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Title: Random Drabbles of HUMOR...yeah?
Rating: PG...?
Theme: Super Junior Random Pairing Generator
Summary: “Can’t we watch something more exciting?” “You mean like a porno?” “…SHUT UP Kyuhyun.”


Random Drabbles


Siwon / Kyuhyun / I swear


“If you don’t put down my laptop, I SWEAR by the name of god-” Kyuhyun was cut off by the sound of something rapidly coming his way. “What the hell?” Siwon burst through the door and ranted how he shouldn’t use god’s name in vain. Donghae managed to sneak off with Kyuhyun’s laptop.


Kibum / Hankyung / sand in uncomfortable places


Super Junior just came back from the beach and then it happened. They were all piled inside a van and joking around. Hankyung scratched his hair and Kibum pointed out that maybe he had lice. Everyone screamed and Donghae ‘fainted’ onto Eunhyuk’s lap. Hankyung was forced to take a taxi. Kibum just smirked into his book devilishly.


Eeteuk / Ryeowook / wearing headphones for easier gossip collecting


Eeteuk had been listening to music more recently. Or so that’s what everyone had been thinking. So how was it that only Ryeowook noticed that it was never plugged into anything? He confronted the leader before he was about to go to bed. He was given the information that Yehsung touched people’s lips at night. It was soon spread the next day. (“WHAT?! I don’t do that!” “STOP LYING! IT’S A SIN!”) Needless to say, Ryeowook started to ‘listen to music’ more.


Eunhyuk / Yehsung / I'll think about it tomorrow


Yehsung was cleaning the tank he had for the bugs he collected. He didn’t finish, so he asked Eunhyuk to look after the bugs. Eunhyuk agreed and played with the bugs. Donghae burst through the room and asked Eunhyuk to play with him. Eunhyuk forgot about the bugs. After an hour of playing with Donghae, he realized that he forgot to close the lid to the temporary tank. Oh well, he’ll think about it tomorrow.


Ryeowook / Kyuhyun / tattoos


Ryeowook got a tattoo and Kyuhyun could not believe it. It said devil which clearly he was not. So just to be himself, Kyuhyun got a tattoo that said angel. When people saw it they laughed because it was so contradicting. He showed it to Ryeowook who asked him if he wanted to trade tattoos. Kyuhyun refused because it wasn’t Crayola.


Zhou Mi / Shindong / did that really just happen?


Shindong was drinking Diet Pepsi. Zhou Mi pretended not to see it, but he was proud anyways. The next day, Shindong drank Diet Coke. Did that really just happen? So the next day, when Shindong woke up, he was surprised to see all his Diet Coke replaced by Diet Pepsi. Eunhyuk leaned over and told Shindong that it was a shame; strawberry milk would have been a better replacement.


Shindong / Kyuhyun / overdrawn bank accounts


Kyuhyun drew a bank, labeled ‘Kyuhyun’s, Store Money Here, and No Refunds.’ He even added fake money. If only he was super rich, he would use it to own Starcraft. He stuffed his notebook away and later found that the picture was gone. He left his room and the first person he saw was Shindong. Kyuhyun reported the robbery to him. Shindong called him weird and left him alone in the hallway. 


Kangin / Hankyung / challenge to a duel


When Kangin challenged him to a duel, Hankyung was skeptical. Not only was Kangin bigger than him, he had more muscles. So Hankyung accepted, he probably had more wits and could defeat him with that. Kangin used a tree branch to call out stupefy. Hankyung was wrong, Kangin was very smart.


Heechul / Sungmin / once more with feeling


Sungmin was painting Heechul’s wall pink. He was tired but Heechul frowned at the color. (“I want a darker shade.” “…STFU.”) He was told to do it once more with feeling. Sungmin had already painted it 4 times that day in four different shades. So Sungmin left the room when Heechul went shopping. Heechul came back and told him it was perfect. When Eunhyuk realized that strawberry milk was on Heechul’s wall, Sungmin told him it was so ants would infest and attack Heechul in the morning.


Ryeowook / Kibum / now what?


Ryeowook and Kibum were reading a book together when Eeteuk told them it was dinner. So then they shrugged and continued reading. Eeteuk took their book. They glanced at each other. (“Now what?”) So then they went online to finish reading about how Harry Potter faced the dementors.


Eunhyuk / Henry / a safe place to hide your porn


Eunhyuk panicked when he saw Eeteuk coming closer. So he hid a dvd of the porn he just got from Changmin in Henry’s pants. Eeteuk stopped in his tracks and commented on how he didn’t want to know why there was something sticking in Henry’s pants. Henry was pretty angry until Eunhyuk told him he’d get lychee for his hard work. (“Hard work, you get it? Hard work.” “Don’t push it hyung.”)


Siwon / Kyuhyun / goldfish crackers aren't made of goldfish


Kyuhyun was eating some goldfish crackers while playing Starcraft because well…going to the kitchen was such hard work. He called Donghae into the room just to tell him that he was eating Nemo. Few minutes later of a bawling Donghae, he was left in a room with Siwon who was apparently, going to put some holy water on him. Crap, some of the water got into his laptop. (“NOOOO!!!!!!”)


Kyuhyun / Eunhyuk / movies


Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk were watching Nemo. (“Can’t we watch something more exciting?” “You mean like a porno?” “…SHUT UP Kyuhyun.”) Needless to say, they ended up watching Kyuhyun’s screensaver. (“Look at that go…” “I know right? It’s just so colorful.”)

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