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30/78 Drabbles.

I'm going to be writing a drabble (min 100 words) for each pairing of SJ.

So far I've written 30.
This is my first time posting here and I'm not sure how to tag this since there are 30 pairings involved, lol.

Pairing: Kibum & Kyuhyun
Rating: PG
Prompt: Hungry

It's out of the question; we’re not like that. We were smart, mature, witty and ambitious. I understood him completely and he knew what I was thinking even before I mouthed the words. But somehow, tonight was different.

He’s my hyung; I can’t look at him in that way. No matter how tight his t-shirt is, no matter how drunk and affectionate he’s become, he’s my elder and I need to do the mature thing. Just then, Kibum’s lips crash down onto mine with such force I fall back against the wall.

Well, maybe, I could make an exception. He started it anyways.


Pairing: Yesung & Shindong
Rating: G
Prompt: Stare

“I’ll be the victor this time.” Shindong announced, soon followed by his interesting laughter.

“We’ll see about that, I’ve been training with my turtle.” Yesung said. He was half serious, but mostly it was meant as a joke.

The competition began, their glasses of water nearby so they wouldn’t have to look away to grab it. Contrary to popular belief, it was not to quench their thirst but rather for when their eyes started getting irritated. Indeed, their contest was not an amateur staring contest. It could last for well over an hour.

Sometimes, much like today, the end result would be a tie. Leeteuk was sick of making sure neither of them was blinking. “I’m tired,” he announced nonchalantly. “I’m going to bed.” And with that, the competition would continue the next time they had free time.


Pairing: Shindong & Kibum
Rating: G
Prompt: Lonely

Kibum was what you’d call the definition of loner, whereas Shindong very much liked to be in company of his members.

On this chosen day, Shindong was left alone due to a cold he’d caught. (And the management was praying it wasn’t swine flu.) Besides Shin being completely deserted for the first time, Kibum decided to visit the members. He hadn’t done this in months; since he started taking acting classes. But of course, with his luck, there would only be 1 person.

Kibum wasn’t really close with Shin, but he felt bad for the older man so he wrapped him in a blanket and told him about all that had happened. And, of course, that he’d try to return soon. That was enough for Shindong; he snuggled in and drifted into dreamland.


Pairing: Heechul & Shindong
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Drool

“Are you drooling over me or the food?” Heechul said teasingly.

“A bit of both?” Of course Shin could answer Heechul’s wit.

Heechul smirked, flashing Shin one of his nipples. It was all done in good fun; they weren’t really into romance or playing with people\s hearts. (like some other members they could point out.)

“Aren’t you known for spitting? We’re soulmates!” Shin laughed boyishly.

Heechul shoved a piece of chicken into Shin’s mouth, petting his cheek affectionately. “Now I know why you got so overweight. They were trying to keep you from talking, right?” He grinned.


Pairing: Heechul & Hankyung
Rating: PG
Prompt: Green

“I don’t like it,” Hangeng stated with hesitation in his voice.

“He doesn’t like it, ladies and gentlemen. He’s said it!” Heechul poked fun at Han’s expense, but didn’t truly mean it.

Chul tried kissing the younger man again, but this time Han creased his brow, his hands keeping them at a safe distance. “I told you—“

“Yes, yes. You don’t like PDAs. But I’m sure if Siwon tried, you’d let him, right?” Green wasn’t a good color for Heechul.

Chuckling softly and pulling the older man aside Han explained:”Actually, he’s tried many times on shows when we have activities in China and I always pull away.”

Chul smiled slowly, soon turning the delicate expression into his trademark rotten smirk. It did make him a bit less envious, he’d admit, but he’d have his way one of these days. “I’m the hyung, you know!”


Pairing: Donghae & Siwon
Rating: G
Prompt: Dog

Siwon knew it wasn’t nice to compare a human to an animal, but Donghae was just like a puppy. He was cute, hyper, loyal and great with cheering you up. In so many ways, that made him seem like that companion dog everyone always yearned for.

He wouldn’t tell him to his face, of course, because it would come out all wrong and he wasn’t the best with his words anyways. However, he’d treat the older man like that by accident many times and receive a gentle smile in return. Donghae nuzzled into Siwon’s neck one day, just humming one of their songs softly as if trying to calm himself after the exciting show they’d just performed. And from the bottom of Siwon’s heart, he wouldn’t change a thing about this puppy-like fellow.

Pairing: Shindong & Sungmin
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Beg

Sungmin draped himself over Shindong - like he did most of the time - looking up at him as if asking for something. Shin knew that expression well, especially by now. It was the umpteenth time he’d done it in the past year. But even so, Shin liked to make Sungmin reveal it himself and maybe even beg a bit. “Yes my dear Min?” Shin pinched the cheek closest to him.

“You know,” He whined. “You know what I’m asking.” He tucked his face in the crook of Shin’s neck.

“Maybe I don’t, indulge me.” Shin couldn’t help himself, Min was extra cute when he didn’t feel like coming out and saying it.

“Shin, don’t tease me.” The last word dragged on a bit as he twisted his body on top of Shin.

“Well then say it!” Shin chuckled, petting Min’s hair gently and pulling him closer.

A sigh was the immediate response. Min soon removed himself from Shin’s lap and stormed toward his bedroom. “I’m horny! Now or never.”


Pairing: Sungmin & Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Bug

Ryeowook was hiding in his hood again, which meant he didn’t have any makeup on. It also meant, if you bothered him, you were in for trouble. But a certain Lee Sungmin wasn’t afraid and had a black belt to defend himself.

“Ryeo, can you come please?” Sungmin cleared his throat, hanging off the edge of the doorframe.

“What is it? Are you hungry? I’ll go cook in a second.” Ryeo fixed his hoodie a bit, looking at his reflection in his cellphone.

“No, um, there’s a spider. A huge one. One so huge it’s taking over Kangin’s face and he doesn’t trust me to take it off.” Min said, twirling a strand of his hair.

“Seriously? Okay, well. I’m coming then.” He sighed, but quickly threw off his blanket and placed his cellphone on his desk.

“Yay. I’ll go tell him.” Min ran off, but didn’t go into Kangin’s room. Instead he hid next to where Ryeo would exit so he could tackle him, pin him down and place butterfly kisses all over.

You had to catch him off guard on his bad days to make him feel better.


Pairing: Donghae & Kyuhyun
Rating: PG
Prompt: Fly

“He makes me feel alive.” Donghae told Leeteuk no more than a week ago. And he knew that if his leader would accept it, anyone else should. (Even before his family.) “He makes my insides flutter and burn at the core; he just makes me feel like I can soar through the sky. Do you think he could like me?”

Leeteuk really wasn’t sure how Kyu saw Donghae, or if he’d ever considered being with a man. (When did Hae turn gay?) But he did know that anyone who turned down Donghae was a fool and didn’t deserve him.

The proud leader watched as Donghae approached Kyu and held his hand gently. Hae brought those soft fingers up to his face, pressing his skin to them and smiling softly. Kyu didn’t say anything, but by the way he was blushing and looking down in a shy manner, Teuk had a feeling it would turn out okay.


Pairing: Ryeowook & Kibum
Rating: PG
Prompt: Water

Ryeowook liked bubble baths. When the water was just right and bubbles could hide all the important areas, he’d lie in the soothing water for hours. He was even known to call people, chat online and listen to his music player.

Kibum knocked a few times, but when there wasn’t an answer, he wondered if Ryeo needed his help. Kibum barged in, panting as it took him a few minutes to break the door down. Ryeo looked at him wide eyed, his leg in the air as he shaved some of the hair off. “Is something wrong?”

“I thought you were in trouble.” Kibum’s breathing slowed down.

“In a bathtub? I think you’ve been playing games too long.” Ryeo giggled and hid his leg in the frothy water. “But you’re free to join me. Listening to music, I mean. There’s no space in the tub for you.”

Kibum laughed behind his fist, nodding and taking a seat on the side of the porcelain tub. No wonder Ryeo smelled so good, he thought, but would never tell the older man.


Pairing: Heechul & Donghae
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Moon

As bodies moved together as one, something new for them both, something unexpected, silence filled the room. Chul looked down at the younger man below, wondering if he should feel bad since he wasn’t his first. Hae always answered as if he could read thoughts.

“Don’t worry, I trust you.” Hae smiled, kissing along an effeminate jaw.

Something in the way the moon was reflected in Hae’s eyes made him seem purer than usual, more innocent and untouched. Chul almost hesitated once more, but Hae wouldn’t allow it and hooked his thighs around the thin waist above him. “I’m yours.” Hae kissed his hyung gently.

Pairing: Eunhyuk & Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Prompt: Red

Ryeo knew he liked to play with people’s emotions, but it was all for fun. He didn’t really mean to make those girls cry, or the other SJ members. But when he tried to pull it on Ryeo, needless to say the younger man wasn’t falling for it.

The more he tried to lean close and blow in Ryeo’s ear, the less his dongsaeng was responding. Was Ryeo that unaffected by physical contact, or maybe he just didn’t care when it was a man doing it. Hyuk felt somewhat undesirable suddenly. He was about to sulk when Ryeo wrapped his arms around the older man’s waist and kissed his cheek slowly.

“I still love you, playboy. Just don’t try it on me.” Ryeo smirked from behind Hyuk.


Pairing: Sungmin & Siwon
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Soft

Siwon thought it was funny when strangers would ask if he was dating the lovely lady next to him. “This lovely lady is Sungmin, not a lady at all.” Sungmin would answer a bit insulted and rolling his eyes.

Once again, on their weekly trip to the local bar, someone mistook Min for a woman and complimented them on what a lovely couple they made. While Min bit his tongue and tried to cool off with a beer, Siwon pondered on the words. He did really like Min; their outings were quickly becoming his favorite day of the week.

Siwon leaned in, cautiously, taking in a breath of Min’s scent. It was, to say the least, delectable. With that, Siwon decided to throw caution to the wind and before he knew it, Min’s soft skin was flushed and bare as they ravaged each other’s lips in their dorm’s bathroom. Risky, it was, but definitely worth it.

Pairing: Yesung & Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Prompt: Spray

They couldn’t explain how they got themselves into these sorts of situations, but they just did. And when Yesung was found scrubbing Hyuk’s back and arms in a tub of tomato juice, they just figured they were kind of ‘out there’ with their taste in scenarios.

“It’s not what you think!” Yesung pleaded, but they all laughed and continued on their way. “I hope you know I’m suffering, too.”

“Yes, I know. I didn’t know skunks came anywhere near our dorms. Just help me please. I have to film tomorrow.” Hyuk sounded desperate, not like he appeared on various TV shows.

Any other day, Hyuk would have joked that Yesung’s hands were so tiny it might take years for him to wash. But, in this case, it wasn’t funny.


Pairing: Heechul & Ryeowook
Rating: G
Prompt: Garden

When Heechul couldn’t sleep, he’d sit on a bench in the garden. When Ryeo couldn’t sleep, he’d do the same. Eventually, Chul and Ryeo both ended up with insomnia on the same night.

Ryeo lied on the clean and freshly cut grass, flowers all around him with the full moon up above him. It was like a scene from out of a movie. Chul approached the garden as he usually did; in a robe and bed slippers. Little did he know there would be someone already there.

Chul was a bit startled, but recognized Ryeo right away and tapped him on the shoulder lightly. “What brings you out here at this time?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Stay with me for a bit?” Ryeo smiled gently.

“I was planning to anyways, I can’t sleep myself. Too many anti-fans keep messaging me.” Chul always had to joke about their homepages.

Ryeo laughed, but was oddly comforted. He pulled at Chul’s robe, asking if he’d sit and look up at the stars with him. Chul did so, wrapping an arm around the smaller man. The next day, they awoke in the same spot, in the same position, but feeling rested for once.


Pairing: Ryeowook & Kyuhyun
Rating: R
Prompt: White

White lights, he said.

Kyu liked to discuss things in bed, especially now that he was with Ryeo. The older man, even though more experienced, was much more quiet and timid when it came to things behind closed doors. So Kyu would ask him things like what he was thinking, how it felt and if anything should be improved.

Surprisingly, Ryeo always answered the same thing when he was on the brink of ecstasy. “I see white lights, don’t stop.” And strangely enough, it was comforting for the taller man. It made Kyu feel like he was doing something right. So he kept going until every last ounce of energy was slipping through his pores.

He’d give Ryeo the world and then some if he asked.


Pairing: Shindong & Kyuhyun
Rating: G
Prompt: Cheese

Shin had a strange habit of deciding what his next weird hairdo would be. He’d spend at least 20 minutes every day figuring out his next style. And Kyu just so happened to be passing by when Shin was coloring his hair and putting weird toothpicks in it.

“Is your hair meant to look like Swiss cheese?” Kyu snickered, lowering his eyes. It was hard to look directly at Shin.

“Is it that bad? I guess I’ll leave it down today.” Shin growled, pulling all the wooden sticks out and messing up his hair rather carelessly.

“I like that you’re not an idol.” Kyu smiled, turning his heels and heading into the hall.

Shin wondered why Kyu always had something that sounded both positive but negative. “That kid, I like him, but something’s not right with him.”


Pairing: Shindong & Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Prompt: Tea

“Do you think we’re weird?” Hyuk asked, sipping some tea.

“Did Siwon say you were weird or something?” Shin scoffed.

“No, I mean – we’re in the middle of a tea party. Isn’t that weird?” He titled his head a bit, putting his tea on the oval-shaped table.

“It’s only weird if you make it that way. I think two guys drinking tea in nice chinaware over a glass table is perfectly normal, isn’t it?” Shin sipped the warm liquid.

Hyuk nodded slowly, crossing his legs. “But why am I in a dress, again?”


Pairing: Siwon & Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Money

Ryeo had fun one day dressing as a girl. He put on a long brown wig, stilettos, a black dress and of course red lipstick. Siwon, who was quick to fall for pranks and tricks like this, stared at the younger man from afar.
He was sure he knew him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. So instead, he walked up and greeted the stranger politely. “How are you today?” He smiled.

Ryeo narrowed his eyes a bit, wondering if Siwon actually fell for it or if he was pretending. So he decided to continue with his lady-of-the-night persona.

“I’m sorry, I only take cash.” He chewed his gum disrespectfully; his mouth moving about like a cow.

Siwon, caught off guard, handed the stranger 20$ and continued talking. “So, what are you doing out this late?”

At this point, Ryeo was having trouble looking at Siwon without cracking a smile, let alone holdback his laughter. He didn’t know how much longer he could carry on this charade. Siwon leaned in, sliding Ryeo another 40$. “How ‘bout you come spend some time with me. I’ll make it worth your while.” He smacked Ryeo’s behind roughly.

Ryeo giggled, uncertain as to how to explain the situation, and confused as to why Siwon would want to sleep with a prostitute. “Um, Siwon—“

Siwon pulled Ryeo’s hips towards his own, sliding his fingers across red lips. “I know Ryeo, my offer is still available.”


Pairing: Heechul & Kyuhyun
Rating: Soft R
Prompt: Car

Chul and Kyu looked at each other; both were sitting in the backseat of Kangin’s car. He was too busy lookin g at all the traffic to bother with what these two had in mind.

“I want to—“Kyu rubbed higher over Chul’s thigh.

Chul cleared his throat, crossing his legs slowly. “He’ll see us, or at very least he’ll hear.” Chul smacked Kyu’s hand away.

“But hyung—“Kyu leaned in, whispering how much he’d been missing Chul lately.

Heechul was flattered, yes, but Kangin was still in the car and would definitely notice if someone else’s hand was in his pants.

As though God (though Chul doesn’t believe in him) had been listening, Kangin stopped to get gas and said it might take a while due to the lineup. Kyu grinned, trailing his fingers over Chul’s pants.

“I should have kissed you instead of Min on stage, you brat.” Chul pushed Kyu down, biting his lip aggressively.

Both moaned and hissed with pleasure for exactly 12 minutes. Kangin slammed the door, sitting down and turning around to look at them.

“What’s with your hair? What kind of horny idols are you?” Kangin laughed, starting the engine up.


Pairing: Leeteuk & Yesung
Rating: R
Prompt: Laugh

Leeteuk knew he was the mother hen of SuJu. But he also knew that he was very much interested in a 13-person orgy. Of course, he couldn’t let the rest know because then they might think he’s some insane pervert, which he was.

And while he couldn’t make that dream come true, he did have fun toying with each member individually. It was Yesung’s turn and he liked to creep into Teuk’s bed at night and cuddle. Teuk wanted a little more than that and he made it know when he’d decided to sleep nude one night.

Yesung slid under the blanket, as per usual, and wrapped his arms around the leader slower than usual. “Teukie, why are you naked?” He blinked, holding himself up with one elbow.

“Aren’t you interested in going a bit further?” He smirked, winking wrapping his thighs around Yesung.

“Actually, sure.” Yesung emerged himself in the blankets, slipping fingers along ribs and hip bones, his lips making the same trip.

Teuk was extremely ticklish, especially near his hips and it took all his might not to burst into laughter while Yesung’s teeth grazed over that patch of skin. But then the younger man sucked and it was over. Hyena laughter flooded the dorms and Heechul (who slept in the same room) woke up abruptly, putting all the lights on.

It was a bit difficult to explain why the leader was naked and laughing with a younger member between his legs, fully clothed. They all went to bed, too tired to care.

Pairing: Heechul & Siwon
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Karaoke

Heechul sung his heart out on a song about a girl whose boyfriend left her for a man. Siwon thought the song choice was interesting and suited the older man’s voice very well. “You should do it live.” Siwon suggested cleverly.

After a few songs and drinks, Siwon loosened up and didn’t mind how Heechul would lean on him closer than usual, or how his eyes – almost glazed over – were tracing the outlines of his body. He thought it was kind of cute even. Chul was a very beautiful man, and he knew it too well.

Siwon stared down at Chul, whose head was resting on his lap as he sang that song again. Those eyes were driving him mad, and he wanted to blame the alcohol, but Chul always had that look in his eyes.

“Stop it.” Siwon said softly, almost as if his heart was going to fall through his chest.

Chul leaned up and kissed Siwon with all his might, the mike resting in his hand lazily on the floor. “I think I will do it live, this part too.” And he did.

Pairing: Donghae & Kibum
Rating: PG
Prompt: Run

As soon as I think I have him, he’s gone again. I sit with my head in my hands, my heart on my sleeve; I only want him and he doesn’t see it. He doesn’t see me.

I thought I had him finally. He would lie in my arms, let me kiss him, look at me and smile across the room. I was happy. I thought I gave him enough freedom already, but he asked for more.

He ran away, taking my heart with him. So, I run after him, knowing he runs me, and I feel like I’ve been run over like a truck. My heart pounds as this imaginary marathon continues and all I can do is keep waiting.

Even now, as he’s gone to some prestigious school, all I can think about is the day when he might return. I know he may not, but I hope with all of my strength, flesh and blood that he will.


Pairing: Kangin & Siwon
Rating: PG
Prompt: Lake

Kangin would slap or kick members and then kiss them. Siwon was a bit confused by this, but figured it was just a strange way of showing affection. Although, when it came to himself, Kangin would just kiss him straight away.

As their legs swung through the calm water from the lake, they shaded their eyes from the setting sun. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Kangin hummed in agreement, rocking side to side.

Siwon looked over curiously, wondering when a hand had made its way around his waist. It was comfortable nonetheless. The place itself was majestic; a lovely cabin in the woods, close to this lovely lake. It was something of a vacation for them. Siwon leaned against Kangin’s shoulder, dazed at the beauty in front of them. Dazed to the point that Kangin’s hand was mysteriously underneath his shirt, and not even that would make him leave the spot.

Pairing: Eunhyuk & Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Swim

He asked me why I swim, so I asked him why he breathes. “So I can live.” I answered, and I knew he understood because he stopped asking.

Even though it was just an indoor pool, I’d imagine I was in the middle of the ocean; brightly colored water pulling me to unvisited lands and unknown creatures. I know he thought I was being funny, but for once, it was the truth.

I feel like I can escape my stress, my pressure, my pain when I swim. He came to watch me the other day, he joked that I looked like a mermaid. I actually took that as a compliment; makes me feel like I’ve made the water my home.

Hyuk comes to see more often nowadays, and this time he decided to come in with me. It was fun to pretend we were dolphins circling each other, making faces and weird sounds. I climbed out first, helping him up the stairs and after that I’m not sure what happened.

All I could remember was him pushing me down, piercing through me with his eyes and wondering if it was okay to continue. I guess something in me said yes, because not too long after we couldn’t find our swimsuits anymore.

Now he visits everyday; sitting on the side of the pool, waiting for me to come up for air and stealing it away with a kiss. The world is a strange place, but love is even stranger.

Pairing: Leeteuk & Heechul
Rating: G
Prompt: Bike
Heechul forbade Teuk to drive. He was horrible, he was horrendous,. He was unfathomably, infuriatingly bad at driving. Chul gave Teuk a bicycle for his birthday, a very nice one mind you, but a bike nonetheless.

“Couldn’t you have at least got me a motorcycle?” Teukie laughed, poking Chul gently.

“And lose the only hyung I have? No thanks.” He was half teasing, but yes, Teuk was his favorite elder and didn’t want him to crash with something dangerous like that. “We can ride together. I got myself one as well.”

He went on to say they were both getting older and needed the extra exercise, if only to get their metabolism back to its norm. And well, it was Teuk’s birthday so he reserved a special boat ride for them, somewhere along the bike path.

As they rode, Teuk got more and more giddy, eventually losing Chul altogether and passing the boat he had reserved. Chul yelled out; it was impossible to keep secrets from the leader because he was so ditzy sometimes.

“Yah! I reserved a boat you idiot, it’s back here!”


Pairing: Yesung & Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Asphalt

Kyu liked being in charge of his elders, made him feel strong. Of course he wasn’t doing it purposely; it just happened. Yesung was no exception (and he seemed to like it anyways).

As Kyu slithered over his hyung, careful to press just hard enough for the other to feel a throbbing below a few layers of clothes, he whispered how cute Yesung looked. It was easy to compliment him because he became cuter the more you said those things, as if trying to be even more adorable.

He continued his trail of kisses, blowing over the skin softly. Kyu felt that Yesung might be running a fever, so he was taking it easy. “Are you okay hyung?”
“I’m fine, I just feel like I’m lying on asphalt.” A very Yesung answer, it was. But it meant his body was on fire, and that was good.


Pairing: Eunhyuk & Siwon
Rating: G
Prompt: Bee

Eunhyuk poured himself a bowl of cheerios (honey nut) and as soon as the milk was in, all the older guys came over and stole a spoonful. Before he could say anything to protest, his cereal was gone and all that was left was milk.

Siwon, who was reading a newspaper next to Hyuk, chuckled a bit and offered to accompany him to buy some more.

In the grocery store, they both had to wear masks and hoodies as well as sunglasses to not be bothered. It was too early to start signing autographs and being photographed.

Siwon helped carry the cereal box and even held onto Hyuk’s hand gently. Eunhyuk knew he was older, but he wished Siwon was so he could say how nice of a man he was and get treated more often.

He often pondered to himself which SuJu member hadn’t fallen for Siwon’s charm at one point. He had 12 grooms waiting for him to propose, of that Hyuk was certain.


Pairing: Siwon & Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Rice

“You’re a little sleaze, aren’t you?” Siwon said it so bluntly, it took Kyu by surprise.

“Why do you say that?” Kyu was honestly intrigued by Siwon’s thought process, so he was anxious to hear the why.
“Because, dear Kyu, you are always touching some member’s body part, not always the right ones and then remember those notes? You said we all belonged to you.” Siwon’s voice was calm and clear, he fixed his glasses gently.

“And? Are you interested or not? Otherwise don’t tempt me.” Kyu was very blunt with words as well.

“I could be, I suppose. Just not now, I’m hungry.” Siwon scooped some rice into his mouth, smiling in Kyu’s direction. It was good that Ryeo had his earphones in during most meals; they could say anything and not feel like they were under surveillance.

“So when?” Kyu’s foot searched under the table, pressing his toes in against the dormant bulge in Siwon’s pants.

“You really are a sleaze.” Siwon bit his lip to the point of blood and pretended it was hot sauce when Ryeo asked.


Pairing: Kangin & Sungmin
Rating: PG
Prompt: Roach

Both men pulled the taste into their mouths, feeling lighter with each puff, almost as if they could touch the clouds above them. They knew it was wrong to enjoy such a petty drug, but they couldn’t help it.

“That one looks like Shindong.” They both roared with laughter. “It really does!”

Min leaned his head on Kangin’s chest, feeling the slow beat of the older man’s heart. It was relaxing, almost as if he was listening to one of those cassettes that mimicked the rainforest.

“I love you Kangin, I’m not afraid to say it.” Min smiled, looking up at his elder.

“I love you too, man.” Kangin chuckled a bit, feeling embarrassed that he’d admitted it. “Just don’t tell anyone.”


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