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01 July 2007 @ 10:56 pm
More written for the first kiss meme. These are continued from this post 8D I have ten more to go rofl if you like anything, feel free to friend my writing journal (mianhada), not this journal 8D and please comment~ I really enjoy comments of all lengths and varying degrees of coherency :Dv

shiwon/heechul, shiwon/hankyung, donghae/shiwon(/heechul), lee jihoon/shiwon, kangin/eeteuk, kyuhyun/hankyung, heechul/jang geunsuk, lee minki/heechul, tablo/heechul

+) shiwon/heechul

Shiwon wraps his arms around Heechul's shoulders playfully and smiles into his neck from behind. Heechul scoffs, tries to move away, but Shiwon holds tight and laughs briefly into his black hair. As Heechul turns his head, unyielding and eager to stare rigidly into Shiwon's dark eyes, Shiwon stretches his neck and places a hand on Heechul's cheek to adjust his face to his own. They kiss almost like silk sheets, soft skin, and Shiwon watches Heechul close his eyes like they're newly fallen petals. Shiwon won't let go and Heechul won't ask him to.

+) shiwon/hankyung

They're alone in the hall, no one is home, and Hankyung knows what's going to happen. It happens really slowly, very hesitantly; Shiwon touches his arm with the very tips of his fingers, moves closer. Hankyung is instinctive and waits until all he can hear is Shiwon's breathlessness in harsh, faint rasps deep in his lungs. Their lips touch for a moment, it feels like the universe is spinning helplessly around them, and when it ends they pretend it was nothing. They wait for the next so they can pretend its their first and pretend it was nothing again and again.

+) donghae/shiwon (/heechul? whoops)

Heechul is fast asleep on the couch as Shiwon slips from underneath the weight of his head. He places a steady arm underneath the princess' back and moves toward Donghae, where Heechul's feet are motionless. As Shiwon sinks down and ducks his other hand underneath the sleeping man's legs, he meets Donghae's lips like feathers and smiles when he pulls back, takes Heechul with him, and turns around.

+) lee jihoon/shiwon

Shiwon laughs and Jihoon grins next to him, adjusts his glasses. No one notices when Jihoon's head is right in front of Shiwon's, tasting his laughter with his tongue on his lips. (Nobody notices when Shiwon's hand slides smooth down Jihoon's front, dips into his pants. Ten minutes in a darkened room, nothing but a small light from the window of the door, a half moan on Jihoon's lips and an unsaid name on Shiwon's tongue, before Shiwon realizes it's gone too far to forget.)

+) kangin/eeteuk

"Will you promise me forever?" Kangin asks steady, face serious as he reaches for Eeteuk's hand. It's not there, instead meets with Kangin's face, barely touching it enough but Kangin's skin follows the feel of Eeteuk's fingertips. It is slightly delicate and warm while Eeteuk presses the promise right into his lips, tightly locked behind Kangin's teeth.

+) kyuhyun/hankyung

Hankyung is stiff besides the youngest, almost feels like Kyuhyun would just break under his touch. When a wide smile hovers in front of his, dark eyes close under shiny eyelids, and a mouth presses, caresses, onto his, Hankyung decides that Kyuhyun could be the one to break him and relaxes slowly into his lips. Maybe, as he curls a hand at the base of his neck to pull him in harder, maybe it doesn't matter.

+) heechul/jang geunsuk

Geunsuk wasn't prepared when Heechul backs him up into a wall, chin tipped up to look him angrily in the eyes. He watches the emotion roll around in Heechul's eyes and feels his heart slowly beat with Heechul's as their chests press together. Geunsuk never imagined it would happen this way as he brushes soft strands of hair out of Heechul's face, as Heechul's eyes widen in surprise and his mouth stops moving angrily at him, as he lowers his head and kisses him gently, so gently it could've been only his imagination, that Heechul would look so defenseless and gentle.

+) lee minki/heechul

Heechul leaned forward and their shirts brushed together slightly, then their noses, before Heechul's lips decided to take the prize. When he is back to being centimeters apart instead of milimeters, he noticed his hand bunched at the edge of Minki's short sleeve and he looks down, away. There's a cold fingernail running down his cheek, and Minki brushes a smile to his cheek before sucking on his earlobe and running his hands down his back.

+) tablo/heechul

Tablo thanks him backstage for practically promoting his songs and Heechul just smiles, bends down, and kisses him in the simplest kind of way that leaves Tablo completely breathless, completely stunned.
ryou_no_bakaryou_no_baka on July 2nd, 2007 04:24 pm (UTC)
These were so cute!
Good job again!
I somehow liked the Shiwon/Donghae feat. Heechul-one the most... don't know why... it's just too sweet!
thenummyonethenummyone on July 3rd, 2007 05:41 am (UTC)
=D =D I really liked the heechul and geunsuk one, I dont think i've ever read a geunsuk anything... ever. I also really liked the kyuhan one just ♥

Lovely =D
wings_strength9wings_strength9 on January 2nd, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
aww that was sweet XD

i especially loved the kyuhan one because its such a crack pairing but its SO ADORABLE :P

and the way you wrote it was great too

Hankyung decides that Kyuhyun could be the one to break him

its touching and beautiful and sad and happy all at the same time T.T