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NEW Friends 1/?

Title: New Friends

Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 later)
Form: Series
Genre: O.o ... romance later, crack for major X-overs
Fandom: Super Junior / NEWS
Pairing: YehHae (implied), KyuMin (implied), HoRella (implied?)

A/N: I like crack pairings and I thought I'd try a really.. like REALLY.. cracky pairing. See if you can guess who each of the NEWS members are by their smiles =) I doubt its obvious and once again sorry for portraying the boys wrong. Im not sure about continuing this, should I? I promise smut soon honest!! XD

It was the managers’ ideas for Johnny’s Entertainment and SM Entertainment to pair some bands up for a massive multi-cultural tour of Asia with some of the biggest bands in Korea and Japan.

It’s the day Super Junior were due to meet their paired band and they were all nervous and little bit excited (the excitement mainly from Heechul and the thought of new victims friends; Kibum looked vaguely uninterested in the whole matter, completely absorbed in a Japanese dictionary).  They were walking through the airport to meet the band when Donghae suddenly stopped still.

“What if they’re aliens?!” Donghae says nervously, reaching for his small tin foil he kept in his pocket.

“They are NOT aliens, baka” Yehsung sighs and grabs Donghae’s hand, sliding it into his pocket along with his own whilst dragging the other boy to a walking pace again.

Sungmin pauses and looks confused. “What’s a baka?”

Eeteuk comes up behind him, grinning, and pats the pink hair of the pink-clad boy holding a small pink bunny.

Daijobu Minnie. Just… don’t talk. We’ll talk for you”

Sungmin frowns and walks off to join Kyuhyun who immediately wraps his arm round the smaller boys shoulder.

They arrive at the terminal surrounded by cameras, flashes and anonymous faces. The band was nervous. Sure, they smile for the camera and wave to the screaming fans but inside they were all just normal. Just boys. And all too soon, there they are. Six Japanese boys come out through the terminal; two smiling and waving shyly, two grinning madly and bouncing, one smiling a small, hidden smile and one who grins briefly then lets his face relax when he thinks the cameras aren’t looking. It’s this boy that draws Heechul’s attention. He doesn’t know why. Maybe it’s the mystery surrounding him, the fact that there was obviously something bigger, deeper, something more to him than he showed to the public.

Then the boy with the hidden smile, obviously their leader, walks to towards Eeteuk. Heechul wonders why he doesn’t grin as widely as the others but his attention is soon drawn back to the unsmiling boy. What was it about him? ‘Get a grip!’ Heechul tells himself then lets out a frustrated sigh and goes to the back of the crowd where he will be less distracted. It’s his own fault really, he didn’t jack off that morning and YunHo had been busy the previous night.

Eeteuk being the leader, introduces Super Junior (who yell Hwaiting! and promptly scare the pants of who looks like the youngest Japanese boy, who jumps back and hides behind the boy not smiling). Their leader grasps Eeteuk’s hand and bows, introducing his own name then the band who all bow before yelling, “NEWS, Fight-o!”


Tags: pairing: hangeng/yesung, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, with: news

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