’t often they were able to have a bit of piece and quiet to themselves, being in a 13 member boy band had its downsides to.


“Hey are you almost done in there?” Eetuek sighed, he knew the quiet wouldn’t last forever “Hurry up will you? I feel like I’m gunna wet myself!”

The two boys pulled part and Eetuek threw a clean pair of clothes at Sungmin. Sungmin only just managed to catch the clothes before they hit him square in the face. He gave a slight glare towards Eetuek who only smiled sweetly in return.

Once both were fully clothed they stepped out of the bathroom. Shindong raised an eyebrow at them.

“What were you two doing in there?” he asked suspiciously

“None of your business” replied Eetuek as he dragged Sungmin off before any more questions could be asked.

Shindong just watched with amusement as Sungmin huffed and puffed at Eetuek for being pulled so roughly.



Eetuek spent the morning scolding Heechul for wrecking the kitchen…again and running after a hyperactive Donghae and Eunhyuk. He also had to try and keep Yehsung away from the oven, he had to stop Kibum from stealing Shindongs waffles again and he attempted to wake up a very grumpy Ryeowook.

Sungmin on the other hand had been playing with Kyuhyun all morning. Eetuek didn’t mind as he knew Kyuhyun had always been Sungmins favourite play mate.

Somewhere in the midst of such a hectic morning Donghae and Eunhyuk managed to slip away from Eetuek and made their way to where Sungmin and Kyuhyun sat comfortably on the couch playing on a video game.

“Suuuungmiiin!” they both said in unison in a sing-song voice.

“hmm?” Sungmin was to engrossed in the video game to give the boys a proper reply

“Why do Eetuek and Kangin buy you so many things?” asked Donghae. Sungmin paused the game and looked at the two boys.


“Why do Eetuek and Kangin buy you so many things?” Eunhyuk repeated Donghaes question.

“I don’t know” Sungmin lied knowing that if he told a soul that he was dating them both he wouldn’t live long enough to see his next birthday.

“It’s almost like you’re their daughter!” exclaimed Eunhyuk. Sungmin dropped his game pad while Kyuhyun tried his best to hold back a laugh.

“Excuse me?” Sungmin wanted to make sure he wasn’t hearing things

“What all I said was that it was like your their daughter” shrugged Eunhyuk

“But I’m a boy, so I can’t be their daughter” replied Sungmin

“Well yea but your too girly to be their son” chirped Donghae

“How am I too girly?”

“You have the body build of a girl” pointed out Eunhyuk

“You like pink way too much” added Donghae

“You have too many plushies”

“You have the voice of a girl”


“You look like one” Eunhyuk and Donghae seemed pretty pleased with their list and both wore a proud smile.

“I am not a girl!” Sungmin argued

“Are too” both boys argued back in unison

“Am not”

“Are too” Kyuhyun knew he should probably help Sungmin out but the last time he chose Sungmins side over Eunhyuks and Donghaes he ended up with pink hair.

“ I am not!”

“Are too-OUCH!” Eetuek had snuck up behind both boys and grabbed them both by the lobe of their ears and pulled them up onto their feet.

“What have a told you two about harassing the other members?” asked Eetuek as he tightened his grip slightly.

“We weren’t harassing him!” winced Eunhyuk

“Yea we were only talking to him!” Donghae added wincing as he felt the grip on his earlobe tighten

“So insisting he’s a girl is talking now is it?” both boys tried to think of an excuse but both came up empty “C’mon you can go keep Heechul company”


“How can you be so cruel?” Eetuek just dragged both boys off still hanging on to their ears.

“Very easily”

Not as proud of that one as the others, mainly cause I really didn't know where to go with this part but I know exactly what I want to happen in the next one, cause I'm mint like that =]

and anyone know if the rumour about the Super Junior movie being released at a later date in amercia is actually true? I swear england has some sort of repelent on it, all the bands seem to avoid this country =/

Tags: ot3: eeteuk/kangin/sungmin

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