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Title: Shh!
Rating: PG-14 (not sure how to rate this)
Form: One-shot
Genre: Romance, crack?
Fandom: Super Junior / NEWS
Pairing: Yamapi/Shindong (YamaDong *snort*)

A/N: The other one was too angsty for me and I dont like sad!Shindong =`(. So yeah this is a strange mix of romance and libraries... Well it made me laugh writing it I hope you enjoy it.  EDIT: And if you're wandering how they understand each other - its like Hangeng with Super Junior, he learnt Korean

“Watch where you’re going, J-boy!”

Shindong shoved into the less-large new kid, Yamashita Tomohisa, knocking him to the floor. Shindong hated him. Before the new kid came, he had been the cute guy, the one who made people laugh, the one who could dance! Then this “Yamapi” comes along and immediately his title is lost. Yamapi was smart, funny, cute, did that amazing hip-roll thing, had a gorgeous tongue and, oh yeah, he was damn good-looking.

Maybe that was why Shindong hated him so much. Coz he wanted him so much.

So Shindong decided to cure himself of his troublesome feelings. And he planned everything just right.

He had spied on Yamapi for the past week, hiding behind trees and following him to his classes. (Shindong had had his sunglasses on so there was no way Yamapi could have noticed a thing). He knew that Yamapi visited the library every Thursday so he decided to ambush him there.

It was the night. It was 10’o clock, as expected. Yamapi had just gone into the library, as expected. The door was locked. Crap. This was not expected. Shindong tiptoed round to the other side of the library and managed to find an open window. He jumped up and managed get himself stuck halfway through the window. While he was tugging and pushing himself, he heard a small noise and looked up to find Yamapi staring at him with a O.o expression on his smooth tanned face.

And all Shindong could was lie there and stare.

“You knew I would be here.”

He wasn’t asking a question, merely stating a fact.

Shindong stared. 'But I was so sneaky' he thought.

Yamapi stared back then reached up and pressed his soft – so soft, soft – lips against Shindong’s.

Shindong let out a highly undignified noise and somehow fell through the window and landed on half on top of Yamapi on the library floor. Yamapi, instead of moving away like Shindong expected, maneuvered himself on top of the younger boy and moved his hips in that way Shindong loved.

After more kisses and grinding, Shindong’s hazy mind remembered what he was there for and what followed Shindong can only describe in two words.

Holy shit.

But he never asked why and Yamapi never told him.

Tags: pairing: shindong/other, with: news

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