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78/78 Drabbles - Part 3/3

As I said in my last post; telling you a summary of each is revealing most the punchlines. So I only put the prompt word.

These are the last 24 pairings/drabbles. =)
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These are un-betad as well, so feel free to tell me about typos and such.

Pairing: Hankyung & Siwon
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Pants

Siwon had many reasons for loving Han; his character, his charisma, his tight pants, to name a few. The last one especially made Siwon want to be with his elder more often. He wouldn’t say it was a fetish so much as the way they hugged Han’s natural curves and made him seem more sensual. It was hard to turn your eyes away.

Han walked over to Siwon; hands in his pockets, feet dragging across the floor and shirt nowhere to be found. Siwon knew he must have been doing it on purpose; those tight jeans had to be an invitation.

“All my shirts are dirty,” Han leaned against the taller man. “Do you have any I can borrow?” A soft smile decorated Han’s already delicate features.

Siwon was holding back every urge in his body; Han was tempting and it was hard to act cool about it when none of the other members were around. Siwon prepared himself to get a shirt when his heart had a sudden change. ”Oh fuck it!”

Siwon picked Han up (as he usually did), running off with the older man in his arms to the nearest bedroom, locking the door behind them.


Pairing: Heechul & Sungmin
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Surprise

Sungmin stared up at Heechul; if their faces were any closer, someone would suspect something. Chul began his explanation of why it was important for them to have trust and that sometimes they had to do things for the fans. Min nodded in agreement, not sure what Chul was getting at.

“So, I’m trying to say. Can I kiss you?” Chul cupped Min’s face gently.

At first, Min was taken aback and a bit confused about how this would make the fans happy, seeing as there were no fans around. But then he decided to go with the flow and answered a quick “yes” before closing his eyes and puckering his lips.

“That’s cool. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Chul went on his way, back to his room.

Min was still confused, but a bit less nervous. That was, until Chul approached him during his solo. If looks could kill wasn’t a suitable expression in this case, but Chul’s stare was piercing through Min’s body.

And suddenly, lips were crushed against his, teeth pulling the soft skin as Chul pulled away; continuing his song as if nothing had happened. Min knew Chul had asked his permission beforehand, but he didn’t think it would be in front of so many fans. A true surprise, it was.


Pairing: Hankyung & Donghae
Rating: PG
Prompt: Relieve

Hae was lying on his bed, legs swinging as he listened to music when Han entered the room in a hurry. Apparently, Han was worried about how bad his Korean was getting and wondering if he should even talk on shows anymore.

“Can you even understand what I’m saying now?” Han’s shoulders drooped as he dropped to his knees and faced Hae.

“It’s not that bad, you just need to practice again.” Hae petted Han’s hair, the older man’s expression brightening up as he did so.

“Okay, thanks. I feel better now.” Han sat down at the edge of the bed, leaning his head on Hae’s back.

“Listen to this.” Hae put his round earphones on Han’s head, pressing the play button soon after.

“You’re listening to Chinese music? I’m so proud!” Han’s smile was contagious enough that Hae couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

“I’m glad.” He kissed Han’s cheek slowly, both men startled when Shindong entered at the same moment. There was nothing wrong with showing a little affection, was there?


Pairing: Kangin & Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Anger

Kangin growled, like he did at least once a week, annoyed with how strong minuscule Ryeo was. He was so tiny and fragile-seeming, how was it that he could pin Kangin down?

Kangin looked at his reflection in the mirror; he had been avoiding the gym for a while, and he had gained back quite a bit weight. It was time to start getting in shape once more. Those sissy boys (Min & Ryeo) were not allowed to run their hyung like that.

A few weeks passed, Kangin felt stronger already. He challenged Ryeo once more to a wrestling match. Before Min could start narrating the match, Ryeo had Kangin pinned down, his arms securely above his head.

“What the fuck!” Kangin squirmed, trying to break free, but to no prevail.

“Big things come in small packages.” Ryeo giggled.

And this was the part that really boiled his blood; Ryeo would always attack the loser’s lips. Min covered his face, peeking through his fingers, as Ryeo devoured Kangin’s lips as roughly as he could, leaving them both with flushed skin.

“I’ll beat you one day, sissy boy!” Kangin pushed Ryeo off, storming out of the room.


Pairing: Eunhyuk & Donghae
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Decay

Hyuk held his jaw, moaning and whining as he walked around his room. He knew that certain person would wonder what was wrong eventually, and come to see. No more than a minute later, Hae walked into the room.

“What’s wrong?” He poked Hyuk’s jaw in a friendly fashion.

“I think I have a cavity,” Hyuk wasn’t the best actor, but it seemed to be working so far. “Can you check?”

Hae cupped the older man’s face gently, looking as far down as he could. His brows furrowed as he searched for anything that could be responsible for the pain of his beloved member. “I don’t see anything.”

Hyuk closed his mouth slowly, wrapping his arms around Hae’s neck for a kiss. Hae seemed to refuse at first, but gave in soon enough, his lips parting for more access. Hae’s hands scraped down Hyuk’s back, Hyuk moaned into the kiss, pulling them in closer. And then suddenly Hae broke the kiss.

“Cavities are contagious! I don’t want one!” Hae scrunched his brows together.

Hyuk wasn’t laughing because he thought it was a joke, but rather because he knew it was complete honesty (which made Hae that much cuter).


Pairing: Shindong & Donghae
Rating: G
Prompt: Life

At times, things would feel too difficult, too hard to deal with. And Shin tried his best to be there when Hae would start thinking about his father. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose one of his parents, but he tried to understand.

Hae wrapped himself around Shin, hiding in the older man’s neck and holding back his tears with much effort. Shin joked about how it tickled him when Hae pretended to be a child, but in all truth, he really wished that kid would let it out.

“I know you’re upset. But life is made of challenges and how we deal with them shows how strong we are.” He nuzzled the younger man, pulling him into one of his famous bear hugs.

“Uh, Shin,” Shin silenced him with a finger on his mouth, squeezing him once more. “Shin, I can’t breathe – too tight.” Both men chuckled and Shin loosened his grip a bit. Sometimes life was like this too.


Pairing: Yesung & Kangin
Rating: PG
Prompt: Loft

Ever since Yesung started renting this gorgeous loft, Kangin has been spending more time with him. The older man didn’t mind; he had a few rooms to spare and he enjoyed the company.

Kangin had asked for a key, so he wouldn’t bother Yesung when he was still sleeping or any other scenario where he’d have to be quiet. As he entered the luxury place, he spotted Yesung cooking some pasta in the kitchen.

Tiptoeing over to him, he stopped merely an inch away from the older man’s back. Kangin wondered how much it took to startle the calm man, and was tempted to try. Pressing his hips into the cooking man’s behind gently, he covered Yesung’s eyes with his hands. “Guess who?”

“This better not be another fanboy! I can’t understand how you guys keep sneaking in!” Yesung prepared to hit his captor with one of the pot covers, when he turned and found Kangin in front of him; dazed from the last statement.

“Who are these punks breaking into your house?! I’ll stay here more often if that’s the case.” He pulled Yesung in, squeezing him against his chest. On a normal day, Yesung would clarify that it was just a joke, but the thought of having him around more often was strangely comforting.


Pairing: Kangin & Eunhyuk
Rating: Soft R
Prompt: Glasses

Hyuk frantically ran around the dorm in search of his specs. The others who were around helped as well, knowing he had to film for Star King soon. All but Kangin were searching in their bedrooms.

“Hyuk-ah! I think I found them.” Kangin said with a smirk hanging from his lips.

“Oh!” He rushed into the older man’s room, closing the door behind him.

“But before that, can you do something for me? Teuk is out of town for a while.” Kangin grinned and called the smaller man over with one finger. “I kind of need to release some pressure.”

Hyuk seemed appalled; one hand over his mouth as he gasped and readied himself to leave the room. But, his glasses were really expensive and required for him to work. He grumbled, climbing on top of Kangin. “What is it you want?”

“I’ll give you back your glasses when you make me believe you’re worthy of them.” Kangin lifted his comforter; gesturing for Hyuk to climb in. The younger man obliged, but was shocked to discover a very naked, very aroused man underneath. “Oh, and I’m the one who took your glasses.”


Pairing: Sungmin & Donghae
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Wine

Both Min and Hae were bad with alcohol, and when they drank together it often ended up in disaster. But Teuk wasn’t about to stop them from getting drunk on New Year’s Eve. So, just this once, he let them tear the place down, literally.

Min had fun jumping off of furniture, with a glass of wine in his hand. And Hae watched in amazement as if Min was some daredevil who performed a life-threatening feat. Min landed on both feet, legs a bit shaky and Hae stood up to give him an ovation. Min bowed, flailing as he nearly landed on his face.

Hae laughed so hard tears streamed down his cheeks and Min was so drunk he believed Hae was actually upset. “Don’t cry, it’s a fresh year!” He leaned in kissing Hae’s cheek. “Wait, wait. Actually—“He ran across the house, stealing a flower from Siwon’s plant and running back to his original spot. “Mistletoe!” Min kissed everywhere except Hae’s lips, too intoxicated to notice he was missing.

“Let me help you out here.” Chul pushed Min’s mouth on Hae’s and exited the room, leaving them with their drunken madness and future hangovers.


Pairing: Heechul & Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Prompt: Rain

Chul was so angry; anger that he couldn’t control, to the point that he didn’t care about being rained on. He sat on the doorstep of a stranger’s home, watching as the rain mimicked his internal feelings. Chul felt the drops sliding down his fair, ruining his hair and makeup, but he didn’t care.

Hyuk walked over to him, umbrella in hand, squatting down to be at Chul’s level. “Hyung, you’re going to get sick.” He put out his hand to the older man, but Chul smacked it away.

“Either you stay, or go away, because I’m not moving.” Chul continued sulking; looking up at the raindrops, letting them hit his face.

Though, in the pas, that would have frightened Hyuk enough to leave, now he felt the need to support his member. So he closed his umbrella, dropping it to the ground and leaned against the older man. It was somewhat comforting. The rain was constant, and yet not, as it fell from the clouds at a moderate speed.

“It’s nice right?” Chul smiled a bit, holding onto Hyuk’s arm gently. He was too shy to admit it, but he was glad he stayed.


Pairing: Kangin & Kyuhyun
Rating: G
Prompt: Reliable

Kyu wrote in his online blog about how the day went and how exhausted he was. As he pressed enter, Kangin popped his head into the room. “Are you okay? You seemed pretty drained earlier.”

“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Kyu was a bit stubborn when it came to his personal problems. On the other hand, if the members needed help, he would gladly help them.

“You don’t have to hold it all in, you know. I’m here for that,” Kangin jumped on the bed, tussling Kyu’s hair and messing up his clothes. Kyu chuckled a bit, feeling a bit more energized. “So, who are you going to call next time?” Kangin asked, his smiling eyes also displaying his mood.

“Ghostbusters?” Kyu laughed as Kangin tried to beat him with the nearest pillow.

“Aish, you spoiled little punk!” Kangin roared with laughter, chasing Kyu around the room.


Pairing: Leeteuk & Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Prompt: Patience

It took a few years before Teuk could finally confess his crush on Ryeo. And Ryeo waited another few months after that to return his feelings to his beloved leader. As much as they both knew they liked each other, they waited patiently for the right time.

Kangin seemed irritated with both men, wondering why it was taking them so long to announce it (and to start making out in the dorm). Kangin was a bit of a voyeur, he couldn’t help it.

Teuk decided one Friday evening that he would ask Ryeo out on a date. With all the courage he could muster up, he marched into Ryeo’s room, just to find the young man seemingly ill in bed. “Are you sick? Why didn’t you tell me?” Teuk scolded the young man.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Ryeo coughed, hiding under his blanket, face redder than usual.

In all truth, Teuk wasn’t mad; he was disappointed that they couldn’t go out and that Ryeo didn’t ask to be taken care of. He was still the leader of this band of psychos.

He tugged the blanket down a bit, sliding in next to the young man. “I guess our first date will be inside.” Teuk smiled, rubbing Ryeo’s head gently and offering him a candy.


Pairing: Heechul & Yesung
Rating: PG
Prompt: Bizarre

“Just because I won the Dol+I competition doesn’t mean I’m weirder than you!” Chul shouted across the house, throwing the cape down on the ground and stomping on it. “I’m not weird, I’m just original! Yah! Are you listening?!”

Yesung was trying to hold in his laughter; Chul was honestly hilarious when he was angry over such meaningless things. He covered his mouth, feeling as though the humor of it all would burst all too soon. “Yes, I hear you.”

Chul came barging into Yesung’s room; finding the younger man crouched over with his hands over his mouth try to keep from laughing. “Yah! I’ll show you what’s funny!” Chul tackled Yesung, pushing him against the wall and tugging at the collar of his shirt until it ripped.

“Ah! Heechul! You ripped my favorite shirt!” Yesung shot lasers with eyes at Chul; it was on.

A mess of limbs rolled and thumped, fell on shoes and clothes hangers, scratched each other and bit until the other screamed in pain. When all that was said and done, both men had passed out. Han knocked on Yesung’s door, surprised to find both a naked Chul and Yesung in bed, smiling and still out cold.


Pairing: Hankyung & Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Prompt: Awake

Hyuk liked joking about how bad Han’s Korean was and how he never understood it, so he just stopped listening. But Hyuk wasn’t joking when Han was stuck in bed for a week straight.

The older man hardly spoke, hardly ate; all he did was sleep and drink. They didn’t want to worry about him, because that would suggest it was something serious, but Hyuk was starting to worry.

One night when Han was in a deep slumber, Hyuk crawled on the floor until he reached Han’s pillow. He pushed the older man’s hair away from his ear and started to whisper. “I know we don’t talk as much as we should, but I really hope you’ll get better so I can try harder. I don’t want to waste anymore time; so please get better soon.” Hyuk left the room and went to sleep.

Not more than two days later, Han was awake and up doing exercise at 6 in the morning. It was as though the kind thoughts had revived him. Around 7am, he snuck into Hyuk’s room and left him a thank you note.


Pairing: Eunhyuk & Kibum
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Idea

Kibum was bored, but had too much pride to admit it. He poked and flicked Hyuk until he woke up. “It’s only 9pm, why do you need to sleep already?” Hyuk grumbled, but turned over and sat up in his bed.

“What is it now?” He threw off his covers.

“I have an idea.” Kibum sat next to Hyuk in the bed. “Have you ever wanted to kiss a boy before?” A smirk was plastered over his face as he waited for the response.

“I know I’m not awake, but is this a trick question,” Hyuk scrubbed his eyes roughly. Kibum glared at the older man and crossed his arms. “Fine. Yes, I’ve wondered what it was like. Happy?”

“Okay, so do you want to try with me?” Kibum slide his thumb over Hyuk’s bottom lip. “I mean, since you know me and all.”

Now it was Hyuk’s turn to narrow his eyes and cross his arms. “I don’t know abo—“ Kibum pulled off Hyuk’s shirt and threw it on the nearest bed, which was being used by a cranky Kangin. Kibum slipped in bed with the older man and licked over his lips gently. “Why does it seem like you’ve done this befo—“ Kibum cut off his hyung once more, nibbling down his chest. “Just enjoy, I’m sure you’ll like this idea.”


Pairing: Leeteuk & Kangin
Rating: PG
Prompt: Book

Kangin decided to stand against the doorframe and read. The book itself was as boring as they come, but he was grateful to have it so he could ignore Teuk.

When people asked him why he was so angry at a fan for hugging Teuk, he would shrug it off. He wasn’t angry with her, he was mad at Teuk who couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

Teuk looked at Kangin and knew right away why he was pouting, sulky and acting childish; he wasn’t allowed to hug anyone longer than 5 seconds or it was crossing the line. “Kangin, I have something to show you.”

Kangin looked from the corner of his eye, but refused to answer. Teuk stood in front of him, taking the book out of his hands and let it fall to ground. He began thrusting his hips on Kangin’s body, something the other members called the ‘boobie boobie dance’.
Kangin was starting to lose it; his face wasn’t as stern as it was and he even wanted to join in. Teuk continued; his hands placed around Kangin’s neck, making weird animal calls. At this point, Kangin’s laughter could be heard on the other floors. It worked every time.


Pairing: Hankyung & Shindong
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Rumor

“I know I’m not supposed to believe everything I hear, but some international Elfs told me you were dating Siwon.” Shin clutched Han’s arm gently. “Is it true?” His eyes widened waiting for the juicy details.

“You shouldn’t believe fans, especially.” Han flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine. “I really like this outfit.” Han smiled, pointing at it.

“Don’t change the subject, hyung! Tell me the truth then.” Shin, too curious for words, danced ‘sorry sorry’ in front of Han. (Or the pleading dance as they called it in the dorm.) Han giggled. “There’s really nothing going on. Is it because you heard we held hands while eating?”

Just then Siwon walked in the room; he looked over at Shin smiled, then headed towards Han. Sliding a hand down the side of Han’s face, he kissed him and left him a single red rose.

Shin slightly startled, but more excited about what he found out added, when Siwon left the room:” Yeah. You were saying how you were just friends?”


Pairing: Hankyung & Yesung
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Collapse

Yesung was a good actor, and Hankyung had mastered certain emotions. They played their roles well in front of the other millions of people, including their fellow group members. But behind closed doors, when no one was around to see or hear; it was a whole other world.

Yesung locked the bedroom door behind him, stripping down to his boxers first and waiting for Han patiently as he looked out the balcony window. It was pitch black out, but the night lights as well as cars’ headlights made it a beautiful sight.

Han came out of the shower; towel wrapped around his waist and one removing the dampness from his hair. “Wanna help me?” Yesung walked over quickly, pressing his hips to Han’s as he squeezed the water from the soaked locks. “You’re cute without makeup.”

Han smiled and slid a finger down Yesung’s chest, kissing the side of his neck. In their world, that meant ‘thank you, now do me’. Yesung understood him as though they were sharing thoughts. He pushed the older man down on the bed. Han reached for the string of the lamp, his body almost giving way as Yesung’s mouth all but swallowed the entire length. “You’re going to make me faint.” Yesung grinned and hummed against the hardening flesh. “Maybe I want you to.”


Pairing: Donghae & Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Spread

Donghae knew Ryeo would be leaving soon on a mini-tour for KRY. So he decided to prepare a care package for his loved one. After all, he knew Ryeo would do the same for him (and has countless times before).

Handing the box to his lover and heading out to buy breakfast; he felt content with himself. There was a note atop the box ‘I took these photos with you in mind.’

Ryeo ripped the colorful ribbons keeping the box closed; anxious yet careful with the contents of it. There was a bottle of Hae’s perfume, his favorite candy and an envelope. Ryeo hoped the envelope wasn’t just money, because that wouldn’t be very meaningful. He ripped the top slowly, revealing a photograph.

Hae was clothed in nothing but a robe, a glass of champagne in one hand, his hair slicked back and mass amounts of skin showing. Ryeo giggled behind his hand; impressed with how revealing the picture was, he kissed it and slipped it into his pocket.


Pairing: Hankyung & Sungmin
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Allergy

Min and Han cuddled on the balcony. There was a cozy, little swing set up and it had room for no more than two people. They sat on the wooden stool and crossed their legs for comfort and momentum.

Min sneezed, then again, then once more. He wiped his nose with a tissue he took from his pocket and leaned on Han. “I think I’m allergic to wool.” And Han couldn’t blame the young man; they’d been wearing these itchy wool sweaters all day for a fall photoshoot. It was getting ridiculously hard to keep on.

“So take it off, I’ll keep you warm.” Han pulled Min onto his lap; his arms loosely around the smaller man. Min started chuckling, sniffing Han’s blond locks a bit.

“I think somewhere else is getting warm. Can I take off my pants too?” Min snickered, nuzzling against Han’s shoulder.

“You’re a dirty little bunny, aren’t you? I should have known.” Han smacked his bum gently, picking him up and carrying him inside.


Pairing: Kangin & Donghae
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Pollute

Hae watched Kangin carefully; he was a bad hyung. Not bad in the sense of mean and uncaring, but that he made Hae, as well as other of his dongsaeng want to act naughty.

Hae continued watching; Kangin was having fun running his fingers over Leeteuk’s behind, then quickly moved on to squeezing Chul’s. Really none of the hyungs’ parts were sacred because Kangin touched them all.

Hae watched in amazement as none of them said anything or did anything in repercussion; they simply smiled or laughed and hit him playfully. Hae wanted to try that on Kangin. (Or was that maybe too high of a goal?)

Hae walked up behind Kangin and grabbed his derriere gently. Kangin’s eyes followed Hae as he walked away as though he saw a ghost. Hae was happy that he’d succeeded without any trouble, or so he thought.

The next day, when he woke up and all his underwear were crotchless, he had an incline as to who the culprit was.


Pairing: Kangin & Shindong
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Obsessed

Kangin and Shin were both consumed by a certain someone lately. They didn’t need to vocally say it to each other, since it could be seen by everyday actions. However, the target himself had no idea who he was.

The two men decided they would battle it out in an unconventional way; whoever could get the farthest first would be the victor. (That, in more simple terms, basically meant whoever could get Teuk in bed first could keep him.)

Kangin was able to get his affection, among other things on Monday night. Shin, who was unaware of that happening, also ended up sleeping with their leader, but minutes later.

The next morning, when everyone awoke with bedhead, they looked at each other with narrowed eyes. Shin spoke up first: “I slept with Teuk last night around midnight.” Teuk returned to the table with a bowl of cereal. Kangin wrote out a note on one of their napkins ‘so did I’.

From that day on, they decided to call it a tie and began to court each other. (Because honestly, who wanted to be with someone who could sleep with two different men within minutes of each other?)


Pairing: Leeteuk & Shindong
Rating: G
Prompt: Alive

Teuk threw caution to the wind when he met Shin. Their characters and mindsets matched almost perfectly; they both wanted to live and feel everything in life.

Shin would speak of all the people he’d met on the street, on shows, in different cities and Teuk would listen as though it was a movie. The leader, on the other hand, would elaborate on all the activities he’d tried, from many different cultures and religions. It was an invigorating life, which no one else would live but them.

If things went too far, they just went along with it and neither of the men stopped it. What was meant to be simply happened and if it was fate, neither would stop the course of their life for puny doubts. They respected each other enough to understand their boundaries. But for now, there were none.

Touch, feel, cry, scream, kiss; everything was allowed because it was all part of living and feeling alive. It was the meaning of life.


Pairing: Leeteuk & Siwon
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Bed

Siwon was one of the biggest flirts when it came to SuJu, but so was their leader; Teuk. Sometimes it seemed like they were competing for some kind of title or trophy, but then the members would laugh it off.

“I managed to touch them all again today, the only one missing is you.” Siwon would whisper in Teuk’s ear during live broadcasts, just waiting for him to lose his cool and blow their cover.

“Do you think I missed anyone?” Teuk crossed his arms behind his back, making sure to press his digits firmly against Siwon’s lower regions. “I guess not.” Siwon answered, coughing to distract himself from the roaming fingers.

And every night Siwon would end up in Teuk’s bed, or vice versa; fighting to control the other. They adored their continuous power struggle almost as much as they liked being in bed together.

Siwon would ram his hips into Teuk, and in return the leader would squeeze his thighs together so the younger man was unable to move. Their moans would echo all over the room, driving each other mad and pushing them to utter bliss that much faster.

The bed might be their favorite place to spend time, but they’d done things just about everywhere. Which made it that much more peculiar as to why the other members didn’t suspect a thing. (They were probably busy doing the same themselves.) But that was SuJu and that’s what they liked to do.


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